July 6th, 2007

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Would you like some water with that Poison?

A few months ago I went out to eat with my friends at a local Cracker Barrel.  We were seated and started to look over our menus, everything going normally.  The waiter came over to our table and he was admittedly a little...off from the start.  But we're nerds and used to strange people so honestly it didn't phase us.  We chatted with him a bit and he took our drink orders.

It was when he came BACK with our drinks that the bad service began.  The waiter set the drinks down and chuckled, "So, I poisoned one of these, it's your job to figure out which one." 

He got called to another table right after he put the drinks down so we didn't get a chance to respond and the three of us just sat there at the table staring at each other and eying the drinks suspiciously.  We figured that he MUST be joking but none of us was brave enough to test it, especially given his already strange demeanor.

When the waiter came back over and noticed none of us had drank any of our waters he cocked his head and smirked, "I was only kidding." He then leaned closer and said, "I poisoned all THREE."  He then proceeded to try to take our orders but the three of us were so shocked we asked him to give us a minute.

Our conversation then turned to us trying to decide what to do.  We were nearly sure he was joking but we were no longer comfortable with him touching our food or drinks.  None of us wanted to get him in trouble but we also didn't want to pay for food we wouldn't eat!

When he returned I spoke up and asked for the manager.  The waiter laughed and said, "We don't have a manager." 

It was then that my politeness went away and I replied, "We seriously want a supervisor, don't try to be cute about it."

When the manager came out to our table we explained the situation and he rolled his eyes, muttering, "Not again."  Apparently the waiter had caused similar problems in the past. 

We had stellar service after we got the new waitress and, of course, got new drinks.  I really felt bad for the waiter but...there are just certain things you CAN'T joke about in the food service industry. Not to mention refusing to let us talk to a supervisor? Not. Cool.
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I've put off posting about this here, but today, when they still haven't responded to any complaints we've made...it's time to post here and rant a bit.

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We think it's solved, then, and leave, thinking that all in all it wasn't a bad dinner.

That was until the following Monday...

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Unfortunately, this wasn't the case.

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I've been trying to get her to file a police report, but she has disputed the charges and cancelled the card, at least.

Just. Ugh.

If you're ever looking for a place to eat, don't give BJ's your money. They apparently have no regard for customer service and haven't responded to either of the letters I've sent to corporate or the BBB complaint filed 6/19/07.

At this point, all I want is an apology for my friend being treated as a thief for Cienna's mistake. They won't even give us that. *sigh*

ETA: She refuses to file a police report. Okay, fine. I can't do anything about it, but hey! She'll let that waitress hit someone else for more money than she got this time! *headdesk*
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The post about David's Bridal reminded me of this. I meant to post it after it happened, but I've been pretty busy..

Sorry this is so long...I will put little summaries in bold outside of the cut!

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To summarize so far!
-Ordered my dress in January
-Tried it on...No way it was the size that I ordered.
-Staff insisted that I had gained weight, and that the dress was the correct size.

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Summarize part two!
-Picked out new dress
-Was told to pick up dress on Tuesday, seamstress blew us off
-Came to pick up dress on Wednesday, seamstress told us she was too busy with a fashion show
-Finally got dress three days before the wedding
-Got charged for alterations AND cleaning, although the dress was never cleaned...

I suppose it was my fault was staying with Ethos Bridal after "part one", but I was just very impressed by the customer service shown to me by the owner...As well, it was fairly late in the game to start new..

I am never going to recommend Ethos Bridal to anyone, and I would suggest that anyone in the Edmonton area stay away from that store..

Pretty dresses, but awful service!

...And, for anyone that's interested, there's a photo of the dress under the cut.

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Boomspeed and the Timeline of DOOM

A few years ago (at least around 2003), I signed up with a then-free file hosting site called Boomspeed, which offered a whopping 1MB storage space for no cost. I'm a music nerd and I had composed a few MIDIs I was proud of. So I posted them there, linked to them on message boards, had my ego stroked ("whoa, that's really cool!" etc. etc.), and it was all fine.

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EDIT: I've added on here that you don't get any proof of cancellation requests you've submitted.
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dollar general & the bank

2 stories..

the first is worst than the 2nd.

I've had my current bank account for almost 2 years. I have never went in the negative or over drawn cash or anything like that. the past two weeks have been pretty rough, and I cut it close. I keep a close watch on my bank account via online banking, which they pimped out to me so hard when I was opening the account. the website tells me I have an AVAILABLE balance of x amount of dollars. nothing pending, nothing waiting. the way the site is supposed to work.. it shows you two columns. one tells you how much you truly still have; one shows you what you can use.

for example:
let's say I have exactly $30.00 in the bank. I spend $10 of it via credit. I check my acct, the total balance will still say $30 because the $10 hasn't actually been taken out yet, but my available balance will show $20.

I buy medicine, get low in my acct, and check it. I've still got a few dollars in the account..

fast forward to day. pay day. I notice that the bank has charged me a fee of $38 for being in the negative. keep in mind that I hadn't touched my card at all since I bought medicine.

I called the bank and I wasn't rude or nasty at all. I just wanted to understand how this all works. I didn't even ask for the fee to be returned. the teller was rude.. had a condescending tone.. acted like I was stupid for not keeping a hand written list of everything I spend. she proceeds to tell me that the site is not always accurate, and that I should write down everything I spend into a checkbook, etc. I'm sorry, but if I have to do that - what the hell is the point of ONLINE BANKING?

long story short.. I complained about her attitude, and got the fee back. no harm done. but it just seemed so shady for my bank to do that. :shrugs: idk.

& this is just annoying service..

I stopped by a local dollar store today ('dollar general') to buy some candy for work. I went up the counter and the one cashier wasn't there. he was at another register, talking on the phone. he finally noticed me, walked over, and made absolutely no eye contact with me.. didn't say hello.. nothing. he rang up my stuff, I swiped my card. he put my stuff in 2 bags; one with most of the candy, one with a box of capri sun drinks. he made sure to put my mints and such with the capri suns and now most of them are crushed. he left the bags on his side of the turn table. I walked over to get them and I said "Thank you".. still nothing! is it so hard to say "you're welcome" or SOMETHING? he then proceeds to hand me my reciept, torn in 2 parts. apparently the machine got jammed. he made no attempt to reprint me a legible reciept, which is very easy to do. he tossed the torn up reciept to me, plopped down in a chair, and started to read a magazine. I said "have a nice day".. nothing. gee, thanks.

ps: I apologize for any typos or grammar errors, I'm very tired.

Verizon's IOBI

Long story short.

Ordered IObi on June 30, date it was scheduled to be turned on: July 2
July 2nd came and went and no IObi. Waited until July 5th to call them. Told the email got "stuck" so the tech would "push it through" and should have it on the next day (July 6).
Here it is 11:06 PM on July 6 and no IObi. I called at 5 PM and was of course put on hold before getting disconnected. By the time I got through to a live person it was 6:06 PM (according to the clock). The IObi portion closes at 6 PM and the tech I spoke with said no one would be in until Monday.
NEW date for IObi to be turned on... July 12. AND I'm already charged for the first month! Yea, I'm canceling on Monday.

Edit to add: www.verizon.com/iobi

Verizon iobi is a breakthrough service that gives you simple, seamless
access to and control of your communications from any location.
It connects multiple devices, such as your PC, laptop, and phone, so that
you can do all this from one place:
  • Access Caller ID and Voice Mail
  • Route incoming calls to Voice Mail or another number in real time
  • Schedule Call Forwarding in advance
  • Send Email and Text Messages
  • View and update an Address Book and Calendar
  • And more
And that's just the beginning.
If you're an iobi customer, or want more information about our current
products, select one of the links below.

Basically, it's a program I download to my computer where I set it up on my side to check my voice mail, block callers (obtained due to ER Solutions who keep calling for that other woman), etc, etc. I don't know WHY it's going to take until July 12th to set up since it's not like I need a tech to come out to my house to install anything.