June 7th, 2007

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eBay - House of lies


What is it with the painful decline in this site?

I recently posted an auction for an original Pirates of the Caribbean Gold Coin Necklace. I listed the item as an authentic, licensed prop replica with pictures to support my claims. The spec was very clear, and I did not use any logos or claim ownership of any copyright material.

So what did eBay do? Collapse )

So for the record, if you have a bone to pick with eBay, expect to email them at least 3 times before a real person will email you back. And of course, all UR moonies R belong to eBay
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rar! bite me
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the difference in services (really really LONG)

i haven't been home (singapore) for a few years, so upon return, i went on a shopping rampage, and was more than disgusted at some of the services i was "provided". To start off with, i will just mention right off that while i know there's no tipping culture here, i will sometimes tip. however, restaurants on the "higher" end will also charge me a service charge, to ensure that their staffs get tipped anyways. Also, considering how Singapore prides herself on her service industry, what i have experienced shouldn't be at a... horrific level.

so let me start off from the mild case to the not so mild case.

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bad_service at wok-n-roll

Oh WNR, how I hate thee. I ordered and went in to pick up my food.

First off, if you're sharing counter space with other eateries, in the manner of a truck stop, please to be putting up a SIGN that says where your space is. I didn't appreciate walking up and down and finally having to get directions from 3 different other eateries. Finally, I find them, and give the cashier my order number. She finds the order slip and gives me my total. So far, so good. I'm paying with a debit card, it swipes, I PIN, screen says approved. Fabulous. Except there is something wrong with the paper in the machine. The cashier fiddles with it and fixes it, then asks me for my card again. I've been scammed this way before, so I'm immediately wary.

Me: Why? It swiped and was approved.
Stupid Cashier: Oh yeah, I know, but the receipt didn't print properly so I need to run the transaction again.
Me: (Uh, that's not how it works) But if you run it again, it will take the money out of my account again. You can get a duplicate receipt of the transaction
SC: No, I need to run your card and get your PIN again.
Me: Uh, no, if I do that, you will have charged my card twice.

She continues to argue with me, until the manager swoops in and asks her what the problem is.

SC: Well the paper wasn't working properly, so I have to run her card again and get her PIN again to get a receipt, and I'm TRYING to explain to her that it won't charge her twice if I do that.

Awesome manager looks at her like she's a kook, then reaches over her and hits the 'duplicate receipt' button on the machine. Machine spits out my duplicate, she hands it over to the cashier and points out the nifty button that made it all possible, and then looks at me and rolls her eyes as if to say 'can you BELIEVE what I have to deal with?' SC then glares at me, stomps over to get my food and slams it down on the counter.
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bad_service at mcdonalds

this didn't happen to me, it happened to my best friend but i still found it incredibly hilarious.

she ordered a hamburger, i don't know which one. When she got it, she noticed that there was no meat patty in the burger, just the bun, lettuce & cheese. when she took it back to the register to complain about it the person responded with "i'm new, i don't know". WTF? you don't have to be a new employee at a place like MCDONALDS of all places to know that a hamburger has a meat patty, aka it's main ingredient.

how could someone be dumb enough to let something like that go by?

BBQ bitch.

minor annoyance..

earlier this week I went to a local BBQ restaurant to pick up some food for me & my co-workers. I phone in the order ahead of time, and luckily it was ready when I got there.

I made it specifically clear that I had two seperate orders.. one was 2 sandwiches, and another was a BBQ salad.

the girl at the counter seemed to get confused that somehow a person could place 2 orders. I clarified with her which bag was which, and she began to ring up my order.

this is the key part: I asked her, "is what you're ringing up now the first order of 2 sandwiches?" she replied YES.

she rings it up, & I pay with cash. it's important for me to always seperate my order from my co-worker's order so that they get back the exact change. they gave me cash. I pay for my meals with a debit card. I hand her the cash, she gives me the change, and a receipt. The receipt says MY order on it... the BBQ salad. I CLEARLY asked her just to make absolute sure that she was ringing up the sandwiches. she said yes, but apparently that wasn't right.

I said "sorry m'am, but this was supposed to be the cash order.. the sandwiches, you said." she rolled her eyes at me, scoffed, sighed, mumbled & grumbled, you name it. she slapped her hands down on her legs & said to a co-worker: "you do this! I can't do this!".. clearly getting frustrated. ok, not a big deal. I felt bad for being an inconvenience to her, even though it was NOT my fault that she wrang up the wrong items. I apologized -- SEVERAL TIMES -- to her, for the trouble. she did not respond to my apologies, AT ALL. no "thanks" or "it's ok" or a "fuck you bitch".. NOTHING. she wouldn't even make eye contact with me.

a guy comes over & finally gets it right. I pay for the food in the correct way & she's just standing there, sucking her teeth & rolling her eyes. I said "Thank you.. again, m'am, I'm sorry for the trouble.." and AGAIN, she ignored me.

I can understand being a little put off at your own mistakes.. being frustrated that day, or whatever. but she was a rude little jerk. getting an attitude with me over your own mistakes is one thing.. but to ignore me after that is another.