July 29th, 2007


Really Bad Policy

I thought the United States Postal Service was suppose to deliver our mail in a timely fashion and be thoughtful to what they do. Obviously, I was very seriously wrong.

This happened a few years ago, complaints was done, and it was taken care of. That was until a few weeks ago.

Myself and my husband were shocked when we received a cancellation notice from one of our bills. A few days later a letter of correction was sent to us, saying they had received the payment the next day after the notice went out.

We dismissed it as an error. That was until this month...

We received not one but three notices from the places. One was Truck Insurance, One was Doctor's and the other was the Light Bill.

The person who lives in Apartment 2 is a nice older gentlemen. I was expecting a letter and last week had placed another payment in the mail. When I went out to check the mail for the day, the envelope was still there and he came out to explain why.

The "Mailman" will not stop unless he has mail to deliver. It doesn't matter if there are letter's going out or not. He just blows on by. He said he had reported him to the post office and he stopped for a while but then he started again.

A few months ago, the same mail man had left a package, not a notice but the package, sitting on our front porch. True we weren't expecting it but never the less it was there, the box was drenched with rain. Thankfully the contents were fine. I called and made a complaint.

Then today, I got very upset.

I was expecting a package either today or Monday. This package was clearly marked Media Mail. I would think that as a mail carrier, he would know not to leave a package like that out in the weather.

I was up at ten am. Our mail doesn't run until between one and one thirty each day. When I walked outside at one fifteen to check the mail, there was my package, sitting on the porch in plain sight of anyone. He didn't knock or anything, just left it there. Had I been fifteen more minutes, the rain would have gotten to it and ruined the book and movie inside.

He could have at least knocked. The truck was in the driveway, proving we were home. We don't live in the nicest of neighborhoods and this mailman is also known for hiding bills, handwritten letters and other things in the pages of the junk ads. I know for a fact he didn't knock because I was sitting by the door since I woke up.

I just don't understand how a goverment worker can have such a disrespect for mail recievers. All I know is I am very upset and am wondering if anyone else has had this type of situation and how I can go about it without being too rude.
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American Airlines

  • Flight #3500 HSV-DFW. The flight was an hour and a half late leaving Huntsville. This in and of itself is not that bad, though rather irritating. The bad part was that no one said anything to us passengers during the entire hour we waited before boarding. There was no agent at the gate, no announcements, and nothing on any of the monitors. We just had to sit there and ... wait ... without being told anything about what was going on or when we would be leaving by AA. Eventually, we started talking among ourselves and found out that the people downstairs were giving various "delayed" times for departure, but no one ever thought to tell the people already sitting in the terminal and waiting.
  • Flight #677 DFW-PDX. I spilled water on my lap. My bad, I know, and I didn't want to wake the lady sleeping next to me so I pushed the call button intending to ask for a couple of towels to clean the ice cold water off my lap. I waited. And waited. And waited. Fifteen minutes later a flight attendant happened to be walking by, so I asked for some paper towels. He disappeared, never to be seen again. Another 30 minutes passed before a different flight attendant walked by to see why my light was on. I told him that I had spilled water, but by this point it had already dried. He just turned the light off and walked away without so much as an apology. The irritating thing was several times I glanced back and all three were in the aft galley, leaning against the bulkhead and chatting, while I'm sitting there with ice water on my junk.
  • Flight #3397 DFW-HSV. In the three hours I sat in Concourse B at DFW, this flight move gates four times. Once again, this is not that big a deal, though kind of irritating because each time it happened it changed by about 20 gates. The irritating thing was, once again, no one said anything to any of the passengers! No announcements, no notes on the monitors, nothing. It was only by occasionally asking a gate agent or that I happened to be walking by a monitor and glanced up to see a new gate.

For some reason, I never seem to have these problems with Delta. I guess the really irritating thing is the lack of communication. I mean really, it takes 30 seconds to make an announcement that a flight has been delayed, or that the gate has changed, and everyone would be wiser for it. Instead, we're just sitting here like cows waiting to be slaughtered while no one bothers to say anything to us.

The other irritating thing is that, I guess I just feel that we, as passengers, don't have very much recourse when it comes to lodging a complaint. When all a flight attendant has to do is say "you're causing trouble" to have you arrested and thrown in jail, we kind of just have to take whatever service we get, no matter how shitty it is, and be thankful we're not dropping the soap.


Paypal sucks and banks couldn't care less.

A couple of bad service stories. One involving a bank, one involving Paypal. Now while some may say it's not really bad service, but bad policy issue, I'm going to chalk it up to bad service considering they refused to even listen and treated us like we were overreacting because of their crappy rules. Ahem, can you tell I'm still touchy? You'll understand why.

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That was probably really boring and drawn out for what it was, but I'm really touchy about this at the moment. Two companies essentially bending me over and doing something illegal in a few states and I'm left high and dry because I'm completely helpless against either of them.

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