July 17th, 2007

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The local pizza place slices the small pizza's pie like and all other sizes into squares.  We resently found out that when you call in your order you can request them to cut the pizza into pie slices, which we did this evening.
I went to pick up the the pizza, I confirmed the order as one medium cheese cut like a pie.  Owner rings me up and hands me my change and then says, he didnt feel like cutting your pizza like a pie and did it like we always do, sorry and he walked away.
It was late, the family was hungry so I left. 
But this is not the first place I am posting about this service.

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For quite some time my mailman hasn't been picking up my mail on time. That results in my bills being late and me having have to pay lots of late charges. I finally called the company and told them about this, and I think they fired him because I haven't seen him since. I feel kind of bad for him :\

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In regards to the hotel from hell, I just got a phone call from Priceline refunding all of my money. I think it was the complaint to the Better Business Bureau that did it, but also could have been my submission of the experience to every hotel website known to man, as well as my credit card dispute.

Thanks to everyone for their help!
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Oh, Value City Furniture.

So, my parents just recently bought a sofa and recliner combo from VCF, which are both gorgeous. The set came with a coffee table and two end tables for free, but my parents had no use for them, so they decided to give them to my husband and me for our new apartment in California. So, when they placed the order, they requested that the coffee and end tables be kept boxed, unassembled, and taped shut in their original packaging because they're completely glass tops, and I didn't want to ship them already assembled (they're going from Ohio to CA in a freight, things tend to bang around). The sales associate confirmed THREE TIMES with my parents that the tables would remain boxed, unassembled, in their original packaging.

So, delivery day comes. The couch and chair are brought in, they're gorgeous, great. Then they start bringing in - you guessed it - the assembled glass tables. My Dad and I go outside, and ask what's going on. The delivery guy says, "I told my boss that it said on the instructions for delivery NOT to assemble these, but he said he'd already assembled them and that you'd take them like this anyway." This confirms to us that the sales associate and delivery guy did (or tried to do) their jobs, and that the manager of delivery was to blame, since he BLATANTLY ignored instructions and just ASSUMED we'd take them as is.

Needless to say, we refused the delivery of the tables and after two angry phone calls, my Mother was able to have the tables sent in boxes, next-day delivery, with a handwritten apology from the sales associate (but not, oddly, from the guy who ACTUALLY screwed up).

Note: Not complaining about VCF or anything, because they did resolve the situation - just complaining about that delivery manager who decided HE knew what was best for our delivery.
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Dammit, Urban Outfitters again

I got my piece of wall art today. It's beautiful and... oh. Wait. Has little rips in the fabric, all along the edges!

Color me annoyed. I was looking foreward to this.

I call up the store and the woman seemed rather blaise about it and said I could either send it back to them and pay the shipping to do so, or I could go to the store and exchange it there.

Guess I'm driving to Philadelphia soon. Dammit!
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Local Theatre Suck

Ok, this is partial bad service and partial wtf? And honestly, I need some direction on how to write a letter to the theatre.

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So to recap... they correctly hold the show when the actor is stuck in his harness 20 feet above the stage, but they do not hold the show when an audience member could be dying in the aisle, while distracting almost 2000 of his fellow audience members who paid a ton of money to see a Disney musical?

upside down"?"Que? McDonalds

This happens every time we go to McDonalds (and some other fast food places): My husband is very specific about not having any condiments on his burger. ONLY lettuce, cheese, pickle (the meat and the bun of course is already included, duh). So, we go to McDonalds because it is very convenient when we are ultra-hungry and he lets the order taker at the counter (or at the drive-thru, it does not matter) know what he wants: "Hello, I'd like a CHEESEBURGER with lettuce and pickles ONLY, please." . We are then greeted with a "que?"" You want-a lettuce....uh...mayo and tomato?" "No, ONLY lettuce, cheese, pickles and meat". So, having finally ordered and paid, we happily await our burgers. He always checks his to make sure it's exactly what he wants before we leave the premises and EVERYTIME - there's mayo, tomatoes and onions!! Doesn't the word "ONLY" mean something anymore?? I think there is even an option on their POS  to punch ONLY. Of course, we then have the cooks redo the whole sandwich and it generally involves several cooks to interpret what "ONLY" actually means. Sometimes, the manager has to help them a bit provided they know the meaning of ONLY. I mean, really, it's actually easier for them to make the sandwich without all the condiments and other crap. Is ONLY not an English word...ah, perhaps therein lies the problem.......
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