July 21st, 2007

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I just got a call from what they said was one of my credit card companies.
It seemed like it was all fine and dandy, but now I'm concerned that it might have been a scam.
Does anyone know how to reverse look-up phone numbers?
I tried checking back in entries, and in the memories for a way, but didn't find anything.
The websites I found by googling wanted me to pay, which is just silly.
The number that called me was 757-823-6827

Woo, So it turns out it was actually my credit card company! Joyous day!

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These are not my feet: I found the link on another community.

Warning: these are photos of chemical burns and are not pretty. As if having her shoes melt her feet wasn't miserable enough, the way this lady was treated by the employees was just the icing on the three-tiered cake of bad service (you'll need to scroll right down to the bottom of the page to read it).

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