May 12th, 2007

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Bad service from Applebee's

Ok. I live in the middle of BFE, Washington. Well, one of the MANY areas that can be called BFE. Right now we're nearing the end of the Irrigation Festival, which the small town next to mine hosts every bloody year. There aren't many affordable places to do sit down dining around here. Applebee's isn't precisely affordable, but we'd been saving up and we were planning on celebrating my 30th birthday there.

Bad service actually starts on May 10th. I call to see if they take reservations. I get a woman who answers the phone cheerily enough. I ask, "I was just curious. Do you take reservations?"

*dead silence* Then, in a VERY rude tone of voice, "No. We. Don't. We. Have. Never. Taken. Reservations. We. Will. Never. Take. Reservations."

I kind of blinked. "I'm sorry. I didn't know that. Thank you for the help."

"Whatever. Thanks for calling Applebee's. Have a nice day." Said in the same rude tone of voice.

I figured, "Ok. Someone's PMSing really bad." (Being female, I know how cranky you can get when you're PMSing. I also figured that since it's Mother's Day weekend AND the Irrigation Festival, she's had a lot of calls about it.)

Skip ahead to Friday night. It's 6:30 PM. My husband and I and our three kids show up. The lady greets us with a smile and starts reaching for menus. "So, that's five then?" she asks.

"Actually, we have three more people coming," I say. "We were wondering how long it'll be for a table for eight."

This woman stopped smiling and stared at us like we had just uttered something so foul that it wasn't to be believed. "An hour to an hour and a half."

I nodded, thanked her for her time, asked her to put us down on the list (which she did, though you could tell she thought it was a waste of her time) and walked back outside for a minute. We moved aside so people could get by, but we were easily seen through the door. And a lot of people were coming outside to smoke, which is what my husband and our friends were doing. I slipped back inside about half an hour later to check on the progress of the table. A different woman looked at me, looked at her list, looked back at me and said, "I don't have you on the list."

"You should. Janet* put me on the list half an hour ago."

"Janet didn't say anything about it to me." She looked at the list. I saw it too, and saw that the other woman had crossed my name off the list. I asked how long it would be for a table for eight. This woman gave me the same nasty look. "Two hours."

"Screw this." I walked outside, told them how we were getting shafted, and said I wanted to go somewhere else. We ended up going to Tarcisio's, which was moderately cheaper, better quality (to me) food, and a lot more fun since it only took five minutes to get a table set up for eight people.

Seriously...I understand if you're having a bad day. I've been a hostess AND a waitress myself. But screwing over customers just because you don't want to deal with a large party is REALLY stupid.

*Name changed to protect the bitchy.
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This is a pretty random bad_service story. I am not sure that it counts as bad_service because we are not customers of AAA.

The other day, my grandpa was driving his motorhome down I-80 to the Watt ave exit. Just fyi the Watt exit is a pretty sharp turn to be taking in a motorhome.

Up ahead, my grandpa saw a AAA truck and a car off the side of the road. There was the AAA guy and a woman. Both had their hazard lights on. AAA guy and woman are standing somewhat close to the road. Grandpa notices this and makes a point to get as far away from them as possible. What happened next was just bizzare.

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I guess my question is - Should we let AAA know what happened with this guy or not? He's clearly crazy. I guess the woman he was helping wasn't in that big of a crisis if he was able to jump in his truck and follow my grandpa. :S

horrible service from Direct TV

So, my mother decides, after having had cable pretty much forever, to have it taken out and give Direct TV a try.

She calls them up, makes the appointment, and the installation guy comes out. Installation guy says there's a tree in the way and it has to come down. He leaves. Stepfather cuts down the tree. Another appointment is made for the installation. Installation guy #2 is supposed to be there at 4pm. He shows up at 9pm. When my mother, understandably pissed and halfway ready for bed, answers the door, he tells her "Look at all those trees! You don't have a signal!" Mom tells him to leave and shuts the door.

She calls Direct TV's customer service back again and complains about the guy's lateness and attitude. Another appointment is made. The same guy shows up again and does the installation. He leaves. Mom goes outside and finds that the cable is lying on top of the ground, stretching from the house across the entire back yard.

She calls customer service again. They put her on hold, apparently calling the installation guy. The customer service rep comes back and tells Mom that the guy said my mother told him SHE was going to bury it. Yes, my mother, nearly sixty years old and suffering from kidney disease, is going to go out there with a shovel and bury forty yards of cable. Right.

Here's what really burns me up. Not only was the guy a lazy asshat, but he flat-out lied on my mother when Direct TV asked him why he didn't bury the cable. And that's not all. He then took it upon himself to call my mother and confront her for complaining about him! Yes, this man, who does not even work for Direct TV, but is a subcontractor, actually had the nerve to phone up my mother and ask her why she complained about him. I mean, you've gotta be kidding me. I've never even heard of someone doing that!

The story goes on. Direct TV tells my mother it'll cost her $150 for them to bury the cable. As opposed to what? Letting it lie there and be what the customer service rep admitted was "a hazard"? Mom wasn't happy, since that hardly sounds like the "free" installation she was promised, and she'd certainly never been told up front about any additional fees, but she was willing to pay it just to get the damn thing buried. She was told a supervisor would call her and arrange to come out and look at the cable and see what the situation was.

Supervisor never calls. Mom tells Direct TV to come get their stuff out of her house. More inconvenience and attitude ensue. Now she has cable again.