June 8th, 2007


Credit Card bad service

Let's see, this fiasco starts off almost 3 weeks ago, when I called Citi Cards to order a replacement card because I had lost my other one. So they close this one, and open another account, and send a new one out, and they say it will take about 5-7 days to get a new card. I was hoping the card would come the day before I left for vacation, but it never came. A week later, I come back and it never came. I would call about every other day to verify my address, and every time they would say "Yup, that's what we have."

Finally, about 3 days ago, I was like "Look, it hasn't come, can you just send another, but this time I will pay for it to be overnighted". They say okay, there will be a 15 dollar fee, and I verify my address, and they say it will be there.So then it comes to today, and it still hadn't come, and I call, and they say "It has be received, and it was signed by [not my name] at 11:11 am yesterday." I kind of freaked out and was like "That's not me, and I don't know anyone by that name!". So then I get sent to an account specialist, and he looks at my account, and he said "Well, it looks like they never changed your mailing address...".

I ask for it to be overnighted, without the fee, and they said okay. He finally changed my mailing address. But WTF!!!!

I know an "emergency on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part" or whatever the hell the saying goes, but I patiently waited for 3 FUCKING weeks, and no card. GRRR!!!

What would you do?

Oh yea, and to add. Everytime I have called to see about my card, they change the account number everytime they have sent a new one. So in the last 3 weeks, my account number has been changed 3 times. I can't believe they never figured out that I haven't been getting my card because my mailing address was never updated, even though everytime I called, I made sure they updated the mailing address.
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Yesterday afternoon, I went out with three of my friends to the local Friendly's to get lunch. We were seated at a booth, and out waitress was a seemingly nice woman who took our drink orders right away and had a good demanor. Trouble arose, however, when she came to take our meal orders and asked if we'd like an appetizer. We tossed around the idea of getting a combo platter for everyone to share, but ultimately we said no. I specifically remember my friend Peter looking up and her and saying, "No, no thanks," before she got our meal orders.

A few minutes later, surprise, surprise, she brings out a combo platter and walked away to another table. When she had finished with the other table, we awkwardly called her back and told her we hadn't ordered an appetizer.

Now, I get that she misunderstood us or misheard what we said. It's fine. But as soon as we brought her back and told her, she huffed out a short "Well, fine," fixed us with an evil stare, and brought it back to the kitchen. For the rest of the time we were there, this woman refused to talk to us. When she came back to our table, she just stood there and stared at us until we asked to order dessert. And when she brought the desserts out, she just stood there and stared at us again until we asked for the check. Meanwhile, at all the other tables, she was smiling and chatting and friendly, but once she passed us, the smile vanished into a dragon-glare.

We still tipped her when we left, though it was more like 10% than 15%. I mean, granted she was kind of irritating, but she still brought us our food.
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I'm so pissed off!

I never thought I'd get mad enough to post an entry in here. I'm in customer service myself, so I understand that mistakes happen, and people fly off the handle. This is not one of those stories.

We moved into our new house about two and a half months ago. After two weeks of being here, I finally called Allied/Midland Waste to set up our trash pick-up services. The woman on the phone was very helpful in setting up our account, and all seemed well. She said trash service would start and remain on Thursdays.

So Thursday rolls around, and I lug my trash out to the curb. Friday night comes and goes, and nobody's picked it up.

I call the company, and this time a different woman answers. She can't even find an account under my name. So, we set the account up again. Same thing as before, pick-up on Thursday morning, yadda yadda.

So I lug my double-week garbage out to the curb Wednesday night. Friday night rolls around, no pickup. I call the company, and they tell me that the driver notated in his log that it wasn't put out early enough. I tell them he's full of it, and they say they'll send somebody out right away. It finally gets picked up on Monday.

Next Thursday rolls around, I lug my garbage out to the curb. It doesn't freakin' get picked up. I call the company again, by this time pretty pissed off. Again, they tell me that the driver notated that it wasn't out in time; once again, I tell her he's full of it. She says she'll send a special truck to get it. It doesn't happen.

I call there today around 3 PM and talk to another receptionist, who says she'll have a superviser call me back. An hour and a half goes by, nobody calls. Furious, I called them again, and talk to the superviser. He says, and I quote:

"Well ma'am, we can't babysit the drivers 100% of the time."

Dude, are you fucking serious? That's the best excuse you can think of? My trash hasn't been picked up without hassle once since I enrolled, and that's all you have to say? You can't get a driver to do his fucking job once in a four-week period?

They seem to have a problem doing what they're friggin' paid for, but they sure as hell don't have a problem billing me for the service, which I never really received.

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ah get over yourself

I gave bad service today to, imo, a shitty customer-to-be. So I suppose it goes here and customer's suck.

There were three people working today. One [manager] needed to be in the back to work on something, one was taking care of the customer on the yogurt side of the store, and i was on the pretzel side, working on an order.

When I tell someone an order will be worked on and cooked in 5-8 min, I WANT it to be done within that time span because I KNOW for a fact most people will get rude about it, even if I said: "it will be done in *about* so and so minutes" NOT: "it will be done exactly in so and so minutes." This special order = cut piece of dough + use the roller to flatten it + cut pieces with cutter + blot the jalapenos [dough doesn't stick if it's wet + pinch dough together to keep jalapenos in place + put them in the oven.

Apparently, I missed the snarky "not even going to say you'll be with us in a moment" comment because I get the above snarky comment from one after I tell the three guys this.
My reply: "I just said that"
Him: "yeha after I mentioned it" then some rude passive-aggressive comments about me to his friends

He gets all huffy because I didn't stop everything I was doing to help him. He was standing there for about one minute while I was trying to finish this order I was halfway through.
Him: yadda yadda about not telling him I'd be with him in a moment asap "and you're not doing your job because you aren't taking care of your customers"
Me: "Yes, I am. I'm working on a customer's order, and I will be with you when I'm finished."
Him: bitches about me being the only one on this side [as if i can help the fact we get busy and the he is impatient]
we go back and forth a few seconds with the snark and he demands my name and the corporate number.
Me: "Ok. I'll get it when I'm finished or you can wait until my co-worker is finished"
Him: grows impatient and says to two people who walk up "I've been waiting here for 10 minutes and no one is doing their jobs so I wouldn't recommend staying here" comes over to me "nevermind I'll just go to the management office and get the number. Thank you." and leaves

About two minutes had passed.

A few seconds after this happens I finish the order and place it in the over and take care of the other customers. The manager also comes up from the back. I'm not paying attention to what the other employee is doing. I tell her about what happened and to know my boss will more than likely receive a complaint about me. I think that is standard procedure?
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