August 3rd, 2007


Remembered Taco Bell suckage

Brought about by this line in a post from another community regarding drive-thru customer etiquette:
4- The driver of the vehicle is the only one that should order. The driver of the vehicle is the only one that should order.

of course, this was about a year ago, so this isn't word for word, but you can get the jist...
The cast:
K- my girlfriend. Incredibly soft-spoken, has never before had problems ordering in drive-thru. Driving because we were in her car.
DTG- Drive-thru girl
Me- Loud mouthed bitch. I was already having a bad day and we were running late to meet up with friends.

Car pulls up to the order speaker.
DTG: *mumbled standard drive-thru greeting*
K: *places her standard order (chalupa, two taco supremes, and a large dr. pepper)*
DTG: I'm sorry ma'am can you repeat that? I couldn't hear you.
K: *repeats her order a little louder*
DTG: Ma'am?
Me: *leans over from the passenger side and LOUDLY repeats the order*
DTG: Ma'am, are you the driver?
Me: What does it matter? You could obviously hear me and you couldn't hear her.
DTG: Ma'am, we need the driver to place the order.
Me: As long as you can hear the order clearly, it really doesn't matter.
DTG: *mumbles the total*

When we drove around to the window, DTG proceeded to lecture us because SHE couldn't hear K, and I had to place the order from the passenger's side. She told us that if K couldn't speak up, we had no place going through the drive-thru. I told her that was a crock of shit, since we had just been through the drive-thru of the Arby's next door (I was having a low blood-iron day and needed more meat than I could get from TB) and THEY had no problems whatsoever hearing K order my food.

We've not been back to that particular Taco Bell since.

key cutter suck

First post. I guess that means I've been lucky, haha.
So, background type stuff. I'm renting a townhouse for school with 3 of my high school friends who also go to my university. We're all close and live about 10 minutes apart. The townhouse itself was just finished being built in the middle of July. Our lease started August 1st, so my family went up on that day to check it out and make sure everything was done.

Our landlord met us (me and my parents) there with the keys. He had only picked them up himself that morning, as his ownership of the townhouse also started August 1st. They only gave him two copies, so he gave one copy to me and then kept one for himself obviously.

He only just found out that day that we all lived close together and stuff. As another girl was coming up on Sunday and he wouldn't be available to give her her key, he asked if I'd make copies of my key and then give them to everyone. He'd pay me back, of course.

So I went into my local key-cutting-place a couple days ago after work. It's a chain place. I handed my key over to the girl, and asked for 3 copies. I guess my key is complicated, because she offered it to another girl to do and the girl pulled a "no fucking way" face. Unprofessional yes, but not sucky. Yet.

So I browse the store while she's cutting away, and then she finishes.

I look at the keys she handed me. They are not "normal" - normal being plain and silver. They're those fancy "cool" keys, with a funky green plastic thing on the top, and are $5 each. I asked if she had any plain ones, and she said that with the type of key I had, I could only get those ones. Bullshit - the key I GAVE her was plain! So I'm assuming they make other ones - why would they not? I don't really know anything about keys, but I really don't think it was a special key. I heard the girls whispering earlier about how they had "run out of some keys", and I bet mine was one of them.

Now, I'm not that upset that they ran out of keys. I understand that. What really upset me was that rather than being honest with me and telling me that, and then asking if it would be okay if she used these other keys, she just went right ahead and cut the other ones, kind of obligating me to buy them. And then lied to me about it.

And now I have to explain to my landlord why he needs to pay us back $20 for 3 keys. Lovely.

Also, does anybody know roughly how much a plain key costs? I'm strongly considering going back there with my receipt and demanding the proper ones.
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Oakington Car Centre - Cambridgeshire

I don't quite know where to start with this.

Possibly we should start with the doorbell ringing at about 5.40pm tonight while I was tucked up sleepily in bed (I work nights before you ask).

It was a bailiff.

Now, I do have debts but I keep up with the repayments and I have never defaulted on any loan so I've never had to deal with anyone like this before.

I've also 'owned' my car for just over two years now.

Apparently Oakington Car Centre have fraudulently sold me a car.

There is an outstanding loan on it and the lovely lady that took out the loan has defaulted on it so it got turned over to a bailiff and as I am the registered owner it was pretty easy to track the car down.

It has now been taken to a compound and I probably won't see it again.

Legally the garage have committed fraud, either knowingly or unknowingly.

I've called my insurance company, the police, Oakington car centre and my mum and dad so everyone that needs to know does and I'm just waiting for Oakington to get back to me.

The bailiff was very nice and talked me through all the steps to follow and has said that the garage are seriously in the wrong regardless of how it happened so I should be able to get things sorted out to my satisfaction without having to go to court.

I've also started a new notebook and written down exactly what has happened and the times that I've called people so that if it does go to court I've got a record.

I'm just a bit shell-shocked now.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? This is major bad service on the behalf of the garage I bought my car from although I hope to report some good service in the morning when I go and speak to them.

Does anyone have any tips on what I should/shouldn't say or what I should be asking for in compensation? (I'm guessing a car of at least equivalent value)