June 9th, 2007

But I had a reservation...

I made a reservation for 12:45 pm at a really great restaurant close to where I work (here). I show up on time but seated around 1:00 p.m. The host seated the couple who came in right before my guest and me - we walked into the restaurant at the same time, but they lined up right in front of us. The couple they seated first didn't have a reservation. So, I was seated at exactly the same time as if I didn't have a reservation. What irks me is that the host asked if I had a reservation before he'd seated the other couple, but he still seated them first, knowing that he didn't have a table ready and that I wouldn't be seated at my reserved time.

Fifteen extra minutes doesn't sound like a long time, but this was a business lunch, and I had to get back to work right at 2:00 p.m. I wound up being a couple minutes late back to work, which was mildly embarrassing. The service was also slow, which I understood since they're a popular restaurant and really busy during lunch (hence why I made a reservation). But once the lunch crowd slowed down, my waiter vanished - he was probably burned out from the lunch crowd and forgot about us. I had to hunt him down for the check. The food was phenomenal, though. I won't eat there for lunch again unless I have more time to spare.

Before tip wank ensues, yes I tipped my server, yes it was 20%.
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Greyhound argh.

Greyhound bus terminal, Nashville Tennessee.

The rudest employees, delays of first 1 hour, then 3 hours, for no apparent reason, and

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Overbooking dooms me and a bunch of other people to 2 hours of nonstop Paris Hilton news. That's got to be also bad service on the part of Fox "News."

I understand overbooking by a couple people, but there were a couple dozen of us that were bumped. Maybe a driver didn't show, I don't know, but everyone was just so damn rude and unhelpful! No explanations offered, and they acted absolutely astonished and offended that customers would interrupt them while they're texting or smoking or chatting with other employees (which was all *any* of them were doing, it's not like we picked on someone who was on break) to ask them such irrelevent questions as "Which bus goes to XYZ?" or "Can I get my bag out since I don't have a seat on the bus?"

Not what I need after a week of finals and moving. Not what any paying customer deserves. grrrrrrrrr.
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My father in law passed away this past week.  He lived in a different state.  His girlfriend had him cremated within 24 hours of his death.  Ummmm, since when can someone with no legal rights or no relation have a body burned without notification of the next of kin to be given the opportunity to pay their final respects?  I think this funeral home qualifies as bad service.  Possibly illegal and certainly unethical.

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Suckiness from Nail Vendors

Lately, at several malls in my area, kiosks have popped up selling a kind of nail product that makes your nails all shiny and smooth. I forget what it's called, but I've bought their product. I have a hard time saying no when they ask to do demos; I'm weak.

Anyway, one time, I was walking through the mall by myself and one of these nail vendors asked if I'd like to demo their product. Like I said, I'm weak, so I said yes. As she was using the shiner, she asked if I owned one of their kits. I said yes. She asked if maybe I'd buy a kit for my boyfriend. I said I didn't have one. This is what sparked the bad service.

Saleslady: Really? A pretty girl like you has no boyfriend?

Me: Uh, no.

Saleslady: Okay...seriously?

Me: ...no.

Saleslady: Well, maybe you buy for a friend? Or maybe your mother or sister might like it?

Me: No, they're not really into beauty products.

Saleslady: Okay....you really don't have a boyfriend?

Me: No.

Saleslady: Seriously?

Lady, I don't know if this some weird attempt to flatter me or something, but that got annoying really fast. No, I don't have a boyfriend. I'd really prefer you didn't keep bringing it up, as though there's something wrong with me if I'm single. I'm sure you didn't mean to be annoying/offensive, but you should at least know not to keep asking me the same question five times.