June 16th, 2007


Sprint...just wow.

I went into a Sprint store this evening ready to buy a new phone and upgrade my plan from roughly $34/mo to $55/mo. I know that's not a horrible amount, but what happened just pissed me off.

I want the new Moto Q phone. There is a deal going on right now, where existing customers are getting the same deals as new customers on phones. So this phone would be $449 - $250 instant rebate, and then another $100 mail in rebate. So $99 after all is said and done.

I go in the store and wait for a very reasonable amount of time (10-15min, no problem with that. The moment I say what phone I want, the guy just went out of his way to try to talk me out of it. How bad of a phone it is, which other phones I should get (way more expensive)...etc. For 10 minutes or so, when I just decided to leave because he just would *not* sell me the phone.

When I got home I talked to a couple friends that have the phone, and re-looked up the reviews. Same quirks that I already knew about, and it's fine. Every phone has something, and I really just want email/im's and such. Google Maps also.

I call customer service and am on hold for 23 minutes, which is crappy but what was quoted to me digitally, so that's fine. Talk to the agent, tell her what happened, she reiterated that she'd be upset too, and said she'd transfer me to sales. Um, o.k. What she did was put me at the front of the phone tree (same one) with another estimated 20 min hold time. I hung up.

I got another phone number from a friend, and tried that. It was the retention line, which wasn't exactly what I needed, but the agent said he'd work with me. He offered a $150 instant, and $100 mail in. When I told him the store was a $250 instant, he basically said I was lying, and they couldn't do that. He would however give me a $10 discount per month on the Vision plan that I'd need for email. I said no thank you and the call ended (I didn't hang up on him or anything, the standard end spiel was said).

At this point, the in-store sale ends tomorrow. All my area stores are open 12-6 and I work from 12-9 (at my big box retail store). I am not getting this phone, and I'm really frustrated with all of it. The first guy was a jerk for sure, the girl - maybe she just made a mistake, and if the third guy hadn't implied that I was lying I would be almost o.k. (I would also probably own a new phone right now).

I have a year left on my contract (I got the current phone 2 years ago, but downgraded my plan a year ago) so it's not like I could leave anyway and I really haven't had any problems before now. Am I justified at being unhappy with this? I don't complain, I work in retail and know that getting upset at CSR's doesn't do any good. Seriously though.