May 7th, 2007

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my first ever post here

This was a witnessed bad service, I suppose not terrible, but still bad enough.

So I flew into Miami from the Caribbean yesterday, on American Airlines. Bad service all the way, but the part that stuck out was when a lady travelling alone, who must have been about 50 or so, asked one of the (male) flight attendants to help her lift her bag into the overhead. She asked him very politely. He refused. His excuse? 'Ma'am, I just can't, I just worked the incoming flight and I'm too tired to lift that.' She told him he was in the wrong job then. His response? A sarcastic 'thanks, I'll tell my boss', then he flounced off on her. Another passenger helped her with her bag.

I'm sorry, is it really too much to expect that the people who are paid to help you on flights I understand tired, but it's not like the bag was insanely heavy or it would have taken a long time to lift it into the overhead. It was 10 seconds of his time, which he is being PAID for.
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Cashier shorted me

I'm not sure if this was intentional or unintentional bad service.

I was checking out at a local grocery store, and used my ATM card so I could get $40 cash back. The cashier handed me two bills with the receipt wrapped around them. Without looking, I stuffed them in my wallet.

Hours later, while getting dinner, I opened up my wallet and noticed I'd gotten 2 ten-dollar bills instead of the expected twenties. It's a good thing it was a cheap dinner, and one of the tens covered it with change left over.

If she intentionally gave me the two tens and snagged a twenty for herself, that sucks. It would be an easy scam to run - hand back cash wrapped in receipt, and if the customer noticed - "oops, sorry about that, grabbed the wrong bills". If it was a mistake, the register's would've come up $20 ahead. I'm not sure if cashiers count their own drawers, or if somebody else does that.

And I'm not sure what I can do, if anything, to remedy the situation. I can't go back and demand my $20.

I suppose I can take the receipt back to the store and inform them I was shorted $20 and at least let them know who the cashier was, so if other people have been reporting the same thing she can get the firing she so richly deserves.

And from now on, I don't think I'll get cash back from cashiers, unless it's change or I really need the cash and don't have any other options. And I'll pay more attention to what I get. It could've been a MUCH more expensive lesson. Thankfully it wasn't desperately needed to cover a living expense.

Anybody else get hit with something like this? Is it common? (It's the first time it's happened to me.)
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the doctor/sickness post reminded me of this

I haven't had any luck finding a good primary physician, so I've kept relying on walk in clinics for the few times I've needed them. I go to the same one that houses the doctor as my last bad_service rant, wherein he told me that pregnant women don't need prenatal care at all and refused to give me the referral to a prenatal clinic, but I just avoid him and request the other doctor on duty. Heh. (PS - I am now nearing 6 months pregnant and doing great at the clinic, so yay.)

Anyways, I went to the walk in clinic about 2 weeks ago. I had spent 2 days with my asthma really acting up, so I knew what was coming. My asthma only acts up when there's something else triggering my lungs, either bad allergies or the starts of bronchitis. I gave it a few days thinking it might be allergies because of the changing of the weather. With allergies it's just snow mold in the air that aggravates me, I sneeze a lot and I get short of breath, so when I woke up one morning and I could feel a huge pressure in my lungs like they were full, I was having problems breathing and I could feel myself wheeze both on the way in and the way out, I knew right away what it was. I was born with undeveloped lungs, spent a large portion of my childhood in the ER, and even though my lungs are 90% better now, I still get bronchitis a lot. I can tell when it is bronchitis because I get it about 4-5 times a year, and it sucks, but if it goes untreated my lungs aren't strong enough to get rid of it.

So I went into the doctor, I explained all that, told him I knew it was bronchitis as I've had it a zillion times before. He listened to me breathe. Then told me it was..

acid reflux. Because I'm pregnant, so it must be that. I told him I've had heartburn before too and I know this isn't it, I'm not feeling nauseous, it's not acid reflux, it's my lungs, and he shakes his head, says "No it's just heartburn, take some tums and it'll get better". Then walks out.

So the next morning when I wake up and I'm struggling to breathe at all I go in, wait another 2 hours for a doctor, and he listens to me for a second and says "yeah it's bronchitis, pretty bad too" and gives me a prescription as well as 2 new asthma inhalers so I can breathe.

I was pretty mad at the first doctor, I really dislike sitting for 2 hours to have a doctor with no clue what he's talking about tell me that I can breathe just fine that I'm just a little pukey. Or something.

I can't wait until I find a good family physician so I can stop playing russian roulette and sometimes getting a great doctor, and other times getting stories like these.

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I knit.  I like to knit.  I find yarn shopping a pleasurable experience.   Most times.

My dh left for Europe on Sunday so on Saturday, I took the chance to run to town for a few last minute things for his flight, and decided to run into Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things to start while he is gone these next 2 weeks.

They had the 50% off of knitting needles and accessories  sale going, and the location was right by where I had to no biggy.


The cashier was RUDE to me and totally screwed up my purchase! The needle and the stitch markers she rang up full price, and didnt give me the sale price on the ONE ball of Sugar & Cream I bought too. My total was over 9 bucks, and I asked her..."Wasnt this 50% off?"

She looked at me, checked the flyer taped to the counter, actually sighed, and said..."Yeah, I guess you want a adjustment dont you?"  as she smacked her gum and look terribly put out that I asked for the correction. 

Ummm..yeah I do. Its only 4 bucks in the grand scheme of life, but four bucks is four bucks! I hate when people get all put out cause THEY messed up! And I thought honestly, I was pretty nice about it!

It wasnt till I signed the refund slip and walked out to my truck that I noticed that the S&C was listed as $1.49 instead of $1.19 like the flyer said.

While this may not big the biggest pile of bad service, I think it was pretty crappy.