May 22nd, 2007


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Dear STM;

It seems that, daily, you think up new and interesting ways to sodomise the millions of Montrealers who depend on the mass transit system for their daily days. First, there is the clockwork yearly rate hike. In the past ten years, the price has almost doubled for all users, while the level of service has remained, for the most part, constant.

Oh, wait, that's not entirely true. There *is* the extension that *just* opened in Laval. The three new shiny metro stations, on the other island. The three extra stations that also cost extra to use; people who need it to get on the island need to pay another 40$ on TOP of the 63 dollar metro pass. Or they can take the bus and get stuck on the bridges at rush hour.
Wait, weren't those stations built to avoid that?
Funny that.

Oh, well, you *did* also get new metro cars for some of the lines. Nice. They only appear bigger because you took out seats so more people can stand.

But the real kicker is the strike. The one that starts today. The second strike in four years. You have paralyzed the islands mass transit. We could live with the Metro shut down, but for some reason, you must ALSO freeze bus services. And the hours of operation?
Weekdays: 6am to 9am, 3: 30pm to 6:30pm, 11pm to 1am
Weekends: 6am to 9am, 2pm to 5pm, 11pm to 1am

The essential hours, you say?
I call bullshit. You are already some of the highest paid, most stubbornly unionised public workers in Montreal. You have better job security that Politics, Hydro Quebec, or Alcan. But you didn't get your 2% increase over the next three years, so fuck the public.

You self centered asshat hypocrite fuckers.
Millions. Of. People. Daily.
That is who uses the transit system. Ten hours, spread over a system that used to run from 6 AM to 1 AM nonstop is NOT essential. It strands people.
Not to mention it shows how important you consider us, the customer. Not that we can say anything, being as how we can't exactly call up a competitor.
Oh well. I guess we'll just take more cars into town. And do the exact opposite of what your damned PR has been trying to make us do for the past ten years, which is not polute.
As for those of us too poor, too young, or too old to use cars?

I guess we can fuck off, then.
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