July 15th, 2007

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Capital Hassle

i've sympathized and commiserated with the stories in this community for a while now and I was fortunate enough to never have a big enough complaint to post about until now.

I get a letter in the mail regarding my credit card with CapitalOne around June 5. Rocky from Fraud wanted to confirm a few details regarding my account. In the meantime, my online access has been frozen, so I call the number on the letter figuring I could get it resolved ASAP. After being on hold for half an hour and being hot potato-ed around a couple phone reps, I get Rocky's VM: he's not available but if I would please leave my cc# and contact info he would call me back. I was really uncomfortable doing that but I figured it's CapitalOne so they have it on file anyway.

Skip to over a month later, I've tried several times to get in touch with Rocky with no response. Every single time I've called the phone rep who answers either transfers me to his line where I get his VM, or they tell me to just call back later. He did leave me a VM one time at 8AM in early July, but I was asleep and didn't pick up. I'm getting panicky by this point because I need to make a payment but can't access it online. In the meantime the returned fees started to pile up (for my auto subscription to Blockbuster) and CapitalOne started to charge me late payment fees. I was upset, called in again, and was assured by a rep that it was ridiculous to pay for late fees when I couldn't even access my account to pay.

Many more phone calls later I've found out that both of my CapitalOne cards are now closed (I still have to pay off the balance on one of them, of course; the other had no problems, actually). Rocky closed it but put it in the system that *I* had requested they be closed down. According to the nasty lady from the same Fraud department, it's their discretion to close down accounts where the owner could not be contacted for 30 days. WTF. She also informed me that it was the job of the phone reps I got before to inform me of this policy and that at this time it was tough s*** and my fault for not getting in contact. She reminded me that I still had a balance to pay. I reminded her the reason I can't pay is because I can't friggin access my account. She said that well, I needed to figure out a way to pay and then chucked me over to Customer Service before I could say anything.

I went through the same story with Customer Service and the guy was actually helpful - he got their IT department to restore access to my account where big surprise, I had to pay for all the late and returned fees that accrued when I couldn't access it. I wouldn't be broke if I didn't have to pay the couple hundred in fees to bring my balance under the limit again. Argh.

I'm pissed. I'd like to file a complaint against Rocky, but CapitalOne is a big corporation and they obviously take care of each other. But I gave no one permission to close down my credit cards (especially the one with no balance) and I don't understand how it was *my* fault for being hard to contact when I tried repeatedly to get in touch with Rocky, left several voicemails, and the only effort on his part was one voicemail telling me to call him back. Ugh.

EDIT: Called again today, told them I'd like to file an official complaint against Rocky. The guy handling this call suddenly acted like I was a valued customer. Pathetic.

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Four in two days. I must be reallllly lucky.

Yesterday I went to Steve & Barry's to check out their Bitten line, and possibly purchase some of those items. Not only did they not carry anything in my size... when I did find something I wanted to buy (a really cute pair of sunglasses), I waited for five minutes at the completely empty register (and completely unmanned register, save for an older gentleman futzing with a pair of pants on the other end of the register bank) without being acknowledged before I finally said, "Screw this," and left, leaving the sunglasses on the counter.

I went to Friendly's with my husband and ordered a mint chocolate chip sundae. We brought our order home. He got his peanut butter cup sundae just fine, but mine was coffee ice cream. Ew. Mint =/= coffee.

Finally, at the grocery store, it was busy, so I started bagging my own items while my husband waited to pay. The cashier finished and started bagging items, too, and when she got to the ground beef (which was leaky), I asked her if she could bag it separately because it was leaky. She put it in the bag with my other meats anyway and shoved the whole mess at me. Pardon me for not wanting e. coli all over my groceries, particularly all over the baby food.

As the last big grocery store finger, when we got home, we realized that we didn't receive the sale price for our salmon.
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This is not terrible, just a bit WTF and uncomfortable for me.

I went to a not-so-upscale hair salon today, and paid by credit card. When she was inputting the amount, the hairdresser asked how much I wanted to tip her. O.o Honestly, I wasn't thrilled with the cut, so I wasn't going to tip high, but that scared me into upping it a little because I was saying it aloud in front of other hairdressers and customers. Has anyone else had a similar situation? I can't help but wonder how many other introverted people get intimidated in a situation like that.