July 22nd, 2007

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So yesterday I got my long hair sheared neck-length, with layers. It suits me, looks awesome, and I'm glad I got it done. There's just one problem... I left the chair with a distracting feeling of one side being longer than the other. I said so, and it turned out to be right, so the stylist had me sit back down so she could fix it. I watched in the mirror as she trimmed about half a millimeter off of the offending ends. It didn't look like she was going to go anywhere near fixing the entire thing properly, so I pretended to believe her and another stylist who said my hair looked perfect, and left for home. For the next day or so, the whole right side felt altogether thicker than the left, which turned out not to have been an illusion when my mom finally took a close look at it. She spent about 40 minutes fixing it to the best of her ability. And it's STILL off.

I'm sorry, but when you've spent about 45 dollars on a good haircut, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect it all to be the same length, for heaven's sake. Granted, my stylist did spend an hour cutting it. (Super fast, too... not that I was very enthused, because how can you get something completely right if you're going at lightning speed?) But I think there's something to be said about letting a 25-year-old style my hair. Give me a man in his late thirties next time. I'll be grateful afterwards for not having played guinea pig to a relatively inexperienced hairstylist.

Olive Garden rudeness.

yesterday me & 4 of my girl friends went to Olive Garden for a simple little girls night out. we had 2 tabs; one with 3 meals and whatever else they got, and one tab of my own. my tab included my meal & 3 cocktails. it was a little under $40. my friends took care of their tip and I tipped her $5 for my own tab. I used a tip calculator and the $5 was right on the money as a 15% tip. I would have given her more because she was an excellent server and was very polite [at first], but it was all the cash I had on me (I don't like putting tips on cards)

fast forward to us leaving the restaurant.. it was a busy Saturday night around 8:00. the place was packed and there were a lot of people waiting outside. we start walking to the car and all of a sudden our server busts out of the door and YELLS out to us, though she was looking directly at me as she was speaking.

here's how it went down:

her: I'm sorry, but did I do something offensive or anything? because I spent over an hour with you guys and you had a $100 tab [all together] and all you gave me was a $5 tip.

me: *a little bewildered and taken aback* no.. *I* gave you the $5 tip to cover my tab only. the rest of the girls left you money on the table.

her: well the table bus boy told me that when he looked on the table there was no extra money.

me: so you didn't look on the table yourself?

her: *pauses*.... uhhh, no.

me: then maybe your bus boy took it, but we DID leave you a tip.

her: ok.. alright... *walks back inside*

at this point, everyone waiting outside was looking at us like we were complete morons. so not only did she not even look at her table to see the tip we left her (which before we left, we alerted her about the money on the table) but then she follows us outside infront of ALL those people and embarrasses the fuck out of us? Do not get me wrong.. I completely understand that servers work very hard for their money and it sucks when people leave you shitty tips or no tips at all. but the fact was that you NEVER fucking EVER catch an attitude and question your customers over a tip. and especially to wait until AFTER we've left the restaurant to get in our face about it? that is completely unprofessional and rude. she spoke to me like it was all my fault. I can sympathize that it would suck to not get a 30% tip or whatever, but she was completely out of line to handle it the way she did.

I called the manager last night and she agreed/apologized/is going to send us a gift card. I honestly wasn't even wanting that..I just told her that she needs to speak to our server & have her understand what's stepping the line over being rude. we had such a great night and that dimmed it a bit and made the experience go from being excellent to being not-so-great.
This is me.

Harry Potter Bad Service (No Spoilers!)

First VERY VERY Bad Service (by JK Rowling's opinion, I guess) :

Having copies of the book available for sale one week before the official date, allowing people to buy them for 7 euros more than the real price on the release date. Which results in one of my friends taking a picture of himself with the book, and scanning the first ten pages... which were not fake. *sigh*

Second sorta bad service from Amazon :

Dear Amazon,

Why oh why did you say "For all orders posted before the 19th, the books will be delivered on the 21st" ? WHY ?

I went to my order page. I ordered the book on the 16th.

As my luck has it, no book yesterday. Fiancé sneakily bought it for himself... and I could only cuddle the book on the train last night, without being able to read one page :D .

So, bad service, but it resulted in a funny moment.

Update as of July 23rd :

I called Amazon.Fr this morning. The guy was very nice on the phone, and told me they would refund 3 euros if the book was late. Or that would be credit, I don't know, but it was a nice gesture anyway.

He got my name, my order number, and got the tracking number for the package, which I didn't have. He told me the package had been presented on Saturday, but a note was left and I could pick it up from the post office today. So very good service from Amazon.

Or not, but I don't know who's guilty here, because when I got to the post office, the lady told me the package is "on hold" (or something) and it's getting to them tomorrow. ... So either the post man didn't leave the note and they can't give the package to me because of that... or the Amazon guy was confused...

Either way, if I still don't have the book by Wednesday, I'm going to get a refund no matter what :) .