June 20th, 2007

SW: Leia Beautiful

Wedding Hotel Troubles

For my wedding, I tried contacting the local Ramada to see if a block of rooms could be set aside for my wedding guests. For those of you that don't know, you can have a hotel put a block of rooms aside, so that you wedding guests can rent them and be near each other.

First of all, the hotel sales lady didn't call me back at all. I called once a week for a month and gave up. Unfortunately at that point all the other hotels were booked, so I had to go back to the Ramada. To a certain extent, I know it is my fault for trying to work with them for so long. I should have gotten the hint earlier that they weren't the people to do business with. I ended up having to call once an hour one day before I got her.

The lady was extremely rude. She kept trying to get me to reserve a bridal suite, which I kept declining. The contract comes in the mail. It is completely wrong. Wrong days, wrong number of rooms, wrong types of rooms. Along with it is paperwork on my reserved bridal suite. I call the lady. She insists that is what I asked for. It takes several phone calls and ultimately a call to the general manager to sort it out.

Time passes, the wedding gets close and guests arrive. They complain that the service was rude, many of the rooms are messy or unclean. Some have broken fixtures in the bathrooms. Some of my guests move to another hotel. This isn't a cheap hotel by the way.

They gave away the suite that I have reserved for the minister. He's put in a single.

My now husband reserved a room for his best man. They deduct the money from my husband's account months in advance and then insist on the best man paying before leaving.

I get charged both for the minister's suite that is given away and the room he actually slept in.

I call Ramada. I ask for the regional or district manager's number. I get transfered to the general manager. He claims he owns the hotel and has absolutely no boss. This is BS, I mean, I know it is a franchise, but I've worked for a franchise before and they may technically own the place, but there is certainly people above their heads that can be complained to that have some power over them. He states he'll get to the bottom of it (namely the double charging) and call me back the next day. Several days go by with nothing happening.

I call Ramada Inn's company number (not this specific inn). I lodge a formal complaint. I write a scathing online review at a travel website (many of the already existing reviews for this hotel are very poor and quite in line with my experiences).

I call the general manager. He claims he refunded me. (It showed up 5 business days later on my bank account so either he was lying or it was super slow). Then he tells me he's been more than reasonable considering I've been threatening him (?????? Telling him I lodged a formal complaint with the company is not at threat!!!!) And then he gives me a lecture that I need to learn to forgive and forget; it will make me a happier person.

I will never, ever stay in a Ramada again.