July 27th, 2007

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I received a Tiffany bracelet for my college graduation. It's a toggle heart bracelet, and I already have a similar (though non-designer) bracelet. I'd think about keeping it, except that it's also too small. Tiffany & Co. doesn't size, so I took it to the store to try and exchange it, perhaps for a necklace as I don't really wear bracelets anyway. The salesperson was snotty to me from the minute I walked in. Ok, it's a designer company, I can expect that. So she came back and informed me in a quite unnecessarily mean manner, that it was a copy and I should leave. I mean... buh? I can understand not being happy about it being a copy, but why need to be so rude to me? I'm not the one who bought it, I've never had anything from Tiffany, how was I to know I was "wasting her time"? And honestly, I can't find anything that would indicate it being a copy upon close examination with the photos on the T&CO website. And now I have a very expensive gift that I can't do anything with.

Not terrible, but rather embarrassing. I left the store close to tears, after having driven nearly an hour to get there.

HP contact info

A friend of mine is having some major issues with a laptop she bought less than a year ago, and from what I understand Hewlett Packard keeps "fixing" the problem and returning the laptop with the exact same problems. (Don't know the whole story, sorry) But I was wondering if anyone had corporate contact info, as she hasn't been able to find any. I think she mostly just wants an email address. Thanks!

banking suck

I am a customer of a specific banking institution that is nation-wide, but I have really only seen regular branches in the west, and almost none in the east.

A young friend's mother wrote me a check since I took my friend's senior photos. She has a broken right hand so the writing on the check was a little messy. Still 100% readable and it didn't look like anything had been scratched out.

Anyway, I went to go deposit it today. The teller let me enter all my information while she was looking at the check and then in the most henious and unprofessional voice ever says: "Fucking Christ, I hate it when they do this..." and just stands up and walks away from her desk. I'm completely baffled. I've been going to this branch since 1998 and I've been assisted by this particular teller on many occasions.

She leaves me standing there staring at the wall while she talks to a higher up. She comes back, tosses the check in my face and says "I can't take this."

I'm flummoxed so I ask her why. She points to two spots where it's kind of hard to read and tells me that I have obviously changed the date and obviously forged the amount. I'm blown away at this accusation so I try to explain that she has a broken hand. And she's not even listening. I was PISSED. I know that they're looking out for someone's security, but you'd think almost 10 years of absolutely hassle free customership would get me some understanding, and even if they can't cash my check their stupid tellers can be professional about it.

Bad service AND witnessed suck in one store... oh joy.

Yeah, I dealt with a bad cashier and an annoying fellow customer at just about the same time. Both are pretty minor compared to other stuff posted here, but they irritated me all the same.
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I was in one of my favorite clothing stores today, as they sell some nice youngish plus size clothing, and had dragged my friend (N) to go clothes shopping.
We both selected some items, and went to pay separately. As I was putting down my purchases on the counter, N was looking at a keychain they had sitting out. The cashier asks us both if we have charge cards, and when N says no she dives into the "Sign up now!" shpiel, because anyone who signs up gets a free keychain or lipstick case. She tells us about how it only takes a second and didn't cost anything blah blah blah. N tells her no, she's not interested. That SHOULD be the end of it, right? Nope, she spent MY entire transaction hounding N about the signing up. "Come onnnn, it only takes a second! It doesn't cost anything! What's the harm? Come onnnn!" and N must have said no about ten times. She only shut up as we were leaving.
I understand cashiers have to tell people about their promotions and special deals, but there is no excuse for being that persistant and irritating.