June 14th, 2007

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"no... it's definitely this way"

I know, i haven't been home for a few years. one of the reasons why i cabbed it around was because i really can't remember my way around if i am to take a bus or the sub. However, once i am within the area, i am sure i recognise most of the "NOTABLE" landmarks. at any rate, i don't make it a point to tell cabbies i don't know my way, unless i am going somewhere way obscure.

Cue this cabbie today.

"Hi, can you bring me to Funan Centre... it's near City Hall Mrt."

"uh..." *looks confused*

*thinking that perhaps he's new* "it's just after peninsula plaza! :D "

5 minutes later...

"it's not! it's along middle road (some 20-30 minutes walk away) opposite Peace Centre!"

*confused* "no.. it's not"

the place he mentioned happened to be... a plot of land with short, old buildings. i was going to a Tech Mall.... but he continued to argue that he was right, and i was wrong, going so far as to try and veer off course towards the road HE mentioned. finally, i snapped and stopped being nice. "CAN YOU JUST GO! TO! PENINSULA PLAZA!??!"

"ok ok ok "

so... he finally moved towards the right direction and kept quiet. then when he turned off the highway, he suddenly paused, and asked, "would you like to go straight or do a u-turn"

!!!! "does it make sense to come all this way, and do a u-turn back onto the highway? so why would i come out then?"

ok, i know it might be his first day, week, month or even year. however, i intend to go straight into the city, to a certain place. Even if he's not sure of where it is, why couldn't he let me tell him where it is? or ask where it might be? or TRUST ME when i said it's there?

what's more, why was he trying to get OUT of the city?

finally, i was trying to get out of the cab, and only had 50 dollars on me. he grumbled, and BLAMED ME for not having small change.

no, oh no, *I* the consumer need to be prepared for when the providers cannot provide adequately.
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I just want to try on some shoes!

Just joined this community. My personal journal is pretty much used as an outlet for my consumer complaints, so I think I belong here. :)

Maybe I just LOOK like a delusional bitch, I dunno. I can cut shoe store clerks a lot of slack because I know they must put up with epic shit from women who insist on trying on every size 7 in the store before grudgingly admitting they're an 8 1/2. But I really am a 7 1/2. I know I'm tall and most women my height wear 9 or 10, but what can I say… I have weirdly tiny feet for my height.

Pretentious shoe store lady, I've worked in retail. I know all about customers who try to squeeze into shoes and clothes that no way in hell are going to fit. But giving the ol' "whatever" eyeroll when I ask for this sandal in a 7 1/2 and saying "I think I'd better measure your feet" in your snippy voice just pisses me off. You could at least try to be nice and feed my some BS about how your store's shoes fit small and you want to measure me just to be sure, if you're seriously convinced I'm lying about my damn foot size. And huffing "Oh I guess you really are a 7 1/2" once you've measured my foot doesn't make things any better.

Icing on the cake? When you still bring me a size 9 because "sandals are supposed to fit big," and then imply that I'm too vain to wear sandals because I don't like the way the size 9s stick out an inch beyond the back of my heel. The HELL?!

Yeah, I went to a different store and bought some size 7 1/2 sandals from a nice woman who was really helpful, friendly, and didn't mentally label me a liar because I'm a tall chick with little feet.
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Dell Drama


I purchased a laptop a little under 3 years ago, and my warranty runs out July 13th, so I'm looking into extending it for another year to make sure I wont need to buy a new computer in the middle of my senior year in college.

Dell's website, where you enter your service tag in and see the costs for the various warranty extensions is quoting me as it will cost $101 for another year. This is a pretty good deal since I have completecare and the laptop was just replaced last December. I go to order the extension and now they're quoting me as it will cost almost $250... I emailed their customer support and am waiting to hear back... hopefully they'll honor their originally stated price.
Has anyone else ever had this problem with Dell?

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