July 3rd, 2007

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Judgmental bitchiness at Albertson's.

I don't got through the regular cashlines anymore unless I really need cash back; I use the Self-Check kiosks (which is more fun for me anyway).

A couple of weeks ago we shopped at Albertson's and were browsing the Häagen-Dazs when I see a new Reserve Flavor (new to our store, at least), Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle. After reading the ingredients I'm thinking that this sounds great and very Thai-leaning (I'm Thai and have grown up living Thai food/the distinct taste of Thai...ginger and lemongrass, toasted coconut, sticky rice with mango...mmm....) so I excitedly picked up a pint (I also suggest Häagen-Dazs's other Reserve flavor, Hawaiian Lehua Honey & Sweet Cream). I couldn't wait to get home to try it.

At the checkout, the cashier gets to said pint of ice cream and:

Cashier: Toasted...coconut...ssssesame brittle (trailing off)...

...and then all of a sudden makes a face like she just smelled a giant pile of week-old cat shit.

Cashier: Blech.
Me: Um. That flavor sounds pretty good to me.
Cashier: You think so?
Me: That's why I'm buying it. :|

And then she said some other crap, but I wasn't listening. I just wanted to put my card through and get the fuck away from the woman before I shoved my cane up her judgmental ass.

What on earth makes it okay for a grocery cashier to do that? To judge what people are eating/make comments like that? Sure, in a perfect world, perhaps all cashiers would be able to say what's on their mind like, "Hey, thousand pound family of three, perhaps you shouldn't be buying all of those cans of Chef Boyardee and a million bags of Doritos--that shit's bad for you and is making you fat!" or "Don't buy beef, it's CRUEL!" but this isn't that perfect world. But this was a case where I felt like she was behaving like a...I dunno, I almost wrote "picky little bratty kid", but sometimes kids will eat what you give them without question (kids often mimic what adults do [if anyone watches Honey, We're Killing the Kids, you'd see the "YUCK!" mimicry all the time]). Perhaps the descriptior I'm looking for is "close-minded judgmental dumbass". So okay, you don't like coconut? Fine, but don't make a customer feel like I'm making a crap decision by making a fucking puss face/crappy comments.

BTW, said Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle is seriously sumptuous, especially if you love that Thai flavor I mentioned. It would be the perfect dessert (after a great Thai meal) next to some fresh mango chunks.

More bad service from Post Office 89523

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Post Office #89523 is at it again. (This is the same post office that last year decided we had moved and stopping bringing our mail)

My mother-in-law sent me up a bus ticket last night, Express Mail for delivery today. She said I'd have it by noon today. I was home all morning (the cable lady was here, too). Noon came and went and no package, so I got to wondering if maybe the carrier had just delivered the package to the mailbox. I went down to check, and found that he had left a note saying that he had tried to deliver an Express Mail package at 10:15 a.m., but I wasn't home so it would be waiting for me at the post office.

Bullshit. I was home, and definitely would have heard a knock on the door since I was in the computer room, only 15 feet away from the door. Plus, our downstairs neighbor was down on the balcony, and she said that nobody at all had come to the building during the time in question. It appears as though instead of trying to deliver the package, he just put the note in the box figuring nobody would be home. (Notwithstanding the fact that it's a holiday week and a lot of people have time off, or that some people--like me--actually work nights and are home during the day.)

So I go down to the post office and wait in the big lunchtime line. I get up to the counter, and the lady says that there is no package for me. (The same lady, by the way, who was oh-so-helpful in the above-linked incident.) Bullshit again--the note says right here, pick it up at the post office. She said if I wanted to, I could come back Thursday morning and get it then.

"But that's no good," I told her, explaining that I needed the package today, and the idea of Express Mail was to get it delivered the next day. Telling a small fib, I told her there were plane tickets in there for a departure tomorrow, and I needed them today--tomorrow was to late. (It's a bus ticket for Friday, but still . . .)

Her suggestion: "Well, then maybe you could change your flight?"

THE HELL?????????????????? I again explained to her that she didn't understand, and that I needed the package TODAY and that Thursday was too late. She said that she'd leave a note to make sure the carrier leaves it at the post office for me Thursday morning and I can get it then. She still didn't seem to quite get it, so rather than hold up all the innocent people in line anymore, I just said I'd be back at 4:30 p.m., and they WILL find the package by then. Otherwise, they might as well throw it away.

(Really, I don't actually NEED the ticket until Thursday afternoon, but my mom sent it Express to guarantee I'd have it today, not taking chances with probably but not definitely getting it on Thursday.)

And, oh, yeah, the thought occurs to me: Isn't Express Mail delivered on holidays, too? If so, why would they not simply try again tomorrow? That would be acceptable, too.

OK, I'm done venting now. I called my mom and vented to her, explaining that the incident in no way was her fault and that I'm not mad at her at all. She said she knew, and said that the counter clerk's customer service skills definitely need improvement.

==EDIT 2:58 P.M.==
Our regular carrier just brought it up, somewhat sheepishly. I'm guessing he got his ass chewed out because of the unhappy customer (me) and was told to march the package back over here, now.

Nonetheless, that doesn't make up for the fact I should have had the package before noon, nor the snippy clerk at the post office.
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Horrible Bennigan's Experience

Last night, my friend Tim and I went to Bennigan's to get some food before we went to the movie. We arrived at 7:50 and ordered. Forty minutes later, our server stopped by to tell us our orders had not been entered into the computer correctly, and they had been lost. He re-took our orders and went off to put them in. We weren't pissed or anything; it sounded like a simple mistake. And he offered to give us a free dessert. Not that either of us wanted that- how about a free burger?

Twenty minutes later (yes, we were there for over an hour waiting for food) they brought out my veggie burger. Nothing for Tim. We asked the waiter where Tim's burger was, and the waiter said it was probably cooked, but just "lost" in the kitchen. So, we waited maybe another five minutes while Tim and I munched on my fries- by now we were pretty hungry. The waiter didn't come back to tell us what the fuck was going on! Finally, I flagged him down just to ask him where the fuck my friend's FOOD was! He was like, "I don't know. It might have gotten lost in the kitchen." "Well, would you please go check and tell us what's going on?" I asked. "And please come back and tell us when we should expect it". He agreed and disappeared.

He did not come back. 3-4 minutes later, I flagged down his manager to ask him where the burger was. He told us that it hadn't been cooked, and they had just put the order in. That was too much, so Tim and I began to storm out, extremely annoyed. We told the manager that that was ridiculous. And he didn't even bother to offer us gift certificates or anything. After an hour of waiting for 2 burgers. That might have been the worst part of the service, that the manager didn't apologize profusely and try to win us back as customers.

Bennigan's will be getting a letter.

On the bright side, Tim and I went to New York Pizza, right after that. As soon as we ordered, they spatula'd our pieces right out to us- less than a minute for food! That's what I call service.
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Bad Tow Service

And wondering what sort of legal recourse is available.

Back story: We live on a short (less than half of a mile) road that ends in a cul de sac. We live towards the end. A bit ago, the transmission went out on our van while we were leaving for work one day and it rolled down into the cul de sac. (The road is downhill all the way down.) We couldn't get it back up the hill the 20 feet up into our drive way and due to financial difficulties, couldn't pay to have a tow truck tow it back into our yard. One of our neighbors happen to have some friends and offered to tow it for us and we were just waiting for our schedules to mesh.

Well, one of our neighbor's boyfriends (who doesn't live at her house, nor owns property on our street or anything else) just called a wrecker to come take it away. (Note: The van was not blocking anything. Driveway, view or anything else.) This is a separate issue all together.

The wrecker pulled down into the cul de sac, hooked up our van and began to tow it away. Husband catches the van as it's driving away. He gets in his car and follows it up the road to ask them where they are taking it. The old man that is driving the tow truck tells my husband he doesn't need to know. Husband asks if he could just pay them the money to pull it into our driveway. Old man says no. The younger of the two tries to tell my husband where they are taking it, but the old man shuts him up, and drives away.

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Edit to Update

Just got off the phone with the sheriff. It's not a criminal matter because the towing company was called by someone. However, it is a civil matter. The sheriff told us to go file a civil suit against the company because what they did was wrong, and sue them to get the car back and the cost of filing the suit ($40) and we will probably win. But we were assured that we were not in the wrong in this matter, which is what we were most interested in.

BTW, I love you guys. Every single time I've wondered about something, you've always come through. Thank you so much.