June 2nd, 2007

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Another taxi story

This happened during the Easter break and I forgot to post about it. My parents were getting a flight home from their holiday and had asked me to book a taxi on their behalf. So I called them and the girl who took the booking didn't sound very sure. It had been a while since I used this firm and I was calling from my workplace. So I made sure I clearly stated my contact details and when my parents wanted picked up. I suspect the girl was new as she kept asking someone sitting next to her questions. But I thought she would have a buddy or mentor who would check the booking and call back if there were any problems.

Fast forward to the next evening. I get a phone call from my parents who have been standing waiting for 20 minutes on their taxi. My doubts were confirmed when I called the firm and they had no record of the booking. I told that call taker that I suspected the girl who took the original booking (or as the case maybe she didn't) was new. However this woman was lovely and remarked that one of her cars was about to do a drop off at the airport. He would be there in 10 minutes.

And he was. But he over-charged my parents which I felt was a 'bad show' considering the original booking had been fucked up. I would have called back to complain further but my mother stopped me.

If I had screwed up a call like that when I was training my arse would have been kicked. Hard.

Not Often...

I am usually quite happy shopping at Target. I won't blame the chain, or the management, though management probably should have set things up better. That being said, it was one cashier who royally pissed me off the other night.

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Yay for bigotry!

This happened last night and is a crosspost from my journal. (So as not to confuse anyone, note that it is my custom when quoting myself to use italics.)

I figure I can post this here while waiting for Lowe's to open so I can ask the manager if he thinks it appropriate for his employees to be telling racist jokes just because he thinks the person he's telling them to is white:

Just got back from Lowe's. We needed gardening stuff, as I have time tomorrow to actually work on that.

Mark was wearing his "I Hate People" t-shirt and got stopped, as happens from time to time, by a Lowe's employee who said "You don't really mean that!"

Says Mark: "I'm a retail store manager. Of course I mean it!"

"No you don't! Here, let me tell you a joke! What's the difference between a terrorist and a toddler?"


"Terrorists wear their diapers on their heads!"


Baby, I think we need to get a manager.

The associate didn't understand why we'd need a manager.

"I'm SYRIAN, you NIT!"

Yeah...some of those dirty muck mucks look just like white people!

Cue the idiot sputtering.

Mark wouldn't let me get the manager.

We're both livid. I may still talk to a manager tomorrow. For now, I need to run to dance class.

In what universe does anyone think this is appropriate? Neither of us appreciate the whole "Middle Eastern = terrorist" meme to begin with, but this was just ridiculous. A day later, I'm still livid.