July 31st, 2007

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I had a mishap earlier when feeding my two dogs, and the 15-pound dog ate the medication that was meant for the 65-pound dog. Now, obviously this is my fault. I take total responsibility. However, I know much more about cats than dogs, so I called my vet to see if I needed to rush the small dog in.

Me: Hi, I have a 65-pound Australian Shepherd and she's on 500mg of Flagyl. I was trying to get her to take it and she spat it out and before I could grab it, my 15-pound terrier ate it. Do I need to bring her in or will she be ok?
Vet tech: So that was 100mg?
Me: No, 500.
Vet tech: Did you get it from us?
Me: Yes.
Vet tech: Cause I don't think we have 100...
Me: No, it was FIVE hundred!
Vet tech: Lemme go ask the vet. ::she comes back:: You said you got it from us? Because we only do 250 and 500 of Flagyl.
Me: ...I told you it was 500.
Vet tech: Well, anyway, she should be fine as long as she doesn't get another dose. If she starts vomiting or having a seizure, bring her in.

Because if my dog were normally to have a seizure, I wouldn't take her in at all. I just really hope that information holds true for 500mg as well as 100mg, but I know the vet and she probably gave the information for the doses that she knows they have, which is not 100mg. Just, way to listen when the health of someone's dog is at stake!


Dear whoever was in charge of delivering our paychecks today,

That was so sweet that y'all showed up early. It's really nice when the checks get here in time for the boss to sign them before she leaves. You showed up so early, in fact, that it was before we were open. I understand this could be a bit of a predicament for you, as you will get bitched at if our paychecks are not delivered on the correct day and I'm sure you have many other deliveries. A good option here is to possibly leave a note, leave the envelope containing the checks with the management office, leave them in our locked mailbox, or put us at the end of your delivery schedule if possible. You can even slide them under the door.

A poor option here is to leave the envelope with the word PAYCHECKS - CONFIDENTIAL containing the names, numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and bank account numbers of all of our employees taped to the front door with Scotch tape. At best, the tape could have merely melted or blown off and god only knows where our checks would have ended up and in what condition. At worst, we are in the middle of a goddamn shopping center that will not get the least bit busy for another four hours. Anyone in the world could have taken that envelope and we would have never known.

I'd seriously rather them show up late.
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Bad Service Question

My husband and I went out for an early dinner on the 25th to Granite City Brewery. Had a lovely meal which came to $20 and a few cents. Our waitress wasn't any spectacular (Didn't speak to us other than to take the order, but didn't do anything terrible either), however I did leave a tip. I wrote up the slip to be $25 even, my husband signed it, and off we went. 

While checking our bank statements online this afternoon, I notice that the charge for the meal came out on the 27th but NOT for $25. It had been changed to $29.97. Now I have searched in every pants pocket, purse, wallet, car, everything trying to find my copy of the receipt. I fear I accidently put it in our daughter's diaper bag and it may have fallen out :(. However I do know that there is NO way I wrote the total amount  to be what's been charged. I always make sure to round to the nearest dollar if I leave a tip on a charge card, which I only do if I don't have cash on hand.

So here's my question: I know that I need to call the business and speak with someone, but how to I prove anything without my copy of the receipt? Can this be rectified, or is it pretty much a lost cause?

**Edited for stupid typos Grr.
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...funny, sorta suck...

At my local Jack in the Box I ordered a # 1 combo Large...

ME & JACK chat at the talky-box:
JK: WHAT cheese & onions?
ME: Swiss & Grilled.
JK: Curly fries?
ME: No, regular fries Please.
JK: Large comes with large fries. What Drink?
ME: Large Mint shake.
JK: OK, So thats a #1 with swiss & grilled curly fries & a large mint shake?
ME: I'm sorry, I don't want curly fries, I want regular fries.
JK: But you ordered everything large so your fries will be large not regular.
ME: That's fine but I don't want curly fries, you listed curly when repeating my order. I want large regular fries....Normal fries, ordinary fries...
JK: So you know you ordered a large combo, I don't see the problem with the fries & why you would want regular, if the large is too many just don't eat them all.

AND you know...the curly fries aren't THAT bad.... *sigh*
Otherwise I love our JiB.

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I've been to the Cracker Barrel in Lewisville, TX a few times before. I had a root canal, emergency one, yesterday morning. By this afternoon I was tired of yogurt. So my boyfriend and I went there. I wanted the openface roast beef, even if the meat was tough I can eat the bread and potatos. Food was great as always.

No, my problem was with the COCKROACHES on the table.

The first one showed up when I was gone, and my BF thought it was a beetle and killed it right away. Kinda annoying but he told me there had been a bug, did I want to move. Since he thought it was a small beetle, I said no.

I screamed though when I'm about 1/3 of the way through my food, great, when a COCKROACH crawls onto my plate. A large one.

The manager took about 5 minutes, which is a while, to come out, after the waiter decided to ignore us for a whole minute while I'm trying not to have a panic attack. ( I'm deathly afraid of cockroaches, or anything that can be one. This means those damn water bugs we have in Texas. )

The manager comes out and as my boyfriend begins to explain the situation he kinda stuttered and my fear, combined with pain from the root canal, and now my sick stomach and migraine coming on, I just snapped "Can we just GO? I can't be here any longer."

I feel kinda bad because he looked offened and I did snap, but there were TWO cockroaches on my goddamn table in less than 20 minutes. I understand a bug being in the kitchen. It happens. But if I don't see it I can ignore it. But when it's crawling on my plate that's another story.

So as yummy as the food may be, I would NOT reccomend the Cracker Barrel on I-35, Stemmons Freeway, in Lewisville, TX.
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