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Sorry if this isn't allowed, if not I will happily delete it. I went to a gas station mini mart yesterday to pick up a couple things for my boyfriend and myself. My boyfriend gave me 10 bucks to cover his stuff and I was just going to use my debit card for my stuff. The clerk rang up my boys stuff and I paid the cash for it. Then he rang up my stuff and the little register display said 9.22 for mine and I ran my card. When I looked at my bank statement this morning though it said that I had put 21.50 on my card (the total if you added our stuff together). Did he take it out of the register and pocket it after I left? How do I take care of this?

One bad and another poor quality, but friendly.

Bad Service - StayOnline. This company provides internet access for various hotel chains (including the one I am currently in). Basically, I try and report problems with connectivity and really high latencies (1500-4300 ms) and I'm told that it's "acceptable" and there is nothing they will do. What is the point of "high speed" when the bandwidth is severely limited (maybe 20kbs on a download off the web) and everything takes 1-4 seconds to respond? Avoid if you need quality high speed internet access when you are at any hotel.

Friendly service, but lacking in quality - Extended Stay Deluxe located in Columbia, MD. First room I am given hasn't been cleaned from the last tenant. The hotel policy on cleaning, is no cleaning during a stay if under 6 days, and once per weeks if the stay is longer. You might be able to imagine the appearance and more importantly the smell of the room (it has a stove and refrig, so people can... and probably did cook here during their stay). I was quickly given another room by the staff (who was friendly), which smelled like bleach. Well at least I know the room was cleaned, though 1 day later the smell of bleach still isn't gone. Oh and they use StayOnline for their internet service provider.

It's actually kind of funny

We have Earthlink and they seem to be pretty good and we don't have a problem with them really.Our bill gets paid directly from the account all electronic and convenient like.

Every month for the past seven months we've gotten a bill in the mail for one dollar. The dollar is a charge for sending us the bill for one dollar. We've called several times but they send it every month. It's just silly to me.

Not so "royal" treatment

Last week I went to Burger King on my home from work. It's in Duluth, GA on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. (Yes, I know most of you won't know where that is, but for those who do, I want them to be aware of this place.)

I have often stopped there because it's on the way home, and it's on the right-hand side of the road, so I don't have to try to cross traffic. The people there are always rude, but a little rudeness can be dealt with. My order is always slightly wrong in some way: order a large, get a medium; ask for cheese, don't get any; order a small, get a large...so sometimes it balances out.

Last week was just the last straw, though.

I go in and I am literally the only customer at the counter. The cashier's name tag says "Teresa"; I start giving her my order.

Me: I'd like a twelve-piece chicken fries with honey-mustard sauce...
Teresa: That'll be three-sixty.
Me: I'm not finished, yet. Sorry. I have more items.
Teresa: Three-sixty.
Me: I said I need to get some more things.
Teresa: That'll be three-sixty.
Me: I need to get some more things. I wasn't finished ordering.
Teresa: Your total is three-sixty.
Me: May I finish ordering my lunch, please?
Teresa: Sir, your total is three-sixty.
Me: I'd like to speak with your manager, please.
At this point, Teresa turns around and gets my chicken fries. I leave without getting them. I call the manager -- Ellen -- from my cell phone in the car. Ellen is even less helpful than Teresa. She tells me that if my order was not complete, I should have told the cashier that and finished ordering. You'll notice that I tried to do that very thing and was completely denied that opportunity to do so.

I ended up getting the number of Ellen's regional manager. I spoke to him and he was completely dumbfounded that any customer would be treated that way.

F* you too, Charter

Alright, as you guys might remember that I posted a week or so ago that Sunrocket went belly up. Our phone service was with Sunrocket. So the day after we lost our phone service we called Charter to have VOIP installed since we already use Charter internet at the business. No problem we're told, they'll have it scheduled to turn on TODAY (July 30). Our phone number would be ported by today.

The tech was scheduled to be at our business today between 1 and 5 PM. At 4:30 PM the hubby called Charter to find out what was going on and was told that the tech had until 5 PM to show up then he'd be late. 5 PM came and went and the hubby stayed at work until 7 PM. When he came home, he got onto the phone and talked to the so-called ONLY person on duty. She told him then me that due to a portability issue that they could not transfer the phone and thus no tech would be coming out. The earliest a tech could come out would be August 9th but it might take up to 10 weeks. -_-

Oh fuck no. We're going with Vonage since they can port our number within 72 hours or so the tech told me when I talked to him last week.

Edit to add the following:

After talking to the woman who claimed she was practically working by herself and there was nothing she could do, we canceled the order with Charter and went with Vonage. Within ten minutes of signing up with Vonage (over the phone) our new phone service was turned on and our number transferred. By tomorrow or Wednesday we'll have the new gizmo to have complete access. Hmm... and Charter couldn't do it until at least August 9th or up to 10 weeks? Pft. And yes, we're canceling the internet portion as well and sticking to Verizon.