June 30th, 2007

Small suck that could've been a big suck

(I live in the UK where health care is free).

A couple of months ago I randomly got something in my eye, and ended up going to the local hospital to get it looked at (it had been irritating me for several hours by this point, and I couldn't get whatever it was out).

For once I didn't have to wait that long, and the guy in the eye ward was nice.
He asked me my name and address - simple enough. Then he asked me for my doctor's name. I explained that I'm a uni student in this city and I very very rarely go to the doctor at home anyway (I've been once in the past five years), so I couldn't be specific as I couldn't remember. He said that it was fine.

He then proceeded to look at my eye with the equipment there and then instructed me where to look etc. as he put something in my eye - didn't even ask me first.

After this he gave me the small tube of eye stuff he'd already applied to my eye (at least three times) and instructed me on how to use it.

I got home and read the information leaflet that came with it...it listed various medications you can't take with it, and also said to avoid during pregnancy or if you're trying to conceive.

Now this guy had absolutely no details of my medical history, what medications I may or may not have been taking, or if I was pregnant or trying to become so. He had my name - a very common one, and my university address which has never been linked to medical records or a doctor. Additionally, he didn't ask me if I was taking anything else, which surely should be standard practice before administering medication to a patient which conflicts with others!! Luckily I wasn't taking anything else at the time or pregnant, but it seems very unprofessional and could have had severe consequences.

Charter sucks.

I just moved. I had Charter at my old apartment. In my attempt to return their equipment, this has happened:

-- they claimed to have canceled my service despite my not being able to do so (which I found out after calling a week later to verify the cancellation of my service)
-- they claimed to have sent a tech who never showed
-- they billed me for $200 which never actually showed up on my 'balance owed' on my account
-- they claimed to have sent me a box via UPS to send my equipment back which also never showed
-- they never, ever, ever updated my address in their account despite having to have been given it multiple times to HAVE someone send this box or technician
-- they billed me for 1.99 ... for the fee I have to pay for using their phone bill pay service, despite having been told at the time of the call my balance was now paid in full

There isn't really a place I can take this equipment to that's convenient for me -- the nearest place is an hour away assuming there's no traffic, and I don't have the money or opportunity to drive around in the city trying to find them. Plus, they've told me TWICE they'd be providing me with a way to return this equipment.

They're supposed to be sending me a box again. I'm going to call back and get them to send a technician, too. One of the two has to show up this time.

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*points to her personal journal*

For those who don't want to look, mom and I had some stuff in a storage unit. I can't say which one because mom's working with a lawyer. Unofficially right now, but as of Monday, it'll be official and I don't want to get blasted for blogging about this. Basically we HAD thousands of dollars of stuff in a storage unit because we didn't have any room for it in our house (and it was stuff we didn't want to/couldn't get rid of), and because of either a leak in the roof or the water main going under the block where our unit is, ALL OF OUR STUFF IS FUCKING RUINED FROM WATER DAMAGE AND MOLD.

And the owner of the place told us that we should have been checking up on our unit every day. It's in our lease agreement that they're supposed to call us if something like this happens so we can move our shit to a new unit or make other arrangements or SOMETHING.

But no. He couldn't be bothered and now mom and I have lost so much stuff. A bunch of our clothes. A lot of fabric. Our photos. Some papers from when gram died and some non-vital (but still important to us) family documents. Everything. Is. Gone.
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Crappy products

Hey all! I've emailed the mods and have permission to tell you about my new community, buyers_beware

Here's the info from the profile page:

Have you ever spent your hard-earned money on a piece of equipment only to find that it doesn't work as advertised? Or did it work for a few months and then developed some problems? This community is for people to post about their experiences, both good and bad, with all kinds of consumer and professional goods. You can also post about your general experience with a particular manufacturer and what you think of their commitment (or lack thereof) to producing quality products.

The aim of this community is to provide both a useful resource for consumers who are planning on buying a particular product, and a place for angry consumers to vent. With more and more companies throwing quality control out the window it's up to us, as consumers, to stick together and learn from each other's experiences. Perhaps, eventually, we may even be able to shame the unscrupulous manufacturers into actually testing their products properly before releasing them into the market. In the meantime, however, it's buyer beware.

I thought seeing as though you all have experience with bad service, you probablt have experience with bad products as well.