May 4th, 2007

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Famous Footwhat?

I'm really not a terrible customer to please, but I've noticed that since I work in customer service there are a few things that I look for (not neccessarily expect) when I go shopping somewhere. I don't ask a lot, just to be acknowledged.

So, I have to return a pair of shoes to Famous Footwear because a strap on one of them was broken and I didn't notice it in the store and unfortunately they didn't either when they rang me up. So, it's both of our faults, I can accept that.

So I walk in and I was greeted by this very bored looking guy pushing a cart of shoes around and I made my way over to the counter and a lady asked me very abruptly if I was making a return or exchange. No hello, no what's wrong no thanks for coming in, nope. Nothing. Just "Return or exchange?" So I told her that it's an exchange to which she says "K, leave your bag here and look around." Yikes.

So I find what I need, come back to the counter and the bored guy from earlier asks me if I'm all set, I say yes, he says his manager should be out soon. No problem, I can wait for her/him. But waiting turns into about 5 minutes and bored guy finally pipes up with "Maybe I should go find her.." Yeah, maybe. Probably.

So he disappears and my back is to the manager when she comes around the corner. She doesn't say hi, doesn't ask what's wrong doesn't offer anything just takes my boxes and starts punching buttons on her computer. The only thing she says to me during the entire interaction was a question of if I wanted another bag and I mentioned that one of the shoe was ripped and she asked which one.

I left the store bewildered. Is that service? I mean, really. I don't want much, just a hi.

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Okay, let me preface this with saying that I'm pretty cool when it comes to customer service. I understand shit happens, miscommunications occur, and people have bad days. I've been on the employee end of it many a time. I'm really ridiculously easy to please.

However, Miss Claire's Employee, I have a bone to pick with you.

I came in to take advantage of the buy two, get one free earring deal, and get a new wallet because my old one was falling apart. I took my time to browse, as I saw that you were getting ready to do a piercing. I gave you about ten minutes, as you were already over at the piercing station when I got there and I saw you preparing and swabbing and sterilizing. Yet when the time came for me to pay for my earrings and wallet, you were still standing there wittering on with the guy who was getting his ear pierced (seriously, dude, I hope your friends never find out you got your piercing at fucking CLAIRE'S) and his girlfriend, and her friend.

I stood there for a good five minutes while you stood there and did everything EXCEPT pierce that dude's ear.

And then you actually looked surprised when the only thing I did was hand you my debit card, sign for the receipt, and grab my bag of stuff without uttering a word.

That's right, just like you did to me! Honestly, would it have been so hard, when you SAW me standing at the register waiting patiently for you to finish, to call over, "Hey, I'll be with you just as soon as I've finished over here"? I would have had no problem with you had you actually done that. But you chose to treat me as though I were invisible.

Jesus. I get treated better at Hot Topic. I think I'll just buy my cheap-ass earrings and hair accessories and stuff from there from now on, despite the fact that they're more expensive, and I feel like a total tool coming in there to buy stupid plastic crap. I'd rather deal with employees who are always friendly no matter how I'm dressed or how busy they are.
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Not quite bad service but...

I'm not sure if this falls under the catagory of bad service, but definetly bad management.

Our local Krogers has recently promoted a young guy to shift manager. While I was checking out, this young manager picks up the phone and yells over the loud speaker, "Jenna, get back to your register now". She was literally only a few feet away. When she got there, he says loudly, for every customer at the front to hear, "This woman says you didn't give her the right change, open your drawer and give her ten dollars" She gave the woman the change and he then said "Now I'm going to count your drawer and if it's short your getting written up".

After I left, I called the store manager and told him that really needs to address that issue. As a customer, I was embarassed for that poor girl. He had no right to talk to her like that, in front of everyone.

Bad service which will hopefully turn to good service

This needs a bit of background first. I live in an apartment and the girl who lives next to me owns a cat. She pratically never cleans out its litter box. I've looked after her cat a few times when she goes away for a long weekend and the smell is awful. I've talked to her about it but she can't smell it (probably because she's lived with it for so long). It's that time of year when people are ending their leases and other people are moving in. This means that the landlords are showing apartments for this month. I've been away for a week (taking my two cats with me) and I come back to find this note on my door (cut for tl;dr):

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I'm not sure if this should go into co_workers_suck or here, since I also work in this GameStop, but I figured I'd stick it here on recommendation of a friend. Anyway, here goes.

I went to my GameStop today because I wanted to buy The Sims 2.. and I must say that, in a customer situation, I am very displeased with my co-workers, for several reasons. The first being that a game like The Sims 2 requires more than one disk (in this case, 4), and they didn't even bother to put the disks in numerical order. Maybe that's just something I do, but at least I have the courtesy to do it. It just seems like the right thing to do.

The second thing being that, again, a game like The Sims 2 requires a manual because the activation code is on the manual.. but they didn't fucking give me one. Wtf is this shit? All games should come with their manuals, I thought that was common sense even if you don't work there. I always stick a manual in the box after I go get the game from the back room. It's not that hard.

gksjgksjf Next time I go to work, I'm going to let Joe (my boss) know about this. This is ridiculous.
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National City

This happened to me a few years ago now. Now before we even get into the flaming, I do understand that I was partially in the wrong here, but I was also behaving on misinformation at one point.

I had a checking account and debit card with NC, which was great because when I got it it was a block away from my work, and when I changed jobs they were right across the parking lot, they had tons of ATMs in my area and since I was working nights, I used the ATM a lot.

One day, in like, the beginning of February, I bought my boyfriend's kid a car seat, we went to another store and found a better car seat for cheaper, so I got it, knowing it would OD my account (by about $10) and we had to take the other back to get it refunded back on my card. While we were in the store, his mom called and he mentioned the car seat and she said to give her the extra one (since she needed a new car seat for the kiddo anyway) and she would pay me back (which she didn't but that's not really part of this story). Typically with NC, my debits were taking 5-7 business days to hit my account, and I worked that night and it was payday, so I could put money in the ATM when I got off my waitressing shift.

Well I ended up getting off so late that the bank was open, and went inside to deposit my check (no cash). When I got up later that day, I checked my online banking, and noticed that my paycheck for $181 had been entered as $118, and since I didn't have a running balance after every transaction I couldn't tell what deposit the balance reflected (this gets clearer in a moment). I called, alerted them to the error, and they fixed it, right? I even asked what my new balance was, and they gave me a new and DIFFERENT balance, and said it wouldn't be reflected online for a couple days. I wrote a couple checks for bills.

About a week or 10 days later, my account is overdrafted by $8 and some odd cents. I called back, and said hey, my balance never reflected the appropriate deposit amount, you need to remove this OD fee because I didn't OD my account.

So they say they're investigating. They call me back to tell me that apparently, the deposit amount *said* $118, but the balance when I originally checked online was reflecting the deposit of $181. No one called me to say "we gave you the wrong balance when you called," but they did make a note in my account that they discovered this AFTER THEY GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH ME. It even said in the note that they didn't tell me that info.

So the girl in the national CSR call center tells me "DO NOT deposit money into that account until we get this cleared up, because we are in the wrong and you won't get your money back if you pay it back."

So here I am stuck with using my CU account that is supposed to be a separate business account (at the time I was selling candles) and I didn't have an ATM/Debit card for it so I was stuck with screwing with my sleep schedule to do my banking. I was not happy.

Anyway, they ended up figuring out that because the balance reflected the correct deposit, that I DID end up OD'ing my account legitimately. So they wanted to stick me with the fees, even tho there are notes on my account that it was not my fault, and that they had given me an "updated" balance when I originally called. I had called a few more times, and every time I kept getting mysteriously hung up on when they pulled up my account--to the tune of 8 hang-ups in one day (I was on a land-line, too, so it's not liek I was losing signal on my cell) and 6 hang-ups on another day. Now we're into the middle of March.

Then I get a notice on the 30th of March in the mail (got it after 6pm) saying that one the 31st they will be closing my account and reporting me to the credit agencies. By now, I have the original OD of $8, the original $32 OD, a subsequent $32 OD from another check for around $50 I think, and $5 per day OD for EACH $32 OD--so $10 per day--for the first two weeks they were OD'd. I think it came to around $250? That sounds right.

So I go into the bank branch on the 31st, at like 9am. I'm tired, I'm cranky, it's my day off where I like to SLEEP and I had to deal with this BS. I talked to the branch manager, who called the CSR call center and tried to talk to the girl I talked to who had said not to pay the OD fees, but she wasn't in. They ended up crediting about half the fees, but said I had to pay the rest because I had legitimately OD'd my account and if I had been keeping track of my own check/debit registry I would have known that. Fair enough, I was unhappy because I still felt like ti was not really my fault due to the fact that I had been given a new balance and never told when they discovered what they had told me was wrong, but as I had also done the match and figured out I had legitimately OD'd the account, I was willing to pay the fees.

Took my account to a $0 balance on March 31st. Confirmed with the branch manager that my account would not be closed, and I would not be reported to the Credit agencies for the issue.

Now it's the end of June, and I haven't used my account. I go to put money in because I'm going to Canada the next morning and we'd been told it's better to use a debit card rather than exchanging cash because you get better exchange rates, so I wanted to put cash in my account because that's the only debit card I had. You know what she tells me? "Your account was closed on March 31st."

It's 4 years later, and my credit report doesn't even show that I EVER had an account with them, even tho I had it for over a year and a half, and wasn't very responsible with it even before this incident. It's kind of a wash for me, but still Bad Service.