June 3rd, 2007

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It has come to my attention that my journal was recently used to troll an entry in this community. I'm fairly certain I know who did it, and I can promise it won't happen again.

Please disregard anything said by this journal in the comments of the "bigotry" post. Apologies to those offended. I'm not sure why no one realised that it was someone trolling, but I guess the point is to seem real. Anyway, sorry for the fuss and confusion brought on by some assholes that I know.
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So a couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to this local restaurant in our town called Cafe on the Square. It was about 11 am on a weekday. The place was pretty dead, about 3-4 tables were occupied. It was a seat yourself sort of place, so we grabbed a couple menus and sat in the middle of the restaurant, so we were pretty conspicuous. There were 3 waitresses there. We were looking at the menu for a good 10 minutes, talking and taking our time deciding. During this time, no one came over to take our drink order or anything, but we figured they were just going to get us when they came to get our order.

After about 10 minutes, we had decided what we had wanted and noticed that no one was coming over, so we closed our menus in the universal sign of "we have decided what we are ordering." And we waited several more minutes. I looked over at the waitresses, and all of them were just sort of leaning at the counter and chatting. Two of them walked past us while we were waiting, and I tried to make eye contact with both of them. They made eye contact back, but they didn't say anything to me or smile or say, "Your waitress will be with you in a minute." So my boyfriend and I decided we would wait two more minutes, and if no one had come over by then, we were just going to leave.  Two minutes elapsed and sure enough, no one came over. So we left and found someplace else to eat.

The whole time we were there, I didn't see one waitress go over to a table. I've been there before though, and I know that it's not a "go up to the counter and order" place. I don't know if we should have gone up to a waitress at some point and demanded service, but at that point, if I have to ASK a waitress who has obviously seen us and is deliberately not going over to our table to come and take our order, I don't want to eat at that place anymore. The only work I saw any of them do is one of the waitresses walked past us and sat down at a table, marking receipts or something like that. The rest of the time, all of them were in plain sight just talking or sitting there.

So I was wondering what everyone's take on this situation is. Is there something I missed? I mean, it was inexplicable to me and my bf as to why they were ignoring us. We weren't being loud or anything, we were in clear sight of them, we made eye contact several times. It was honestly as if we were invisible. It just makes no sense to me that they did that, because they are a restaurant that makes money from people ordering food from them. If they don't come over and take our order, they don't get our money. I just don't understand what those waitresses, who live on tips, were thinking. I really considered emailing the owner of the restaurant to tell him about what an apathetic waitstaff they had, but I couldn't find any contact information for them. But I have been telling all my friends about the bad service and have resolved never to eat there again.