May 17th, 2007

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I thought I'd share my ParcelForce suck (hell the way they run their company there should be a bad_parcelforce comm out there!).

I ordered some mexican food (beans, diff sauces, spices etc.) from this website. They charged £5.99 for shipping, not a problem. I ordered on Fri and because of the bank holiday it was meant to be delivered on Tue (so I thought with PC48) but I guess they do their calculations differently. Anyway they come on Wed when there's no one in.

Now instead of leaving a card saying sorry you weren't in please contact us to arrange re-delivery. They actually left it at my local post office - which is different from the sorting office (who could re-deliver).

I work far enough from where I work that I can't go either in my lunch hour or after work. I'm also hardly home/alive on a Sat morning so I contact them. I'm told that they'll re-deliver at a charge of £5.50, yet cannot tell me what day it could be as they don't work that way.

I thought fine I'll try another avenue. I spoke to the Post Office people who said because of where it was - a main PO - they were unnable to deliver and the man having worked for PC was not only surprised I managed to get someone on the phone (not through their main press button xyz that's for sure) but also said that PC don't redeliver. That I would have paid for nothing.

Nice... Still I worked through my lunch on Mon and collected it myself.
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I ordered about $30 of food from on the 10th. Now, several places on the site the company swears up and down that as long as the order is received on or before 2p.m pacific standard time that the order will be shipped the following business day (They received my order before noon their time on a Thursday) and if something in the order is back ordered or delayed that they'll send you an email to explain. After about four business days passed with no shipping and no helpful email I started sending emails inquiring about my products and when/if they intended to ship. After I sent the order inquiry form hinting around my desire to cancel if some of my items were back ordered or otherwise unavailable and they had failed to inform me, my package magically shipped. I really wouldn't have minded so much if they hadn't promised fast shipping or at least an update on the situation in the event said shipping wasn't possible. I don't even know why my package was delayed since they never answered my emails--which their site promises to answer in 24 hours. Bleh.

bad automated phone service.

So I ordered some checks a few months ago. I was going to order them online but the website said that if any of your information has changed, to do it at the bank. So I went to the bank and watched the girl fill out the form with my new address. Now I got these checks in october. I had found some checks that I still had before they arrived, so I figured I wouldn't open them until I needed them. So I opened them a few days ago and discovered they still had my old address. Now it says on the box that the company is only liable for printing errors. So I figured that I would call them and see if they could be replaced. It doesn't matter either way because I know that I should have done it soon, but it's worth the effort. So I call the number. I get one of those lovely computer ladies that you have to speak to. Now they are annoying, but the room was quiet so I wasn't having any problems. I give her/it my information and she repeats it back to me for confirmation. It then tells me that it cannot help me and I need to contact my financial institution and hangs up. Now I didn't specify why I was calling and there are no options to talk to a person that I can find. There is a separate menu that you can get into if you are having technical problems, but it still isn't a real person. So I'm thinking wtf? Why have a phone number that people can call "24 hours a day, 7 days a week" if the automated response just hangs up on you without letting you talk to a real person?