August 2nd, 2007

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This started out as a reply to wastingourwords Geico Auto Insurance post below, but it got too long, so I decided it needed a post of it own. :)


I attempted to use Geico for a little while, but it became so much of a hassle that I switched to Progressive and haven't had an issue yet.
When I first opened my policy with Geico, they entered my VIN number in wrong. Which meant that I was paying to insure a car that didn't even exist, my car was uninsured, and my auto loan people wanted to jack up my payment because they claimed I didn't have insurance (so they were putting their own insurance on my car, taking monthly payments from $280 to $450) .

After I finally got that part fixed, I found out that they kept switching my insurance from full to just liability. Again with my loan people trying to up my payments due to that. Finally got that part fixed, and then they said I needed them to inspect my car, but they wanted me to drive over 3 hours to one of their center to have it inspected. When I told them that it simply wouldn't be possible, they wanted me to take photos of the car instead and mail them to them in California to inspect instead. They lost the photos, and switched my policy back to being liability only again, saying they couldn't fully insure it until it had been inspected or my photos had been inspected. I sent about 3 sets of photos total, which were always lost or somehow directed to the wrong department.

So I canceled and switched to Progressive. I've been with them for over a year now, haven't had a single problem, didn't need my car inspected, and have never spoken to a rep once.

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GEICO Auto Insurance:

STOP CANCELING MY POLICIES! Seriously! It's not fucking funny! This is the SECOND time you've done this to me. My bill was due August canceled it July 24th....I found it about it on August 2nd! Were you not going to tell me about it, and assume I'd find out when I got pulled over!?!?! YES the lady on the line was very helpful, and got my policy back on the road, but seriously STOP CANCELING MY POLICIES.