June 26th, 2007


A sucky professor... again.

Does suck from college professors count? I do pay them, indirectly. And I definitely recieved abhorent "service" from this "professor". I was telling this story to my co-worker, and she couldn't believe what a prick this guy was, so I'm posting it here because it's been on my mind a lot now.

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Return of the Property Destroyers

First post on this topic

So, I wake up this morning and head out the door to find that a sod truck is blocking our driveway and someone is driving over our grass - our newly grown grass - with a FUCKING FORKLIFT full of sod.

Again, they say, "Oh, we can rake that up." No way. They left 4-inch-deep ruts in our lawn! My husband and I decided that enough was enough, and we called the police.

We just finished speaking with the police, and although no charges are being filed, the sod contractors are supposed to replace our ruined grass. I hope that actually gets done.

I've really had it up to here with contractors in the neighbourhood who don't care about the neighbours!
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Ongoing bad_service rant (bottle return machines)

I mentioned this a bit in a reply to a previous thing, but it deserves its own rant.

Near me (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA), Kroger's is atrocious at this, Busch's is almost never a problem but it happens...

Go into the store with a bunch of bottles/cans and the return machines are all beeping "BIN FULL."

Go do some shopping for 10-45 minutes, depending. The whole time you're in that part of the store be annoyed by the beeping, while watching the occasional employee go past but not do anything about it. Asking one to do something elicits an "I'll find someone who can," but apparently nothing happens.

Go BACK over to the bottle return machines which are far away from the cashiers.

They are all still full. Nothing has been done.

Go up to Customer Service and be asked to wait while they "find someone to empty the machines."

Rant about how you already asked two people to fix it and both said it would be taken care of and it wasn't.

Have a random bagger called over and act annoyed as s/he counts your bottles up.

Probably reason #1 why I only go to Kroger's at Plymouth and Huron Parkway when I can't find something anywhere else. That's my experience 80% of the time there. I'd think the employees that have to work back in that area, if nothing else, would get bothered enough by the beeping to go fix it occasionally.

On the joyous side, it happens at the local Busch's up thataway too, but only once in a blue moon (which was my previous bad_service suck about them). If the machines are full when I get in and I have empties, either the first person I ask fixes it him/herself, or really DOES get someone who can, or it otherwise gets taken care of in the next few minutes if I don't encounter anyone to fix it.

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Linking to my other two posts, just in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

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Quick little suck from my favorite grocery store.

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Why the fuck do they put up with this shit? I mean, seriously! If he's mentally handicapped, I can understand his problems. But put him in a spot where he's not likely to come into contact with customers then. He can work freight without ever coming out of the back room.

(Mom works as a cashier for another grocery store that I did mention by name, but can't in regards to which one she works for because they're fucking paranoid about shit like that. She's the one who told me it's quite possible to work for a grocery store and never really come in contact with customers.)

ETA; I put this behind a couple cuts because I didn't realize just how fucking long it got.

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So about a year ago we went to this Sears in my city for a lawnmower. It's the closest one to our house, anywhere else you have to fight bad traffic. It took about an hour to do even though we knew exactly which one we wanted, because we waited around for someone to help us and when finally someone came to the department they didn't really know what they were doing.

But we didn't learn, I guess, because we've gone back two times since then, each with similar results.

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So if you live in Calgary, and you need an item which actually needs more then just grabbing and being rung out, do not go to the Marlborough Sears.