May 5th, 2007

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bad service at my own employment!

So, I work in a coffee shop. (I live next door to the owner, but that's an entire other kind of suck). We also sell sandwiches/wraps, cakes, soups, bagels (and bagel sandwiches), cookies, croissants, etc. We specialize in catering to veggie/vegan diets, we all know what of our products fall into either category. We are also sensitive to those people who prefer to avoid things like microwaves, or preservatives, but we're not all so educated on that front (simply because we get less of those customers so we tend to forget the info).

Now, I have dietary restrictions that require me to read labels a lot. On literally everything that goes into my mouth. So I've read the labels on everything in the store to see if I can eat it. And I know darn well that every single kind of meat in the store has sugar in it. All but one of the meats has some version of corn syrup (HFCS, CS, or CS solids). There are also a few other items in the store that have HFCS in them.

I was talking to my boss about it one day, and saying that we should get fresher deli meats without sugar and preservatives. He tells me about his vendetta against HFCS/CS in general, POINTS OUT the HFCS in the corned beef we have, and in the thousand island dressing, and tells me that he's happy because he got our dark and white chocolate syrups replaced with ones that taste 100 times better and don't have CS of any kind in them, but that he can't find a caramel sauce without it.

Not even an hour later, a customer asked him about the CS vendetta, and my boss tells him that, "The only thing in the store with corn syrup of any kind is the caramel sauce." I've heard him say similar things to people since, including telling a diabetic regular customer that none of our meats have sugar in them! The first time, I did not correct him, but that time I had to say something. (Tho what I said was that it's true none of them have cane sugar, but all of them have a sugar of some kind, some have honey or brown sugar or maple syrup.)

He also told us to market the squash COOKED IN BUTTER as vegan, saying that "it's just a LITTLE butter, it's OK." We refused, and the customers thanked us.
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I hate the post office.

My husband and I moved on Monday, April 30th. There was a possibility that we could move in over the weekend if the old tenants moved out sooner, but we wouldn't know until that week. Because of that, I didn't change our addresses until April 25th.

On Thursday, I had a package mailed to me. I was tracking online, hoping that it would get to me by Saturday and before the move, but had no such luck.

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