July 11th, 2007

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What is it about me that screams 'INFERIOR BEING' whenever I walk into a department store? I work hard for the money I want to spend in your store - please don't treat me like I'm not worthy of stepping foot in the place.

...In case you can't tell, I've had some nasty experiences with a particular department store in Aus. No matter what city I'm in, or which store I go to, I still manage to walk out with my feeling of self-worth halved.

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Damn you, Urban Outfitters!

Probably a small stupid, but I hate being lied to.

When I was in SoHo a few weeks ago, I went to the big Urban Outfitters there since I dig that store and there aren't any in New Jersey. I found a fantastic piece of wall art I loved, but was much too big to carry around with me for the whole day. I figured I'd call their store or search the website and see if I can get it shipped to me.

The piece of wall art wasn't on the website so I write their customer service center and ask if it was store-only and if stores could ship to home addresses. I describe the piece in great detail. I get a short e-mail back saying the piece had been discontinued and wasn't avaliable anywhere for sale. I was shocked, since I had seen it just two days prior in a store. I e-mail back, asking if they're mistaken since I had just seen it. I never get another reply.

Worried, I call the store in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania since it's a little closer to me. I get an awesomely polite guy in the housewares department that says he knows exactly which piece of wall art I mean, they have it in stock and that they do shipping from the stores to home addresses! Rock on! I'm glad but annoyed that the person I e-mailed was either lying or very mistaken. I tell him I'll call back tomorrow to order it and could he put it on hold for me? He cheerfully says sure, takes my name and wishes me a "fantastic day!".

I call again yesterday to the exact same store, all ready with my credit card out, and ask for housewares. The guy who answers the phone says he can help me. This is basically how it went:

Me: Hi! I called yesterday about a piece of wall art?
Him: Okay, what piece?
Me: It's by Life in the 21st Century, called the Tea Party? It's blue with flur de lis and music notes on it?
Him: Oh. Yeah, we haven't gotten that in yet.
Me: ... what?
Him: We don't have any yet.
Me: I just called yesterday and was told you had a bunch of them.
Him: We haven't gotten them in yet.
Me: I put one on hold, under the name "Meghan"?
Him: Listen, we don't have any.
Me: Can you just go check? I called yesterday.
Him: We haven't gotten any! I heard the Urban Outfitters in Philly has them, but we don't.
Me: I'm sorry, but are you sure? I mean, I called yesterday and everything. I was going to get it shipped to my house...
Him: We don't do that.
Me: What? I was told you can ship things to home addresses.
Him: We don't do that.
Me: ...oh. Um. Right. Thanks.
Him: ::hangs up::

By this point, I'm really annoyed and partly worried. I really wanted that piece of wall art and it made no sense that I had been told one guy had it in his hands, yet the other guy said they hadn't even recieved them yet (though, if they hadn't recieved them, how did he know which one I meant?). Then he told me they didn't do shipping, after the other guy told me they did? I was really confused and pissed off. The guy had used a holier-than-thou tone and was very snippy in his answers.

I quickly call the Urban Outfitters in Philly and, surprise, they can help me! They know exactly what piece of wall art I mean, they have three in stock and YES, they can ship it to me! I give them my address and credit card number, authorize the shipping charge and they tell me I'll have it in a week. They were polite, helpful and cheerful. They even called me back a half hour later to confirm my address since the FedEx guy was there, and to thank me for my order.

Seriously, what the hell, Urban Outfitters. No love to the idiot e-mail person who told me it was unavaliable and to the guy in King of Prussia who completely and blatently lied to me!
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