July 18th, 2007

On with the duration

I should've specified. My mailman would not pick up my mail for 2-4 days at a time. I had no way of knowing because  my community had a locked outbox. Also being a full time student and a full time employer I don't have even as little as a half hour to drop off my mail at the post office that happens to be 45 minutes out of the county.

Sun Rocket

I admit, I did not want to use Sunrocket for our (business) phone service but have come to like it over the last two years we've had it. That is until today.

I called our store to let the hubby know that I found the answer to the problem he has with a game he was trying to install yesterday. I get a "beep, beep" sound as if the phone was disconnected. I know it's not on my end since I just got of the phone with BN. So I continue to call the store for the last hour and can't get through so I decide to call Sunrocket to see if there is an outage. I go to their website and read this:

How do I contact SunRocket?

Send an emailand receive a personal response to your question or concern. Remember to include your Household Number so that we can answer your email based on your specific account needs.

Please note that all cancel requests must be made by phone.

To contact Member Services by phone, please call 1-800-786-0132.Representatives are available 7 days a week from 7am to Midnight, ET.

I call the 800 number and get the message, "We are no longer taking customer service or sales calls. Good bye." It then hangs up. Lovely. So how the frack do we contact the company quickly? And notice that they require you to call them in order to cancel your service. LOL Hmm, how can you cancel if they're not taking phone calls any longer? Nice customer service there, Sunrocket.

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Update on the London Market:

The order should have arrived yesterday evening or this morning at the very latest, and since it hadn't, I re-checked my confirmation email and my online bank account. The email seemed just fine, but the account showed no charge. I called and spoke to a very nice woman who said they'r been having computer troubles and that she'd go check manually to ensure the order had been sent, and when I asked about the shipping (in the context of their current website changes), and she said that they've been having a lot of trouble with the website doubling charges and that I wouldn't be charged more than the original amount shown. She also apologized for not having responded to my email, as her computer crashed, and of course they're dealing with HP mania. I mentioned that I work in a bookstore and was trying to assemble a costume, and she said "Oh, you definitely understand, and of course, you need it for Friday!" I spoke with her an hour later, whereupon she assured me that it had already been shipped and would be here by Friday. So extreme frustration turned into good service.