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May 26th, 2007

Pretty minor, but it annoys me

My friend and I went to Red Rooster yesterday, I've been craving it for weeks and finally got around to going.
May as well note that my friend and I are both partially blind, he had his cane and I had my guide dog.

He orders first because he just wants a drink. Asks for a diet vanilla coke - really snotty tone that no they don't, he says no problem and gets regular diet.

My turn to order - I'd decided to get enough to last 2 meals (as I said, been craving it)
So I ask for a classic quarter with wing, and then if the portuguese pieces come in a meal (I can't read the menu) she rolls her eyes and says yes. So I get that, and a regular vanilla coke - she goes and gets a regular coke, and sighs when I correct her on it - so get my food to go and he and I leave.

Unfortuantely I didn't check my order when I got it - there were hardly any fries with the pieces, and today I go to get the other one and she gave me a leg - I don't like leg meat, hence I ordered the other one.

I'm just pissed because usually they're great at that store, and I'm still craving the stupid classic quarter that I was before.

Paypal - you SUCK - Part 2

I'm still fighting with Paypal. Today I decided to see if I had another old account with Paypal - which I might have - and of course the only way to get the info is by calling. So I call the 800 number provided to me from another LJ user (888-221-1161 provided by agilebrit) and of course I hit the automated system. It asks me questions, I answer and finally get transferred to the department I want... then I'm disconnected. Not once, not twice, not even three times but rather I'm disconnected a total of SIX times before I finally get through to an "agent". Paypal needs to update their automated system to ensure that no one else is hung up during transfers.

Short One

For the love of baby penguins, don't bag my loaf of bread with my gallon of milk!

I know this is minor compared to a lot of stuff here, but now I have a pretty much useless loaf of bread.  :(

Invasion of Personal Space = Bad Service?

Just a question to the community, does invasion of your personal space by an employee mean bad service? Reason I ask is as follows...

I was at Barnes and Noble tonight after getting some ice cream. Just was standing around looking at a book or two, waiting for my brother to pay for some books before we headed home. All of a sudden I felt a hand reaching into the back of my shirt. Turning around I saw a woman finishing tucking the tag of my shirt back in. Standing there completely shocked at the blatant disregard for my space I just happened to see as she was walking away that she had the typical gear of an employee (nametag on a lanyard, walkie, inventory scanner, etc). Of course, I was too shocked to say or do anything so like an idiot I walked out without a word. Only halfway home did I snap out of it enough to realize what had just gone on.

Now am I wrong to think that was completely uncalled for? If it was offending her so much that my tag was out, which I didn't know or I would've fixed myself, why couldn't she have just brought it to my attention politely? Please tell me I am justified in my outrage here. Its relatively minor compared to what I've seen here, but that doesn't make it ok.


Bad Service

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