May 29th, 2007

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Taco Bell SUCKS

I am never going to a Taco Bell again. Every time I do I tell myself not to go back, but this time it's for good. Let's start with some of the earliest bad_service first.

A few months ago I went to a Taco Bell near my old apt. 15 min. before they closed. Now, I know fast food workers tend to get pissed off when people come up a few minutes before they close, but I could really care less. If I show up TWO minutes before you guys closed, you guys are still open and I still expect service. (EDIT: Total exaggeration right there. I have never done that & would never do it). I pulled up to the window and the girl VERY snottily told me that they're closed. If she wasn't so rude I probably would've just drove away but instead I said, "It's 1:45, it says you close at 2."  and she says, "Well we obviously have to start putting stuff away." I didn't say anything, just drove off.

At another taco bell, the same thing pretty much happened except it was an HOUR before they closed. That happened about 2 weeks ago.

A few days ago, my b/f and I went to the first Taco Bell before seeing the midnight showing of Pirates to get some food to eat during the movie. It was something like 11:45. (EDIT: They closed at 2am. Also, someone in front of us had just pulled away from the window after getting food. Forgot to say that) I ordered and the girl said, in a sweet voice might I add, "Ok, well we've shut everything off and put all the food away, so it'll take about 20 minutes for your order." Thinking I didn't hear right, I said, "Did you say 20 minutes?" and she said yeah, like this was a totally normal occurrence for a fast food restaurant. I said, "Ok, nvm." and drove off.

Last night, my friend and I went to a totally different Taco Bell. We ordered 3 things--a chicken quesadilla, and two 99 cent bean & rice burritos. Our total was something like 5.51. This morning while checking my bank statement online, it said $16.31 was taken out of my account. I don't have a printer, so I went to the library and printed out my bank statement, and brought it and my receipt to the Taco Bell. I told the manager what happened. I was there for about 30 minutes, most of the time waiting because the manager was apparently working drive-thru and kept leaving during the middle of our conversation to take orders, and talking to people on the headset while I was talking to him. Finally, I caught someone else's eye and asked her if she could tell her manager I'd really like to finish this up so I can get to work. Please keep in mind, they weren't busy. He asked me to write down my name and number and said once he checked his receipts he'd give me a call today. This was almost 4 hours ago.

My mom told me to call my bank to dispute the charges and they'd most likely refund me the difference. I haven't done that yet, though. I wanted to get everyone's opinion here first. Just because I don't see why the bank should when it's Taco Bell that kept my money. Also, the manager took my receipt and while I THINK it was $5.51 I'm not totally sure.

EDIT: I just called my bank to to make sure, and they did say it's something I'd have to take up with Taco Bell, and not them.
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Regis update

An update on this post:

When I got home from work on Friday, a letter from Regis was waiting for me. It was a standard "fill in the blanks" form letter with a $20 gift card enclosed to apologize for my inconvenience. Since I have no intention of stepping foot in that salon again I passed the gift card on to my mother, as she likes some of the products they carry there.

I haven't called my cousin about the whole crappy experience yet, as he's been traveling. But I'd still like to tell him about it when I get the chance.

Speaking of no means no...

Today I went to go get my glasses updated and new contacts for the first time in a few years. The place I had previously gone to, America's Best, was still around and all that jazz so I called and made an appointment a few days ago.

The receptionist today was quite nice. The girl who checked my glasses vision was nice as well, and so was the doctor who did my contact exam. So, all that being done, I headed to look at the glasses and picked a few pairs out. Collapse )
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I went to get my hair colored the other day and asked for it to be a pretty pink color. What I got was a freakish result. The girl had to use a violet color to tone my hair down and ran out during the process, so she thought she could make her own violet toner that would have the same result. WRONG! what she made actually turned my hair BLUE! When I asked her why my hair was turning blue she kinda freaked. She tried to wash it out but it didnt work. SO my hair was then blue and blonde and black. I'm not sure what happened or why, but she continued to color my hair, she went to put the pink in and then learned what she had was actually BRIGHT RED. I was staying calm and i asked her if how long has had her licence and if she had ever colored har before, she said she has had her licence for 4 months (fuck) and never colored un-natural colors before me (double fuck). She went on to say that there was no one she could call to ask what to do and told me she would fix it. yeah right. After 4 hours, and alot of aggrevation, my hair was freakish and i was nto happy. Although she still charged me, I was certain to call her manager the next day. The manager was shocked at what had happened and did her best to fix it. We talked and come to find out, the girl never rang my color into her register. She pocketed the 65.00....

Here are some Collapse ) of my hell-ish hair....