July 23rd, 2007


Worst. Service. Ever.

So, my friends and I get together every Friday night for dinner. There are 8 of us, and we take turns picking the location. We never call ahead, and we always ask for separate checks, but we also always introduce ourselves as "your problem table for the night" and we always tip for decent service and overtip if the server gives us good service despite our size.
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I'm just ranting, not asking for anything. To be honest, if the manager had offered us a free meal, we would still be considering it for a "Dead to us" nomination. And, out of 8 possible spots on the "Dead to us" list, we've only talked about putting three places there, and we've only put one place there (and that place did give us coupons for free meals that we're never going to use).

Gromit on the roof

Steak- how hard can it be?

Apparently, very tricky indeed!

Following a very gruelling weekend (we've had some major flooding where I live) I took the Mister out for dinner last night to a favourite local gastropub. Chalkboard menus, daily specials, fantastic fish, good beer- it's a bit of a treat for us, and I thought it would cheer us both up. Collapse )
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I'm not sure this is really "bad service", but more like "wtf? service".

This was overheard via phone with my mom on Saturday. I live in Iowa, she lives in Texas in the middle of the country. As we were chating away on the phone, her doorbell rings. She answers it while still holding the phone. There was a man standing there, with his pick-up truck parked in her drive, and a large metal box sitting in the bed of the truck.

her: Yes? Can I help you?
him: Hello ma'am! I was wondering if you'd be interested in some meat today?
her: 0.o......... I'm sorry, what?
him: Yes ma'am, meat! I'm selling meat today and was wondering if you'd be interested.
her: You're selling meat..... from the back of your pick-up?
him: Its very good!
her: .............. No. Go away.
him: I'm harmless, I swear!
her: Go away. Get away from my house!
him: *yelling from a distance* It's good meat! I'm harmless!
me: Uhh... mom? DId I just hear that right?
her: Some creepy guy just tried to sell me meat from a metal box in his truck bed! 
me: ........ in the middle of the Texas summer heat too. Ewwwww.........

At this point my husband over heard me and asked what we were talking about. I gave him the jist, and he piped up with "Maybe he was selling wife meat?"

Candy bars, magazines, and encyclopeidas door-to-door I can see, but meat? *shudder*

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Fast Food Gripe

Just browsing over several customers_suck entries made me question something:

Why on earth is it that when you get fast food and go through drive through, it is the customer's job to hold up the line and make sure the employee didn't stuff up when placing items into the bag? Shouldn't it be the employee's job to make sure all the order is in the bag?

I don't get how the customer sucks if they get the wrong order/less items/messed up food/wrong drink. Sure they can sit there and check, but if its a big order they're going to annoy a lot of people and mess up drive through times.


publix deli has no ranch or tomatoes.

So, the deli clerks at Publix keep telling my boyfriend they "don't have ranch" to put on our subs. One day he went to a different one and told the deli clerk at that location about it. She said they are lying, that they have it stored in a container...Anyway, next time at this particular Publix, when the clerk says NO to ranch, he said "I know you have it." She rolls her eyes and begrudgingly gets ranch from god knows where and puts it on the sub. WTF? It was not an outrageous request!

EVen more funny: The guy after us wanted tomato on his sub and she tells him they're "out". his response: "Publix...is out of tomatoes?"