June 12th, 2007

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Final update on my Menu Foods problem.

Gunther was put down today. (well, yesterday technically.. This is the first moment I've stopped crying since.)

What my vet speculated is that because the food caused one of his kidneys to go out, the strain got to be too much on his remaining kidney. He was eight years old. (Meaning he's been my best friend for almost half my life.)

So there's some bad service for you. Menu Foods killed my cat.
buck passer!

discounting gone bad?

so, saturday my fiance &i went out with two friends for lunch.

we had the new entertainment card &book &chose a place out of it to eat, with a voucher for 'free main menu item with another main menu item'.

so, my fiance &i order ours-- totalling $30. the lady puts it through for the $30, because my fiance signed the credit card slip without noticing the amount. the lady realised her mistake (straight away) &said 'oh here's the $15 for the meal' with cash out of the til.

fine. one mistake like this is understandable.

but then she did the same for our two friends. process it wrong. cash back out of til.

so...... perhaps not BAD service.. but i'm trying to work out if she's got some sort of scam going in how she's processing the vouchers?? just seems quite odd really..
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Citi Financial Oh how I loath thee!

So Citi Financial has been calling me at least once a week for the last month+ asking for my old roommate (who hasn't been at this number for over 3 months). Working nights they of course call during those precious hours of sleep in the afternoon. Now after telling them that she is not at the number that she has moved, they all go 'oh ok thanks anyway' and hang up. Most of the time I do get the whole - 'do not call this number again' in but this last time.... oh I seen red!

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That's where LJ comes in. Does anyone here know how to get a hold of the corporate contact number for Citi Financial Canada? I've looked at their site but can't see anything. Granted that may be due to being woken up, the fact it's freaking hot out and my AC is busted, or just plain missing it right in front of my face.

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