June 25th, 2007


I need a refill of THAT, please.

This isn't really bad service... more like embarrassing service. It bugs the hell out of me when the pharmacist at my local drug store makes a big deal out of keeping prescriptions "confidential". I tell him I have a prescription on file that needs refilling. He looks up my name on the computer, sees what I need, and makes a big show of saying, "Oh, THAT. Yes, THAT is a special order. We don't keep THAT in stock, not many doctors prescribe THAT."

And then all the people in line behind me are casually trying to peek over my shoulder to find out what THAT is, sure that it's STD medication or birth control pills or something, because what else would a young woman need? Sorry, line people... I'm only getting painkillers that not many people use. But thanks, pharmacist, for constantly stressing the word THAT and drawing attention to my totally super OMG!!!embarrassing prescription.
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Damn you, Ford!

This isn't MAJOR bad service, just...very annoying and frustrating.

Background: I have a '99 Ford Escort. My Mom technically owns it, we bought it 4 or 5 years ago at a local Ford dealership. It was cheap, I needed a car, it worked, yeah.

Back in January, the antenna fell off. I've had minimal radio reception since, which wouldn't be a problem, except that my car also hates me when it comes to discman adapters...but anyway. I procrastinated about fixing it, but got around to it.

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Feels good to get that off my chest. :)
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follow up to the post I made yesterday (the original post)

I called Cingular's corporate office today. I was very polite and it paid off. The woman I spoke to was incredibly helpful and friendly.. completely UNlike the reps I speak to when I call Cingular's normal customer support number. She informed me that what the saleswoman did was completely against company policy. they don't support any under-the-table deals. she told me that I can return the shitty phone & get my money back. I also received a $20 credit on my next bill, AND she is shipping me (overnight, no less!) a brand new Motorola razr. it should be here tomorrow. YAY!! she technically is selling it to me for $30, but..

- I've got a $20 credit
- I get a full refund on the craptastic phone I got yesterday
- I get to still cash in my $50 mail in rebate from the stolen razr

so really, it's going to end up being free.

thank you everyone for your feedback
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I friggin' hate telemarketers.

Today has been a bad_service nightmare. I'm not sure if this even counts as service, as I do not (and never will) do business with these companies.

I'm the office administrator for a very small company in New Hampshire. We get a lot of telemarketing calls and when I explain that it's a small business and we don't need whatever it is that we're selling, most thank me for my time anyhow and we exchange "have a nice day"ses.

The first call of the day was from Home Depot Gift Cards. Yeah, that was the name of the business-- I have yet to verify if HD has a separate gift card division, but I'm willing to bet they don't.
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No less than five minutes later, a major computer parts company calls me. I used to work in sales for their competitor, so I've heard some of the customer service atrocities that take place over at this company that won't stop calling. I have spoken to this guy several times before and told him that the opportunity to sell to us is VERY limited as we don't use regular computers- all of our stuff is custom-built and runs software that we wouldn't be able to buy from this guy, so he'd be wasting all of our time. Also, being such a small business, we don't really have (or need) IT staff.

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I dunno, probably not atrocious suck, but it was enough to fuck up my day (these calls both happened before 9:30 this morning).

I also had my car die on me and there was some mild suck there, but it's already been addressed (free loaner & coupons for future services, yay!) so I can't complain there.
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Glad to see this one gone...

I was glad to find that a certain someone was no longer managing the place I get my hair cut.

Place opens at 9am, and is right along my way to work. I could leave for work at 8:50, be there around 8:55 (so I can be first in -- they don't take reservations and the wait can be very long at lunch or after hours). I figure on getting my hair cut at 9, and in to work by 9:30 or so, all very efficient.

Well, first time I try that, no sign of life at 8:55. No sign of life at 9. I run into the grocery store next door to grab a few non-perishables, go back out at 9:20. Still nuttin.' Finally about 9:25 she opens the door.

Turns out she had some sort of problem with getting her kid to school. I figure this must be a rare and major event, and let it go -- everyone can have a hard time getting to work on time once in a whiel.

Next month I come back, and...  pretty much the same deal. I think the doors opened at 9:20. I mentioned this to her, and she said, martyred, "well, I have to drive in all the way from Jackson, and that's an hour's drive." Turns out she just thought people would not mind that she's regularly late, and apparently it never occurred to her that if she's consistently 20-25 minutes late, to set her alarm 1/2 hour earlier. Now THAT takes some nerve.

But she's not there any more ... I wonder why?
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KFC from a while back, but memorable in its own way

Dear fucktard who I always seemed to get as my cashier at that KFC that is deservedly closed now...

Apparently on Friday nights you always run out of some of the side dish items by 7pm even though you're open at least two more hours (which is a suck in and of itself, maybe the manager could have revised his/her ordering of said side dishes?)

But when I order a dinner that comes with two sides, and it turns out you ONLY have two types of sides left, maybe you could tell me that before I go down the list of sides guessing. I was starting to feel like I was in that Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch with your one-by-one "sorry, we're out of that too."

You seemed rather clueless on a weekly basis, but that week was just ... special.
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On a bad service roll ... grocery store suck

It's the Service Desk... if you're going to sit around with two underlings and plot who is going to work what hours, maybe do it someplace else that's NOT the Customer Service Desk ... and don't ignore me, the customer, and when you finally look up to see me with a bag of beer bottles. Instead of waving me toward the bottle return machines, you COULD wait for me to speak and tell you that I'm holding the bags of empties because the bottle return machines are all full, and don't just assume that I didn't see them RIGHT INSIDE THE STORE ENTRANCE.