May 20th, 2007


Not a movie..

Do most video stores mix television dvd's in with the movie new releases?

bad service vs customer suck.

Last week I stopped at the local video store to rent a movie. It was a weekend and almost anything good was gone. I picked up a movie "The Lost Room" I "briefly" read the synopsis and it sounded like something I would be interested in so I rented it. I guess I should have taken more time to read the back cover. The front cover said "two disc set" I assumed one was for extras and such.

Later that evening I went to watch the movie and wtf? It was not making sense at all. I took the disc out and looked at it, on the very bottom it said "disc two." I went on the internet and found out that this was not a movie but a mini series. DOH!

The next day I took the dvd back and asked the clerk if this was a series dvd. She looked at it and said yes and that I needed to rent disc #1 first. I told her that I thought it was a movie since it was in the movie new releases. She laughed and said I needed to see the first disc. I told her I didn't watch it and gave it back, she shrugged so I left.

When I got home I emailed corporate and they replied a few days later saying they credited my account, then basically said it was my fault for not looking closer to what I was renting.

Friday I went back to the video store and rented a movie. As I was about to pay the clerk she said I had a credit and put the dvd on the out counter. She had a sour look and wasn't very friendly. I hope she was just having a bad day or maybe there was a comment about my complaint.

My bad! They do have a televison series section, it should have been put there or rent out both discs together. I don't know, but I will be looking closer next time. :) I would have been happy if I could have just exchanged the part two for part one and rented part two later.

Edit: I concede, I was a sucky customer.