July 8th, 2007


mobile phone upgrade gone awry...

So, I have this mobile phone (cell phone, I think that it's otherwise called, or cell) on my parents' account. We've kept it this way because we get benefits from having the both phones on the one account, since mostly we just call each other. However, it means that my parents have to come with me when I need to upgrade.

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Summary: The initial clerk upgraded the wrong sim card but the correct number, initiating a game of musical cells.

Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical on 10th Street in Deerfield Beach, FL.

My husband and I made a small order - about $7. The cashier repeated the wrong order to us, but I thought she was talking into the mike for the drive-through menu since she didn't make eye contact or wait for us to confirm the order. My husband thought, correctly, that she was repeating our order, so he said "No," but I told him that she was talking into the mike, so he handed over my credit card - we never actually said "yes, that's correct" or anything like that because we didn't think she was talking to us.

When I got the receipt, for $20, I realized she was talking to us and told her the order was wrong. Ok, a miscommunication. It happens - no biggie. However, she was combative from the start and leaned over the window and said to my husband, "Did you or did you not say 'yes' when I asked you if this is your order?" My husband started to explain what happened, but she interrupted and continued to argue with us, raise her voice at us. Finally, she got her manager to void the order and proceeded to yell and insult us, telling the manager that we're crazy, we said yes to the order, we're lying, we're idiots, etc. My husband yelled, "I'm not going to argue with you people anymore. Put the money back on my wife's credit card so we can get the hell out of here." In about 30 seconds after that the manager voided the transaction and apologized, which was nice, but didn't make up for the screaming harpy on the register.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours in Panama City Beach, FL

So, my husband and I decided to take a day trip to Panama City Beach. We thought it would be nice to take a boat tour over to Shell Island, one of the local preserves, so we called Glass Bottom Boats to see if they're taking reservations.

Call 1:
Girl picks up the phone.
(Laughing in the background)

Yeah. So, we got get some food and call back 30 minutes later.

Call 2:
"Hi, are you still taking reservations for tours today?"
"Not that busy---hahahaha, girl you so crazy----don't need them."
"Do you happen to know how to get there from north-"
"It ain't my job to give you directions!"
"I was just asking-"
"Whatever. Bye!"

Charming girl.
elephant bounce

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To see my GP, I have to book an appointment, never less then a week away, and book at least a half day off from work, only to be seen anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours from the appointment time. So for more, short term illnesses, I just hop over to a close walk-in clinic.
A recent visit to the walk-in clinic reminded me of past sucks and why I hate to go to them.

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The future contains 30000 calls to Customer Services

On Friday, I finally caved in after 4 blissfully mobile-free (cell-phone free for those who don't speak Brit) and bought a Motorola phone and Orange SIM card. There then ensued some of the most mind-numbingly crap service I have ever received. Thus the letter I sent to their carefully concealed complaints department...

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Any tips on how to improve complaints letters will be gratefully received. I don't often send them, and apart from a: spellcheck and b: don't swear, am pretty clueless.

Doctor sucks

My long time GP abruptly closed her practice about two years ago. There's quite a shortage of GPs in my area so I didn't get a new one. A few months later I found a lump in my breast and after some procrastinating went to the nearby clinic to get it looked at. 

Each time I had to come back for test results, I saw a different doctor. This was annoying but not their fault. The first suckiness came when I saw the last clinic doctor for the biopsy results. He informed me, rather coldly that it was a "low grade tumor." No further information. Um yea thanks. 

Anyway, off I went to the surgeon who said it was a phyllodes tumor and had surgery a week later. The pathology came back as good as expected really and I more or less went on my way.

I have since discovered however that I should really have gotten a copy of the path report because these tumors are rare and there's a lot of information to think about. Most importantly, the mitotic count, and surgical margins are an important indicator of recurrence risk and prognosis so I'd like to know that. The surgeon probably should have provided this information but they are really rare so she probably didn't know.

However, now they won't release my file to me. They'll only release it to a doctor, which I still don't have. What I'd like to know is, does anyone know what the patients' rights are in Canada as far as medical records? Am I entitled to demand a copy?

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Victoria's Secrets: Unleashed!

Hi I'm new to the community and just wanted to share what I feel is my worst customer service experience to date. It's from a couple years ago, but I still wanted to share.

So a couple friends and I walked into Victoria's Secret in the Melbourne Square Mall (in Florida) and we were just being silly, just browsing really. Neither of us could afford anything from there. Plus, we prefer Frederick's anyway.

So a saleswoman comes up to us and greets us. This is VERBATIM how the incident happened:

Saleswoman: Hi, how are y'all doing today? Is there anything I can help you find?
Us: No, we're just looking around.
Saleswoman: Oh, okay, well we do have over 20 cameras in the store.
Us: *stare blankly*

I kid you not, that is EXACTLY how that went down. We were STUNNED! All I can assume is that we did not match the 'classy sophisticated type' as we were all teenagers and two of us [including me] were male.

I've never once gone back into the store since and have constantly complained to anyone who would listen about the poor treatment we received that day, and not to mention the humiliation we felt as we left. It made us feel trashy and unwelcome, to say the least.

let me try this again..

my local Publix usually has some amazing service, so I was a bit taken back at the rude cashier I encountered today.

I went to Publix today to pick up some crackers & ice cream. I'm on a budget, so I looked for sales. luckily they had club crackers on sale, buy one get one free. Breyer's ice cream was 2 half gallons for $6.

I got in line.. the cashier began to ring up my stuff, and then said in a very Daria-like monotone voice "how are you". I can't complain though because at least she did say it (unlike the dollar store clerk I encountered the other day). she rang up my items, and I got confused for a second and said "aren't the Breyers 2 for 1?".. I got them mixed up with the sale on the crackers.

all of a sudden she snaps at me. literally.. she rolled her eyes at me and said "UH, NO. it's 2 for $6".

you just should have heard the way she said it. I said "oh, yeah, I'm sorry".. she then tosses my ice cream into a bag. again.. if you would have seen it. she dented the carton. she thrusts my receipt at me, rolls her eyes again, and says "have a good day".

it's not a huge deal, but woah.. if you have a bad day, don't take it out on me. I just thought that was uncalled for.

ps: I know that this is not omgztheworstserviceever.. and I deleted my post originally because obviously some people thought I was being petty. however, let me note that not only did she have a VERY rude tone, she TOSSED my ice cream in the bag and rolled her eyes at me twice. I'd say that's a little more than the every day mediocre bland "omg I hate my job" tempered employee.

get off the phone

This entire weekend has been pretty annoying.

Today, I went in to Checker (auto parts) to buy a new bulb for my truck's headlight. I decided to go to the one by my parents house, since I was going to be stuck there all day anyway.

I get there, grab the bulb, and hope to get the older of the two cashiers. Nope. The younger guy waves me over, and looks friendly.

He's on the (work) phone though. He doesn't say anything to me, until I ask him if they do installations. His response? "HaHa. This is an auto parts store, where the hell do you think you are?" and something about how my boyfriend looks like he could do it. He can, but has been having back problems lately.

(Edited to add, not only have I had things installed there, I've had employees offer to do installation for me. It's not like I was asking for them to install spinner rims or a stereo system)

And then he continues talking to his phone buddy. I assume it's his baby's mom based on the comments about her attitude and how she needs to fix it.

Anyway, he was a dick, so I filed a complaint online. I would have asked to talk to his manager, but he was alone there with the older guy, who was helping some people on the computer, and had a massive line waiting for his service.

(and in the end, my headlight wasn't out anyway, just loose.)

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