August 1st, 2007

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This is really annoying.  Telemarketing calls from our own phone company.  I'm filing this under bad service b/c they seem to know nothing about what services we have, and won't stop calling.

The past few weeks, at my work, we have been getting tons of calls supposedly  from our current phone service provider.  The big one who was recently involved in a big merger.  I answer the phones, but the president of the company is who makes the decisions.

When the calls first started, the telemarketers claim to be from this company, and ask to "speak to the person in charge of your phone service".  They say that they want to save us money and put us on a new rate plan.  Now my boss is the type that does NOT switch phone plans and carriers very often.  Every time he has, our phones have been screwed up.  When we switched to this company, the first few days they had cancelled our roll-over, so many customers would call, only to get a busy signal when the main phone line was being used.  Instead of rolling over to line 2, line 3, etc.

But, the  way they go about it has been sending up red flags. My boss' name is on the account as the contact person, but the caller doesn't know who to ask for.  AND, they do not know how many phone lines and what services we have!

My boss has told them several times he is not interested in changing plans, and told them point blank to stop calling.  We are on a good plan for unlimited local and long distance, plus a toll-free number that is ppm.  When we switched to this plan about 3-4 years ago, it saved about $200 a month.  I think if it IS really our phone company calling, they are just wanting to get us off this good plan.

But, of course, the calls continue.  Then the story changed to our rate plan is being discontinued, and that our bill will "skyrocket" August 1st if we don't change.  Again, the person on the other end does not know who to ask to speak to, and don't know what services and how many phone lines we have.  How can you tell us that our bill will skyrocket if you know nothing about what we have?

I've been instructed not to transfer the calls to him anymore, and not to give out his name.  Boy, the callers sure get pissy over that when they realize they aren't getting past me.  We get so many telemarketing calls each week, it would be ludicrious for him to talk to everyone of them. But, each caller thinks they are the most important call.   I give them the fax # to send over something and I will put it in front of my boss, but they get hateful and say "well, if YOU aren't the person who handles the phone service, then HOW can *I* discuss this with you?"

It would seem to me that if our rate plan was going to be discontinued (or the rate increased), there would be something about it in our bill. If they weren't honoring company A's phone plans anymore, wouldn't there be something in writing about that somewhere?

So, I wonder if it really is our phone company, or another company trying to bait and switch. ???
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The evil that is Qwest

About 6 weeks ago, my partner and I decided we were paying way too much for our cable tv and internet access. I did some checking around and discovered that Qwest had a bundle package that included DSL, satellite tv, and a land line for about $30 a month less than we were paying Comcast for just the tv and internet, with no phone line. So, we switched. According to their website when I signed up, our package would cost us $87 a month. Once we added in the extra satellite receiver, the wireless equipment, and all those little extras that add up, the website said that our total montly bill would be $105.

Everything got hooked up and installed quickly. We got the self-installation package rather than paying Qwest $150 or so just to come out and hook up our computers. Everything worked great, we like the satellite tv, everything was fine. Until I get an email telling me the first bill is available online.

The first bill, for $212.00.

Obviously, I had myself a little heart attack when I saw that number, and immediately went to the website to look at my itemized bill. I need to register for My Account access. Okay. Only in order to register, I need a 3 digit code that's on my paper bill. The paper bill I don't have, because I signed up for paperless billing when I opened the account. So I call their customer service number. The woman I talked to said that she couldnt' tell me anything about the account unless I had the 3 digit code. So I explained *again* that I don't have the 3 digit code because it was never given to me, and I have paperless billing. After going back and forth on this a couple of times, I finally convince her to send me a paper copy of my bill. She said it would arrive in the mail in 5-8 business days.

2 weeks and a couple more identical phone calls later, I finally get something in the mail with the elusive 3 digit code on it. It's a disconnect notice. They're going to shut off our service if I don't pay them $212, but they still won't tell me *why* I owe them $212. The disconnect notice isn't itemized. It just says I owe them $117 for the land line (buh-wha?), $35 for the DSL, $50 for the tv, and $65 for "other fees". Which doesn't even add up to the $212 that they say is my total bill. And in what alternate universe does a basic land line with no long distance and no extra services, which we used maybe twice since we've had it for less than 10 minutes, cost $117 a month?

So, now that I have the magic code, I go online to register for online account access so I can see exactly why they think I owe them all this money. Nope, sorry, not that easy. I go through the whole registration process, choose my username and password, follow all the steps, and finally get to a screen where it tells me to log in to my newly created account.

Nope, sorry, the username and password that I just created 2 minutes before don't match. Resetting the password doesn't work, because the username and email address I just gave it don't match. So I decided to try their online chat with a customer service agent. The system connects quickly, and in seconds, I'm chatting with Jenny. This is how the conversation went:

Jenny: *blah, blah, canned greeting* How can I help you today?
Me: I'm having trouble registering for My Account access. I just tried to register, followed all the steps, but when I try to log in I get an error message saying that my username and password don't match. When I clicked the link to reset my password, it said my username and email address don't match, either, and it won't reset. What can I do?
Jenny: I'm sorry, our login system is currently having issues. Please try again later.
Me: Okay, maybe you can answer my real question in the meantime. I just got my first bill, and the amount is more than twice what it should have been, but I'm on paperless billing, so I don't have an itemized bill to see why the amount is so high
Me: Can you tell me why I'm being charged so much more than the amount I was quoted when I signed up?
**This chat session has been disconnected**

Yep, she hung up on me while I was in the middle of asking her a question. So, well and truly pissed off by this time, I call the customer service 800 number. After spending a good 10 minutes talking to one of those damn voice recognition comuter systems, I finally get to tell the stupid computer that I want to talk to a customer serivce manager. I get put on hold by the computer, and a few seconds later it comes back to tell me that normally it would transfer me, but the call center is currently closed, and there is no one to take my call. Then it hung up on me.

Of course, their call center is only open when I'm at work, and unable to make personal calls. So tonight I get to rush home and try to get someone on the phone before they close. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about that.
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Ghirardelli store, Downtown Disney.  Cast of characters: me, cashier

Sign reads :Buy 4 chocolate bars, get 1 free.

So, I get 5 bars, some other stuff, and go check out.

The cashier tells me the total, and I pay.  She hands me the receipt.  I look at it, and I was charged for all 5 bars.

Me: pointing to my right "The sign says buy 4 get 1 free.  You charged me for all 5 bars."

Cashier:  "You got a free one.  It's on there."

Me: looks at receipt again "No, I am being charged for all 5.  There are the prices.  Nowhere does it deduct the price of the 5th one."

Cashier: "It took it off."

Me: "No, it didn't.  Look at the receipt."

Cashier: "You get coupon on the bottom, see?" and kinda waves me away with her hand.

Coupon on the bottom is for 10% off next visit.  That, clearly, does not equal a free bar.  And the coupon is meaningless to someone who lives 600 miles away, lol.

Me: "No, that is not it."

Another cashier turns, and they start rapidly talking in Spanish.  The other cashier counts the bars on the receipt at least 3 times before MY cashier understands.  That's all that I could understand of the conversation.

Cashier: "Ok, you can go get a free bar.  Then we will be even? Ok?"

I get another bar (b/c clearly, they aren't going to fix the receipt) and hand it to her.  She hands it back and says ok.  Never scans it, makes a note of it, nothing. 

Not just 'bad service', but also bad bookkeeping. If she did that too many times, I imagine that the inventory will be off, and she could get into trouble. She definitely should have done something.

Snooty receptionist.

One of our vendors is located in Canada, Quebec I believe. My direct contact is great to work with and I've had no complaints about him at all. His first name is Laurent and I'll admit my silly American self is not that great at pronouncing his name exactly. It seems to change in the way he says it sometimes (at least to my un-trained ears) Lau-ROHNT and sometimes Lau-REHNT. Again this is probably my problem as English is my first language and I don't know a lick of French. That being said I try my best not to butcher his name and when I've spoken to him I do use his first name and he's never corrected me or mentioned anything about it.

His receptionist, however, is a different story. Every time I call, she corrects me on the pronunciation. "It's LAURENT not LAURONT" I think it's fairly obvious due to my accent and how I pronounce his name that I don't speak French. She knows who I'm talking about, why can't she just transfer me? I wouldn't mind so much if she didn't do it every time we call (she's done it to both me and my other co-worker) and she's a bit of a bitch about it. It's not the worst service in the world but it's definitely annoying.

EDIT I'd also like to add that his last name is pretty common (common as in "Smith" for example) and I use both first and last when asking for him.
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Update to this post here:

He sent me a threatening e-mail saying he'd leave a negative feedback if I left one, and he'd open all these PayPal complaints against me, which I know he can't do because...I paid lol. He obviously isn't all there because I left positive feedback and he left positive feedback. I of course left a reply to the feedback and said I left it too soon, 1st 2 items DOA, etc. and he hasn't said I'm not so sure he's paying attention to each transaction.

He got the returned hard drive and I was refunded more than what I should have.

I think it was just his error though, and I've tried explaining that to him but he doesn't get it.

When I initiated the PayPal claim, they decided in my favor once I provided them with a tracking number and it was delivered. They automatically took out the $51.50 from his PayPal account and put it in mine.

He then went on to refund me $20.50 "For my inconvenience" and another $15 for return shipping on both hard drives.

I don't think he knows about the $51.50, because even though I mentioned it like, 3 times he didn't acknowledge it or anything.

I'm so glad this is over! :) Thanks for your help, guys.
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Crack Barrel UPDATE

I tried to call my Department of Health, but haven't been able to get through to anyone yet, which is bullshit. But I did e-mail CB, and then I called a few hours later. I spoke with a woman who was HORRIFIED about the situation and said she was forwarding it on as we spoke, and would be sure to update me in a few days. 

I told her I didn't want anyone to get in trouble, and I'd always had great service, so I just wanted to let them know. She was super nice, and I think my being polite about it helped a lot. She was also upset when I mentioned my phobia of cockroaches, and agreed this wasn't something I should have to be put through.

I'm still gonna try the Department of Health tomorrow, but at least ONE person with CB acted how they should and jumped on the ball.

Thanks for all your advice too!
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I fail

I cannot understand how it is not the duty of the Metro employees to protect and care for the safety of the users of the system, especially when its ability to work normally was recently maimed by a wreck which caused a situation these people where not prepared to handle because they simply thought it was never going to happen! coz we venezuelans are SO especial. DUH.

I'm fed up of being hit, pushed and shoved by the stupid crowd and especially, of the worthless, uncaring, useless metro employees.

P.S. the article is wrong in that it has been 34 years of service. El Metro de Caracas C.A. has been open since 1983 (23 years).

EDIT: Sorry if I didn't explain it enough. I'm complaining because the metro workers say they cannot do anything to control what goes on every time a train arrives to the station. I feel this is not true because they are not even trying. Through an interview with one such employee I got that they are "understaffed" and that "only the high-ups can do anything about this," and that since they "are doing nothing, I cannot do anything about it". I still think this is an accident wanting to happen; a senior pushed to the ground breaks something, or a baby hit in the wrong spot. So many possibilities.

New Orleans +Non-Working Credit Card = Pain in the Rear

Slight backstory: I am a *HUGE* Columbus Destroyers fan. We weren't supposed to make the playoffs. So imagine my surprise when we come back from our honeymoon to find them destroying Dallas week 2. Low and behold, we make the Arena Bowl, and having a chance at tickets, I jump at the opportunity. Having changed my name on my license, but not my credit card yet, Hubby gets a credit card for the trip (only having a debit card prior, and I have fears about the account being emptied, it seemed safer).

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So it didn't ruin the trip, the card got re-activated, but it did waste a good 2 hours of the one day we had to sight-see down there. I understand fraud prevention, but you can at least be nice about it!