May 11th, 2007

Fry's Grocery Store

I went to the grocery store last night. I was looking for the new chips by Flat Earth

I didn't find them, but I got the rest of my list. 

Not a big deal.

When I got to the register the cashier asked if I'd found everything I wanted. Now normally you just say yes and go on.

But today I REALLY wanted the chips and had looked in both the snack section and the health section.

So I said no, and told her what I was looking for.

She just looked at me and said "oh, yeah we have those. I've seen them"

Full stop.

Now since I've never answered the question with anything other than "yes I found everything thanks" before....

Am I out of line thinking that maybe she could have been a bit more helpful?

Or is this the grocery equivalent of  "how's your health?"

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A witnessed customers_suck and bad_service all in one! Whoo!

So I went to McNasty awhile ago right before they were closing. I ordered my food and was standing around waiting when a very angry Non English Speaking Man (I don't want to guess the nationality, but I think he was an Indian or a Middle Eastern of some sort) comes in. He's talking quickly and with his voice raised about something. If he was talking to me, I wouldn't have had a clue what he was saying. The employee figured out he wanted straws.

Me: Hi
The Middle Easter man and the McDonald's employee with henceforth be called Drew and Tony, respectively. Italics are thoughts.

Tony: You didn't get any straws? Okay, just a second and I'll grab you some.
Drew: I was in the drive thru and I didn't get any straws, why didn't I get straws? I'm suppose to get straws! I drove home and didn't get any straws and had to drive back. It took me half an hour!
Me: The hell it did, you raving lunatic.

I sometimes say something when a customer is being a total asshole to an employee, but I was getting a bad vibe from Tony. His words were nice enough, but it was the tone and body language that put me off him. I decided I didn't really want to stick up for someone that I found rude.

Drew: How am I suppose to drink without straws?!
Me: By taking off the lid and drinking out of it like any other cup...?
Tony: I'm sorry, but I wasn't on drive thru, here's some straws.
Tony: Well, it's not my fucking problem, asshole!
Me: *jawdrop*
Tony: *swears some more at the guy*
Drew: *leaves*
Me: *jawdrop*

After he left, the two guys who were up front were telling everyone else about the crazy man and painting themselves as heroes because they really told him. Sure, that guy was a nut job, but that's no reason to swear at him! Your customer service skills make baby Jesus cry.

The thing that made it even worse, was the man who I think was the manager was in earshot the entire time and did nothing. I truly hope that it was one of the cases when you apprehend later in private. But still. Shitty all around.

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Bad service from Chase

So, I overdrafted some time on Saturday. My fault entirely, I know, but we were without internet until Monday and I had no real way of checking anything aside from actually going out and doing so at an ATM or the bank or my parents' house. Anyway.

I overdrafted a couple of times, actually. When I found out after we had internet again, I was pretty upset, and mad at myself for fuzzy math. I called up the customer service line (and had a hell of a time figuring out how to talk to a real person, let me tell you), and I asked about their overdraft policies. I was assured that what happens is that after five business days of your account being overdrawn there was a $25 fee per overdraft per day, but that since I was getting paid Friday as long as I got my check in on time it wouldn't be a problem at all. I even asked if the lady was sure a few times, but she cheerfully assured me I'd be just fine, no fees.

So, today I go to put my check in, and OMGWTF I've got $128 in fees. Apparently there's no grace period, and it's $32 per business day you're overdrawn, as far as I can tell.

$128 is a lot of money, and I'm pretty upset about that, but I was ready to pay for it back Monday. What I'm REALLY upset about is being lied to. It's her job to know the policies and stuff, and especially if she doesn't know to not just make shit up. She swore up and down that was the case, though.

I'd complain, but I didn't get her name, and I only know the approximate time I called (it was around 4:00 pm on Tuesday).
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So, this is a repost from my entry on August 14th in my own journal. [edited to add a couple clarifying points, and to fix a couple typos from the original.]

so I just got a phone call from a collections company about my debt to DTE. I was told by DTE that as long as I was making payments on it, it wouldn't go to collections so of course I'm gonna be pissed already. Then this idiot asks me if I can give them a "pacific" date I'll have the payment in by, and I said by the end of the month. He said they needed a "pacific" date and I said fine, the 31st [of August]. So then he says that "if it's not in by a couple days before that, it'll be counted as July," and I was like huh? that doesn't make any sense, July is already past and I made a payment in July. He says it takes a couple days to process the payment and it has to be completed [processed] by the 31st to get credit for paying this month, so I'd have to send it a few days before that and I'm like OK, so I'll make sure to send it a few days before that. And then he's like well when are you going to send it? and I'm like I don't know, but I guess I'll have to send it before the 28th won't I? and he's all like we need a "pacific" date.

[What I neglected to mention in my original entry is that in this round of conversation, he also asked when my next paydate was--and it was Sept 1st, so I said as much. He asked how I was going to pay it if I didn't have the money right that second, and wouldn't get paid til after the payment was due. My response was, "I guess that's my problem to figure out, isn't it? But you'll have the payment in time for it to be processed by the 31st."]

Please bear in mind this guy is speaking without accent otherwise, he's obviously a native and, dare I say it, English is his second language, Ebonics being his first. That much was clear.

We go around like that for a while, me saying it'll be in by the 31st, him saying he needs a pacific date... finally I got fed up.

Me: I can't give you a "Pacific" date the pacific is an ocean!
Idiot: Persifis??
Me: I want to speak to someone who can speak English.
Idiot: We need a pacific date that your account will be paid this month.
Me: I want to speak to your supervisor.
Idiot: What?
Me: Give me to your supervisor
Idiot: *attitude tone, no idea what he was about to say he got like one word out*
Me: Give me to your supervisor.
Idiot: *mocking my voice* Give me to my supervisor.*/mocking* What the hell--
Me: Give me to your supervisor.
Idiot: *sarcastic* Give me to my supervisor. Now let me see, I don't know...
*pause* [This pause was not long enough for him to have explained the situation to anyone, or for anyone to have reviewed the tape--it's obvious the phone call was being monitored from the beginning]
Woman: Ms. Wilson?
Me: Yes?
Woman: We need a SPECIFIC date that you will have your payment to us, otherwise we have to send this back to DTE with a note that says refusal to pay.
Me: I told him, the 31st. That's the latest it will be there and it may be there earlier. I am not refusing to pay, you want a specific date and I've given it to you. I'm not sure how much more specific I can get.
Woman: Ok thank you ma'am we have your payment scheduled to be paid by check by the 31st.
Me: Thank you.
Woman: *Hung up.*

Every time someone says Pacific instead of Specific, I think of this... and it's become a joke in my family since then, it was just so ludicrous.

ETA: to clarify, I was asking to speak to his supervisor more pointedly because he was refusing to accept the date I was giving him, and because of his attitude. I could have said I was refusing to pay it, and had better results. At one point I even said the 28th, so it would be processed by the 30th, but he wouldn't accept that either. But they couldn't take credit card payments over the phone, and I couldn't promise that the payment would be in anytime before that, since I was leaving for vacation a couple days after the phone call, and also because I am not in charge if the US postal service.

It just looks like I asked for his supervisor over the mispronunciation, I had actually asked for the supervisor a couple times before the scripty part and he kept changing the question to try and get a different answer. But asking "Will your payment be in by the end of the month?" is asking the same thing when I'm saying "It will be in by the end of the month."