July 12th, 2007

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This is mild, but it irked me enough to feel the need to post.

Citizen's Voice has been running a special lately. How do I know this? Because they've called the house at least 5 times in the past three weeks (those are just the times I talked to them. They may have called more). The first time they called, they ended up calling back later that day. No problem, it was a different representative, they probably didn't know. Last time they called, I said I wasn't interested and they asked me why. I didn't really expect that, so I kind of mumbled out something about not reading newspapers and made my family sound pretty stupid. We didn't get a call for a week, and I thought that they had given up.

Today a woman calls again from them. I wait until she lets me get a word in edgewise, and say we're not interested. Her response? "Well how do you know that, ma'am?" She said it in a very condescending way, as if I wouldn't know that I don't want her freaking paper until I subscribe to it. I told her that I KNOW we're not interested, and that we don't subscribe to any newspapers. Furthermore, her company has called 5 times in the past 3 weeks, and that I wanted them to take our number off their list. She simply replied, "Okay ma'am thank you have a good day." I'm almost positive that she's not going to take us off the list, and the next person who calls isn't going to get the politeness that I've been giving; I'm simply going to interrupt their spiel and tell them I've requested them not to call once before and that they'd better take me seriously this time.

It's really mild, but seriously. Don't act as if your potential customers have no idea what they do or don't want, and then don't just give your salutations and hang up when they say not to call them anymore. I have a lot more respect and politeness towards any telemarketers than anyone else in my family, but I'm beginning to see why everyone else just hangs up when they say where they're from.
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Someone's BAD SERVICE bus post made me share what happened this morning.

I was on the bus to work from my shrink and it was about 8.50-9.00am. Now road in London, hell England can be notoriously full of twists and turns.

Anyroad we were in a small road (which allow parking on BOTH sides of the street?!) and the bus stopped. Apparently he didn't think there was enough space to go past, which whilst I don't drive looked enough as the bus wasn't a big double decker affair.) and suddenly this guy comes on, the driver opened the door thinking he was a would be paasenger, and started shouting the odds. F this S that, I'll thump you if you don't move, I don't have time for this bs etc. and stomred off. He then told the man he wasn't moving and was waiting for the police, cue groans from the whole bus and more people started coming out of their cars to complain.

Did I mention he had blocked off the ENTIRE road, BOTH WAYS! Yep nobody would go past either way and he was adament he wasn't moving so there we stayed, until one of the bus patrons mentioned how if he carried on blocking the road like this he'd probably get the sack dead grandmother or nay! to which he started up the bus and moved.

'Course for the rest of the journet he put on sodding LOUD gansta hip-hop to show us he wasn't gonna take nobody's crap. That journey was pleasant(!)
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hai guyz ^_^

Haha.. small suck, nothing life threatening. I know I'm probably being petty, but she really grind-ed my gears lol.

Dear New Bus Driver,
Every Mon-Fri I get the morning bus and ask for the same thing: "Two-Hour concession ticket". I have been doing this for, maybe 6 months? So that's what.. 120+ times I have asked for a "Two-Hour concession ticket".
I don't think it was very professional of you to argue with me that I said "Daily" instead of "Two-Hour", then insist I pay the difference. If I stuffed up, I would have given you the difference. Hey, even if you'd been polite instead of so aggressive, I would have given you the difference. Whatever, its only change.
Did it ever occur to you, that since you hear so many different requests from people, that maybe you got confused? You're new! It's forgivable. I ask for the same thing every single say. Without fail. I know what I said. You got it wrong, not me.
It also sorta sucked that you got the bus moving again riiight as I was about to turn into one of the seats, causing me to take a bit of a tumble, then missing my stop when I wanted to get off. I'm not sure if that was just because you are new to the line though, so you are forgiven for that.
I don't think bus driving is for you, lady. 
No love,

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I'm pretty damn easy going when it comes to service, I've worked in customer service alot and I know how difficult it can be.

That being said.

Yesterday my partner and I went cross-country skiing, which we are doing a lot of this season. Lunch-time came and we were both starving and muesli bars just wouldn't cut it. We decided that of the two food outlets in the resort, the take-away one would be a better bet at getting some chips quickly. So I went and lined up.

The line was pretty long, but there were three people behind the counter so I figured it wouldn't take that long. Something was going wrong with the register and one of the girls was fiddling with it and looking confused while the other two servers half-heartedly took orders and stood around watching what she was doing. She got on the phone to someone, they all stood around some more. Minutes ticked by. Nothing - not even an announcement to what the hold up was. Eventually another man came by and went into the kiosk and helped them out. They fiddled with the receipt roll. The other boy in the kiosk started sloooowly taking orders and taking money and getting change out of the till whilst the others stood around discussing the nature of the receipt roll. Finally they seemed to fix it and the man left, telling us all on the way out that they would be with us as soon as possible.

About half an hour had passed by this point.

So they started working. The girl taking orders never smiled, never apologised for the wait, and none of them even made an attempt to even look like they were hurrying. The line inched forward. By the time I'd gotten to the head of the queue I'd noticed that the girl serving food was chewing. I had my order taken and stood waiting for my two buckets of chips. A lady complained that they were filling the orders out of turn. Instead of an apology or reassurance she got pretty much yelled at that they were doing the best they could. Another woman came back asking if she could get a hot pie to replace the cold one she had been given. No apology, no anything, just a surly grabbing of the pie and a new one handed over.

All in all it took about an hour out of my day to get two buckets of chips. I understand they were under pressure, but I have never seen such surly, lazy, incompetent servers in my life.

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I was at the gym the other day without my boyfriend. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to all the machinery in there. I walk in and plan on just going on the treadmill for a bit. So only one is left, and I put in all my settings and start it up. I start it off at 2mph, but as much as I press the increase speed button, it will not go any faster. I end up turning off the machine, setting my max speed to 7mph, and trying again. This time it shoots immediately to 7mph, so I stop it, try again, try to decrease the speed but it doesn't work, so I attempt to go with it, but after a few minutes with no warm up I'm feeling it's not going well. So I turn it off and walk up to the front desk to ask for help.

First the lady tells me that she doesn't know how to work it so to get another one. I reply that there are none available. She says she can't do anything about it, so I ask if she can ask another worker for help. She says no, she can't, and if I need help I have to find a worker myself. Then at this point she looks up at me and says "You look completely exhausted! Are you okay?" And I reply that the machine is not working, as I said before, and that it immediately went to the max speed and would not slow down. She tells me to grab a water from the cooler to drink. I do, and thank her, and then she says "That'll come out to $1.39." ARE YOU SERIOUS? She refused to help me then instructed me to have a drink, and now suddenly when I'm done drinking it, she tries charging me for it? I do give her the money, but then after that I immediately leave.

Seriously, I really want to switch gyms now. I can't believe how incompetent their workers are.


Now I know why people are so hot on insurance reform.

You see, my mother had heart surgery last year. The exact cause of the problem was congenital pulmonic stenosis that for some reason suddenly worsened last year and had to be surgically corrected.

Afterward, since open-heart surgery takes a hell of a toll on a healthy body, she tried to sign up for cardiac rehab at the local hospital.

No dice. Insurance will only pay for it if it's post-heart-attack surgery and rehab. So she had to just muddle along at home on her own.

Now she has some plantar fasciitis happening. She went to her GP... who referred her to a podiatrist... who recommended ice, anti-inflammatories, and custom shoe inserts. She tried submitting the bill for the inserts to the insurance company.

No dice. The insurance will only pay for it if she's diabetic.

Because of course diabetics are the only ones who ever have foot problems, and heart attacks are the ONLY reason you would ever have open-heart surgery.

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