June 18th, 2007

Me: Clown

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A little bad servie/wtf-ery.

Now please understand this is very minor and didn't, like, totally ruin my day or anything.

I was on the phone trying to pay Monsoon balance off as I had lost track of the days and it's due today. Anyway I stupidly forgot the paperwork at home, my bad but as I knew that they could look me up with my name and whatnotv I gave them a call. They appear to have their offices abroad as every time I've called in it's always been a not so great English speaking person on the other end. I had to give my postcode and it was proving tricky then it seemed the guy understood. He then turns around (not literally of couse) and says that I'm giving him the wrong postcode. Erm no mate, you're understanding the wrong postcode. I know where I live and can hapilly repeat myself and try new ways of telling you until you get it but don't say I am so stupid I don't know my address.

The bad service comes from NATIONWIDE having gone in to have the money sent by check from them (my other, non Nationwide account that holds proper checks, debit card etc. was on it's limit) and told all was fine (despite a somewhat strange cashier) to be called an hour later and been told that they are unnable to process it as they don't do that is not good or clever. Grr!