July 9th, 2007


Sexist Charter Communications Reps

Ok so I have noticed that this is a recurring problem and this time was the epitome of the worst.

Here's the story:

Every once and awhile (3x times in the past year) our digital cable tv gets this specific error and "advanced services" won't work. Basically the cable isn't working right. Sometimes it's 1 tv, sometimes both, but they've never had to send a tech to fix it.

So it happened the other day and my mom hates calling and dealing with CS (customer service) reps so she had me call. The 1st time I got a guy (we'll call him rep A) and he only mildly treated me like a stupid woman, claimed he reset it and it would be fixed in about 15 mins. Well it wasn't.

So I called back and talked to rep B. Rep B was the most sexist asshole I have had the displeasure of speaking with. Right from the get go he treated me like a stupid woman who must've broken her cable. I told him the other guy reset the cable box and it didn't work and then told him what my mom reminded me that fixed it every time-interrupting the service briefly and then turning it back on. He completely ignored what I said and said he'd need to send a tech and the soonest one could come out was Monday (this was Friday when I called.) When I said that I knew for a fact that a tech didn't need to come out to fix it and that it could be fixed by a CS rep he asked me such ridiculous questions like: have you checked the batteries in the remote, are the cables screwed on tight, is the tv on, etc. He basically treated me like a complete idiot so I asked for someone else who could actually help me. He told me that there wasn't anyone else so I asked for a supervisor. He told me that there wasn't one on duty. I said bullshit, give me your fucking supervisor. He then proceeded to tell me to hold on and he'd see if he could "find" them. He came back on the line a minute later claiming he "couldn't see them." I told him bullshit, called him a lying sexist asshole and hung up.

Called back 5 mins later. Got a female rep this time. (We'll call her Rep C) Rep C was very helpful, understanding, listened to my problem and fixed it exactly like I told her it could be fixed. I also had her file a complaint against the previous reps. She said they'd had probs with Rep B before. In less than 10 mins my cable was fixed and I was happily off the phone.

Before anyone thinks that this was an isolated incident with just one big asshole male CS rep, it wasn't. This type of shit literally happens to some degree everytime myself or my mom calls Charter Communications and gets a male CS rep. They always treat us like we're stupid women who can't possibly know anything about electronics. I'm seriously considering writing a letter to corporate and suggesting sensitivity training for their male CS reps, but chances are the person who gets my letter would be male and just think I'm overreacting, overgeneralizing or being too sensitive.

EDIT: Since I was thinking it in my head as I typed this and I am generally inept at conveying this online anyways, I forgot to note that the tone of both Rep A and Rep B was rude, condescending and patronizing from the start of the conversation. I was treated like I didn't have a brain. Also, during the parts of the conversation in which Rep B claimed there was no else I could speak to nor any supervisor, he actually laughed at me and acted like I was being ridiculous for asking for someone who actually wanted to help me.
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I never thought I'd have a story I thought worth telling here.

My husband and I were in Sears a few weeks ago, returning something for my Mom. While making our way to the appropriate department, he found a lingere chest that he thought I might like, and that happened to be on sale. We were on vacation many miles away from home at the time, and so I said that I'd think about it and we'd purchase it when we got back if I decided that I wanted it.

We return from vacation and I decide that in fact I do want it, and so he heads to the store to buy it. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit in his car, so he decides to return the following day in my car which is a bit larger, in hopes that it will fit. Still no luck, though, and so he arranges for the item to be delivered. They tell him the item will be delivered on Monday, and he passes the information along to me, and lets me know that they'll call either his office or the house before they deliver it. It's nearly 4 in the afternoon and I've heard nothing about the delivery arrangements, so I call the 800 number provided on the reciept. The very pleasant woman on the other end of the phone tells me to call the store, and provides the number.

I call the store, and I'm misdirected several times to departments where they have no idea what I'm talking about, or to extentions where the phone rings and rings and bounces me back into the voice prompt system and so on. This goes on for about 20 minutes, when I finally get the the appropriate department. The man I speak to tells me it was supposed to be delivered the on the eighth. This doesn't make sense because the eighth is a Sunday when there are no delivereies, and it was yesterday. I point this out, and get an answer of "maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday, I don't know." I ask how I'm supposed to know when the item is coming and get an answer along the lines of "I don't know when it will come, Tuesday or Wednesday or something." I'm certainly frustrated at this point, between no one knowing how to direct my call, no one able to tell me anything about my delivery and several calls to the store that ended up directed to no where, and so, I ask to speak with a store manager. The man on the phone doesn't seem to know how to direct my call, sets the phone down, speaks with a colleague, to whom he says "the bitch on the phone wants a manager" along with asking his colleague how to get me to a manager. I'm in shock, the colleague picks up the phone, explains that they don't know how to direct the call, I thank them, and say that I'll call back and speak to the operator.

One would hope the bad service ends there, but it doesn't exactly. I spend another 20 minutes trying to get in touch with a store manager, again being misdirected, and directed to numbers that ring and go nowhere until they bounce me back to the voice prompts. I finally hang up, give up for a while, call my husband who asks if I want him to go over to the store (he's much closer to there than I am at the moment) and I explain that I'll see if I can resolve it over the phone first. I finally get a store manager on the phone who inturrupts each stage of my story with an answer for everything, until I finally get to the last part. She's shocked, and I'm waiting for a call back from her.

When I'm calmed down, I expect that I'll send a letter on to the corporate offices. Right now, I'm seething a bit too much to write a coherent, firm, and polite letter.

Very minor vet stuff...

Dear Veterinary Assistants,

I am not going to post your offices name here because, really, I am very glad to find you. You see, the vet I used to take my animals to retired last year and the people who bought their business drove the prices through the roof. So, after talking to a family member whose cat you helped and then bringing one of my cats in to be fixed, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you were a professional place with decent prices.

I have only one little, tiny beef: When I ask you for an estimate before getting a second cat groomed, why the heck do you act like I'm asking you to clean the floor in front of me with your toothbrush? Especially since, when you neutered he first cat, I noticed you added a thing or two that I don't remember us talking about before his surgery? Nothing big, of course, but I kind of like a heads up. Don't you have other clients who would like to know how much things are going to cost before they OK them or am I seriously the only one? Of course I am going to do it anyway, as it is a procedure that needs done. But you don't need to sigh, roll your eyes at me and look between your coworker as if I'm being unreasonable.


Minor wtf service

This past weekend I went with some friends to the beach where we stopped by a souvenir shop to look around. I found the cutest piggy bank with my name on it. My name is MacKenzie and this is the first time I've ever seen anything personalized with my name. I took it up to the counter to pay for it and this is what happened:

Me: This is the first time I've ever seen anything personalized with my name!
Cashier: Well, it is a weird name.

Ooookay. I'm used to people thinking that my first name is my last name and I know it's not as common as other names--I get it, but for him to actually say that aloud is another thing. I wasn't really offended and didn't say anything to that effect, but his comment definitely caught me off guard.

Really minor, but I'm annoyed about it right now so I'm posting.

I always order my to-go sodas without ice.  There's actually a really good reason for it.  When I am at work it's not unusual for it to take me 4 hours to drink a normal sized drink.  If there is ice it will melt and make the soda all icky and then I'll have to throw it out and buy another one and it's a big waste.


Okay, sorry about that.  Please resume with the real bad_service.
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