May 26th, 2007

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Pretty minor, but it annoys me

My friend and I went to Red Rooster yesterday, I've been craving it for weeks and finally got around to going.
May as well note that my friend and I are both partially blind, he had his cane and I had my guide dog.

He orders first because he just wants a drink. Asks for a diet vanilla coke - really snotty tone that no they don't, he says no problem and gets regular diet.

My turn to order - I'd decided to get enough to last 2 meals (as I said, been craving it)
So I ask for a classic quarter with wing, and then if the portuguese pieces come in a meal (I can't read the menu) she rolls her eyes and says yes. So I get that, and a regular vanilla coke - she goes and gets a regular coke, and sighs when I correct her on it - so get my food to go and he and I leave.

Unfortuantely I didn't check my order when I got it - there were hardly any fries with the pieces, and today I go to get the other one and she gave me a leg - I don't like leg meat, hence I ordered the other one.

I'm just pissed because usually they're great at that store, and I'm still craving the stupid classic quarter that I was before.
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Paypal - you SUCK - Part 2

I'm still fighting with Paypal. Today I decided to see if I had another old account with Paypal - which I might have - and of course the only way to get the info is by calling. So I call the 800 number provided to me from another LJ user (888-221-1161 provided by agilebrit) and of course I hit the automated system. It asks me questions, I answer and finally get transferred to the department I want... then I'm disconnected. Not once, not twice, not even three times but rather I'm disconnected a total of SIX times before I finally get through to an "agent". Paypal needs to update their automated system to ensure that no one else is hung up during transfers.
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Short One

For the love of baby penguins, don't bag my loaf of bread with my gallon of milk!

I know this is minor compared to a lot of stuff here, but now I have a pretty much useless loaf of bread.  :(
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Invasion of Personal Space = Bad Service?

Just a question to the community, does invasion of your personal space by an employee mean bad service? Reason I ask is as follows...

I was at Barnes and Noble tonight after getting some ice cream. Just was standing around looking at a book or two, waiting for my brother to pay for some books before we headed home. All of a sudden I felt a hand reaching into the back of my shirt. Turning around I saw a woman finishing tucking the tag of my shirt back in. Standing there completely shocked at the blatant disregard for my space I just happened to see as she was walking away that she had the typical gear of an employee (nametag on a lanyard, walkie, inventory scanner, etc). Of course, I was too shocked to say or do anything so like an idiot I walked out without a word. Only halfway home did I snap out of it enough to realize what had just gone on.

Now am I wrong to think that was completely uncalled for? If it was offending her so much that my tag was out, which I didn't know or I would've fixed myself, why couldn't she have just brought it to my attention politely? Please tell me I am justified in my outrage here. Its relatively minor compared to what I've seen here, but that doesn't make it ok.
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