July 13th, 2007

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Right so last night I got a bit of a craving for a milkshake and decided to head down to the nearest McDonalds to satisfy my craving. Upon pulling up to the drive thru board I was greeted with the usual "Can I take your order?" I stated that I wanted a large vanilla milkshake and a double cheeseburger as I had eaten nothing since 12 hours earlier. The woman working the drive-thru asked "Do you want anything else?" I stated no and her reply was "Okay baby." I thought this a little weird however this is Las Vegas and weird is the norm. Additionally the other thing I noted was that the order never showed on the little screen in front of the menu sign and she never gave me the total or told me which window to pay at. But at the moment I thought no big deal.

So I pull around the corner and there is a car in front of me waiting to pay. During the minute that I waited I never saw any money go from the car to the window however I did see money go from the woman working the drive-thru to the car. In her hand I saw a bill and the receipt and she stated "Sorry" to the person in the car in front of me.

Then it was my turn to pull up. She opened the window and said "Hi baby" and was pushing buttons on the register. She then put out her hand for the money and never stated how much the order would be. I gave the woman a $5.00 bill and didn't really know how much the order would be but guestimated that I should get at least $1.00 back and some coinage. She completed the transaction, the drawer opened and she pulled out some coins. She then handed me back nothing but change and no bill and no receipt. Now I knew something was up. So in totally honest voice like I needed the receipt for documentation I asked her "Can I get my receipt?" and then looked at my hand which contained exactly $0.63.

Without batting an eye, and she never taking her eyes off of me began a huge act of "Oh I am SO SORRY! I gave you the car in front of you's change! I'm just so tired!" leaned out the window and proceeded to pat my hand. I handed her the change back and she closed the window and as she did I noticed a receipt printed out still in the register. She never left from near the register and I saw her digging in her pockets. A few seconds later she opened the window with money in her hand and tore the receipt off of the register and handed it to me. She handed me $1.13 and again stated "I'm just tired baby, you know how it is."

Now if you are going to do a con in Vegas, you need to do a better job than scamming customers for $0.50 on each drive-thru order. Needless to say, I didn't notify the manager, I called McD's corporate.

I hate car dealers

My car's in for service today. It's not due for another 7000 miles, but my warranty requires annual services. So the garage just called me to say the car is legally unsafe to drive due a number of faults. Some of those faults are covered by the warranty, others are down to wear and tear. Now, when I bought this car it was given a free service and I was told it was in great condition. 8000 miles later this garage is telling me my brake pads and discs are completely worn down and the brakes are metal to metal. The service interval on this car is 15,000 miles - what if I hadn't had this service? What kind of damage was that going to do?

I'm not bothered about the repair costs but I sincerely doubt I wore a set of brake pads and discs down to nothing after 8000 miles of undemanding communting. Which leads me to believe that this 'service' when I bought the car was either a) not very thorough, or b) mythical. I'm leaning towards b) since the dealer who sold it to me sold it with worn out tyres, two of which were below the legal tread limit (i.e. they sold me an illegal car.) Had to really hassle them to get that sorted.

I love my car, but I'm thinking a trade in when the warranty runs out is a great idea.

ETA: This is UK by the way, so whenever I say 'legally' I'm referring to UK law, which is quite strict. This car is nearly 5 years old so it has to pass an annual roadworthiness test called an MOT. It did pass this test last August and is due for another next month.
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Oh Chase, how I hate thee. This isn't a total lost cause, as I have my checkbook, but nasty customer service nonetheless.

I've been a customer of Chase since it was Bank One. Coincidentally, my name changed due to getting married right around when Bank One became Chase. However, my new name is First Name Middle Name-Old Last Name New Last Name.

It ends up being 24 letters long, and when they sent out my new card, they put my whole name on the card, which cut off the last name part.

I called them up (back in February or March of last year) to say I just wanted First Name Last Name on the card. I was told that I'd be getting a new card shortly.

I never got it, and because I was still able to use my Bank One card, I got distracted with life and never bothered with fixing it. I just sign my new name on all of my debits and no one seems to care.

My Bank One card is about to expire in August, so I thought I'd be on the ball a bit and request a new one so that I'd have it in time. I explained the whole situation, and she said she understood, noting that my account reflected all that I said to her. She said that she'd send out a new card and that I could expect it in 5 days. I specifically asked if this would cancel my old card, and she said that it wouldn't.

Sure enough, I went to get money out last night and the card was declined. I tried two other times and it said, "Lost or Stolen Card" on the screen.

My friends said that it might have been the machine, and I simply shrugged it off as a coincidence.

This morning, my husband handed me some money for lunch "just in case". Thank goodness he did because when I tried to use the ATM here at work, it was declined again.

The first chance I got, I called up Chase to ask wtf happened.

The first woman listened, and I had to explain the story, again, of why I was getting a new card. She said that she noticed that my card was used this morning, which obviously didn't happen. I asked where the charge was, and she said Amazon.

Apparently, that was my Harry Potter preorder going through. I can only assume that since my card was good at the time of the pre-order, Amazon processed it today. She said that she agreed with what I thought happened and said that she would transfer my call over to Loss Prevention to reactivate the card.

The woman in Loss Prevention asked me to explain the story, so I did, again. Then she asked for the card number. She told me that the card was perfectly fine.

I told her that it wasn't and that the banker I had just spoken to agreed with me. She argued with me that it was working and that it wasn't her problem, that it was the fault of the ATM. I told her that I tried at least two ATMs, two different branches, several times at each with the same problem. Then she made the implication that I had stolen the card, that she wouldn't help me, and hung up on me.

I called Chase back, furious, and spoke to another banker, who had, again confirmed my original story of what happened, saying that because the woman that had reissued the card put it in as a "name change" it overrode usage of the original card, even though they have the same numbers. She told me that I'd receive my new card next week.

I said that I couldn't possibly live without any money for 5 straight days, and that they're just going to have to overnight me a card. She said that the earliest they can do it is a 2 day delivery, and since it's Friday, that won't go through until Monday.

Utterly freakin ridiculous. Now I have to go to an individual Chase branch and have them issue me a temporary ATM card, which will not work as a Debit card, and I'm magically supposed to do this during banking hours--which I'm at work for. All of this after wasting 45 minutes on the phone.

Screw you Chase. Thank goodness I can use my checkbook.

Take Advantage Much?

I'll try to keep this short. 

(The good part)  A friend of mine wanted a computer for her son but she is somewhat strapped and cannot afford to just go buy one.  Lot's of people tried to sell her junk for a couple of hundred dollars.  My son offered to put a machine together for her and to keep the price to $100.00.  He did it, with lots of spare parts he had and some donations from other people.  She's going to get a P4 with a gig and a half of ram,a somewhat small hard drive (but adequate),  CD and DVD drives.  Not the best machine out there but damned decent for a hundred dollars.  We worked hard to make this happen for her and we're going to set her up tomorrow.

(Now comes the lousy part)  She still needed a keyboard and mouse.  We have them for her but to be honest they're horrible.  So I suggested she call Second Source (a used computer parts store) in Newark DE to see if they had any used keyboards/mouse (mice, mouses, meeces?) for sale.  I've picked up a few things there and found them reasonable.  She called me this morning to tell me she had called and was going to go pick them up.  Luckily she asked me if I thought the price as OK.

Those sorry SOB's wanted $25.00 for a used mouse and keyboard.  EACH!  Fifty freaking dollars for a used mouse and keyboard.

My response was something along the line of "No, no, no, just no, unless the thing is gold freaking plated, no." 

I felt awful for even telling her to look there.  All I can guess is that they knew she didn't have a clue about what she was doing and decided they were going to get some cash out of her.  I'm just glad she called me first.  I won't ever recommend them to anyone, ever again nor will I be buying anything for myself there.
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I just ordered a Ravenclaw House Tie from The London Market. When I went to my order page, before hitting "confirm", it said that my order subtotal was $24.99, and shipping was $6.95. Fine. I wanted to make sure I had it before Friday next, as I work at a bookstore and I want my costume to be complete while I'm working, so I clicked on "2 Day UPS" to see how much more it was. The shipping cost changed to $11.10. I decided $4 extra was worth it, so I kept that shipping option and clicked confirm. It then took me to a confirmation page where it suddenly said order subtotal- $24.95, shipping $19.10. What. The. Fuck. I sent them an email immediately in response to my confirmation. If I had known it was going to nearly triple the shipping cost, I'd have taken my chances with the regular shipping!

ETA: Ok, I overreacted, but $8 is not a small amount to a shop worker like me. And I'm sill annoyed.