July 28th, 2007

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SUpermarket suckage

To my lovely cashier:

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but when I step up to your register, place my items on the belt, and then step up to the EFT machine, is this not your cue to begin scanning my items? Instead, you stood there for a full thirty seconds staring off into space and applying umpteen coats of Carmex to your already slimy lips.

No love,


Seriously, she just stood there like a frickin' gooey-lipped statue until I mumbled under my breath something to the effect of "put down the damn Carmex and do your fluggin' job." Either she heard me, or she finally took notice of the Glare Of Doom I was aiming in her direction.
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local deli suck

Right. So I live in a VERY small town (actually an island, in the middle of a large lake) and, being sick of the food where I work I've been frequenting the deli on my time off. I've never really had a problem here before, but then again I don't usually go there very often. But it's really getting insane.

I order the same thing every time I go there. It's called a BurgerTim. It's a burger with ham and swiss cheese. They ask you what you want on it, and I ALWAYS say "everything but onions." Sometimes I'll mix it up and ask for a tomato.

The first time, they didn't put ANYTHING on it. So it was just burger, ham, and swiss. It was dry and unappetizing. It wouldn't have been a big deal  but I was at my job at a gift shop so I couldn't even doctor it up myself.

The next time, I asked for "everything but onions, and a tomato." Easy enough? Apparently not. This time, the only thing on it was onions and mustard. Well, at least I could pick the onions off, and it wasn't dry and gross. But I also asked for stake fries, and I got onion rings.

The next time, I wanted everything but onions. How much easier can it get? This time I got a lettuce, tomato, and mayo. BUT no ham.

So I give them ONE more chance. I get back to my gift shop, and open my box. To discover.... not ONLY did I not get ANY condiments, but they also left off the ham, and cheese. It was bread, and beef. A plain burger there is $3.50... the BurgerTim is $6.50!!! I was SO pissed.

Needless to say... I am DONE with their business. Yes, this means if I want to go out I'll have to go somewhere, where I'm sick and tired of the food (my mother and sister work at the other good place here, and they bring it home all the time, so I'm sick of that too), but it's worth not getting jipped, and missed off.

I hope I'm not being unreasonable, but I'm seriously pissed off about this. IF I do go back, I will check it as soon as I get my order. And if it's not right I WILL bitch. This is just ridiculous.
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