July 4th, 2007

epic shit

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Update on this story.

So I actually did get an email back from the lady, saying that she was moving all morning and surprised we didn't see the trucks. She said the truck was there at 6 am and they were moving all morning and there were other people who came and got stuff who just walked into the building at 7 am and found her place, blah blah blah.

When I was on that street, it was dead. I saw a couple cars and a few people walking by. There wasn't any open door, there weren't any moving vans. There wasn't anyone else in front of her building, that's for sure. I checked the address, I google mapped it, I was in front of the building that said 'Kingston Manor' and the street and apartment number were the same. So unless she gave me the wrong street address, wrong apartment number and got the name of the apartment complex wrong, I can't see how this works. She also never explained why when I called her to come let me in hung up (that's what it seemed like anyways) and then turned off her phone for a couple hours. And then when I did get a hold of her, she sounded exactly like someone does when they've been woken up rudely by a phone ringing.

I really want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I just get the feeling she's lying. About what I have no idea, since I have no idea why you would lie about whether or not you were moving. She told me she gave the tv and stand to someone in the apartment building, but it's not like it took all day to get a hold of her. I called her about 9 am, so that's just two hours after I was suppose to be there.

I have no fucking clue what was going on, but she just seems like she crazy.

ETA: She also was pissed at me for emailing her through her work email. WTF? That's the one you gave to me. How was I suppose to know that was your work email. You work at the university and the students get the exact same email ending as you have. Seriously.