June 5th, 2007

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Bad Service?

I'm not sure if this qualifies as bad service or not, but here goes anyway.
I have a staph infection in my nose at the moment.

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So yeah, I have had it now for about 4 months and it has only just been treated and diagnosed- none of my g.p's thought that was at all odd. In fact, one my referral, my g.p wrote "I suspect that cocacola_sorrow is just having a bad run".

Hmm. Not. Happy. Jan.
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Small yet annoying McDonalds bad service

I went through the McDonalds drive-thru late this morning to get something to eat before I went in for the blood test my doctor had ordered at my appointment earlier.  It was around 11:30 and there were a few cars in the drive-thru and in the store - normal amount of busy-ness for that time of day.

I got up to the window and ordered a grilled ranch snack wrap with extra cheese, a fruit & yogurt parfait, and a small diet coke.  On the screen showing my order, I saw that the girl had punched in a grilled honey mustard snack wrap (with no extra cheese) and a small diet coke.  She asked me what the "other drink was," and I told her no, it was a fruit & yogurt parfait, and then repeated, clearly, that I had said I wanted a grilled ranch snack wrap with extra cheese.  She said yes, she got that, so I figured maybe the button on the register was broken and she had to shout it back to the people making the food (I've worked in fast food and seen it happen) so I didn't want to question her further.  I went through, paid, picked up my order, and drove off.

Then, wouldn't you know it, when I opened up the bag, in it was a grilled honey mustard snack wrap with no extra cheese.  Sigh.  I don't like honey mustard.  At that point, though, I couldn't go back, and I was hungry and had to go for my blood test soon, so I sucked it up and ate it.  I did take the survey online, though, and noted that I didn't get what I ordered.

Next time maybe I'll argue a little more strongly when I see that kind of mistake.

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Bad service at Walgreens

There is a pharmacist at the local Walgreens that glares and me and is very brusque whenever I buy Claritin-D or psuedoephedrine from her.

Today, I went up to her at the counter and asked to buy the 96-count value pack of Walgreens-brand pseudoephedrine tablets, and she snapped at me, "I'll need to see your driver's license," as I was in the process of getting my license out of my wallet.

She refused to sell me any pseudoephedrine, claiming that she's "had too many problems with out-of-city licenses" and that I should have my driver's license address changed. The problem is that I'm a full-time college student, and as such am not required to have a driver's license which matches my temporary address. (Admittedly, I am graduating soon, and THEN will need a new license, but for now, I'm still a college student.)

I explained that I have recurrent sinusitis and that I regularly need to take pseudoephedrine to relieve the sinus pain, headaches, etc. Also, I said, I hadn't bought any pseudoephedrine-containing products in over one month, meaning that I could not possibly be over the limit that the state allows one person to buy in a single month. She said it was up to her, and that she would not sell me anything unless I had a Columbia address on my license. She was extremely, extremely rude this entire time, and was basically treating me like a criminal for trying to buy a legal over-the-counter decongestant.

I started crying, and she relented and agreed to sell me the smallest possible quantity of pseudoephedrine possible. Normally, I wouldn't cry over being treated badly by a pharmacist, but as I mentioned, this is a recurring problem with this particular woman, and I had a terrible sinus headache.

I'm calling Walgreens tomorrow when their customer service line is open.

For reference, I do not have any physical indicators that would lead a reasonable person to think that I am involved in the methamphetamine trade...unless you count not being white, or wearing casual clothing to a pharmacy. I was buying tissues and Blistex, so it's not as though I had a cart full of Drano or whatever it is meth is made with.

My concern is that a) this is terrible customer service, because you shouldn't treat people poorly even when you're refusing a sale, and b) college students should not be denied medication because they don't want to change their license address multiple times per year.