June 23rd, 2007

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All aboard a cruise to.... where???

I'm new here. But I think I need a place to rant about some of the things I hear on the call center floor.

I work for a popular cruise line. My department works closely with the Quality Assurance department. Of course, they hear a lot of weird information spewing from the agents' mouths. We hear about it since they get knocked down a few points on their evaluations for being dumb.

Anyway! Some times the agents are dumber than stupid. I don't know if this belongs in here or in _stupidpeople_ but it had me amused.

The agent was on the phone with a passenger (not just a travel agent, which would have still been stupid but it would have been less horrible) when she was looking up his booking.

Agent: Can I have the booking number, please?

Passenger: Yes it's (insert booking number here).

A: Oh! I see you're on a cruise in July from New York to... to.. Ve... Venus!

P: I am?

A: Yes.

P: That's a long cruise....

A: Well, it's clear across the Atlantis (yes, ATLANTIS) ocean.

P: And beyond.


P: Venus is a planet, not a city. I'm pretty sure you mean that I'm going to Venice.

A: OH! Well it says VC here. It could be Venus!

P: No. I don't think the ship has that feature. And plus, Venus would be VS and not VC.

A: Oh. Well who knows how to spell those foreign cities anyway.


A: Okay. So you're booked to go from New York to VENICE. And then you have the Medieval tour.

P: The what?

A: The medieval sailing. That sounds like fun.

P: It's the Mediterr-.... I need to go. I'll call back later.

The agents go through a pretty intense training here. After hearing about this, I looked up the agent's hire date. It was in 2005. At the time I had worked here a year and a few months less, I have never gone through product training nor have I ever taken a call. But yet, I seem to know that we don't go to VENUS and MEDI, when talking about Greece, Italy and that area, means MEDITERRANEAN.

She failed her QA.
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