May 3rd, 2007

Kyou: Anger level rising

FedEx is useless.

I sent my college application via FedEx (overnight) and signature required to make sure they acquired a signature to confirm delivery, in a timely manner. Well, FedEx was anything but speedy and anything but accurate.

I called the school to find out the exact location for a courier because the mailing address is a PO Box and I understand they obviously can't get a PO Box to sign. I confirmed with the specific department that 3 College Street is the correct address for delivery (along with the correct postal code, right down to the room number).

I go and check my package online and for some reason it went from Toronto to Missisauga (which is on the west side of Toronto, I'm on the east... ), sat there for three days and then was attempted to delivered. What went wrong? Wrong address they say. So the next day they delivered it to 123 Gordon Street which is clearly not on campus, and across the major road. It was signed for by some guy named Carlos. ]

Who the hell is Carlos? Whoever he is, he now has my PERSONAL INFORMATION! Not exactly the service I paid for from FedEx.

Well, I call up a supervisor at FedEx and complain. He says he completely understands the time sensitivity, etc and he'll talk to the driver tommorrow.

They call back claiming this is the Shipping and Receiving area for the school, and they're not allowed to walk all over campus to hand packages. First and foremost let me tell you this is utter BS. Any school I've ever gone I have seen packages and letters being delivered to specific offices by FedEx/UPS and other couriers, there is no reason for him to have delivered it there - other than being lazy.

I call the school up and they have NEVER HEARD OF THAT ADDRESS. It is NOT part of the college I am applying to, it's not any school at all. They have never heard ever of the S&R Dept. being there, because it's NOT. I'm pretty sure the school knows where it receives/picks up it's packages from.

So, what did I pay an inflated cost for? A timely delay in my application process as well as possible chance at identify theft. Thank you FedEx, I don't think I could have managed this myself... /sarcasm.

I'll update it later to tell you what FedEx is going to do, and if the application by some miracle made it to the office unscathed by the hand of a good citizen.
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Why must you be so rude?

I found this community just today, and I swear it's something of a "blessing". Because today, I had a telephone experience that I just *have* to share. It all starts 3 weeks ago, when I realized that one of my very last disposable contact lenses had ripped. So I call the company (major retail chain found in malls) and request new ones. They inform me that yes, my insurance will still cover it. I order a 6 month supply (same amount that my insurance will cover) and they say that there is no problem, and that yes, they can mail them to me.

My parents call me 3 days later, saying that my eye doctor called and that I have to schedule an appointment as my prescription had run out. I call my eye doctor and contest that prescriptions last for 2 years and it's been a year and a half. She informs me that contacts are different. No big deal. So I call a branch of their chain that is actually in the area I live (I was dealing with the store that was by my parents house from when I used to live there). They inform me of the same thing, and that they no longer take my insurance. They are nice about it and even refer me to a different chain that apparently all my friends have heard of but I live under a rock (or grew up in a different area). I call said chain. They tell me that it will be several weeks before I can get an appointment with one of the doctors that take my insurance. I begrudgingly schedule an appointment during a week that I know I do not have classes or a work schedule to work around. I give them my telephone number 4 times, along with my social security number and my mother's social security number (for insurance purposes).

On the day of the exam, yesterday, I call to confirm and to check up on my insurance. The woman informs me that she "has been trying to get 'a hold' of me" and that I didn't leave a contact number. She rudely tells me that I need to reschedule because the doctor isn't coming in today (yesterday). I tell her that I purposely scheduled the appointment during a time when I knew I wouldn't have other obligations, and that it is very difficult for me to get out to the mall because the small suburban community that I'm stuck in doesn't have public transportation. I also inform her that I have been living for 3 weeks with out contact lenses. I am very polite about all of this. She says "okay," and tells me that I have to schedule a new appointment. Three weeks from yesterday. I tell her that this won't be alright, and that if she has to reschedule my appointment, she should make it as soon as possible as they were the ones to cancel the appointment in the first place. She reminds me that I didn't leave a contact number. I tell her I did. FOUR times. It is not my fault if their computer keeps erasing my information. Nor should I have to wait for another 3 weeks so I can see properly. (For those of you keeping count, that's 6 weeks of wearing glasses)

What really got me was the tone the woman was taking with me. As if she were speaking to a child. So, as a child, I called my dad to see if he could make them take me sooner (sometimes it works). They decided they could squeeze me in in 2 weeks. Why couldn't they do that for me? Is it because I'm female? Am I unreasonable for being upset? I'm upset with myself that I couldn't take care of it myself, I'm upset with the company for being so obnoxious, and I'm really mad at that woman for acting as though their company losing my telephone number was my fault and that I have no right to be upset for want to be able to go to my appointment when I made it.
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Luxury Hotel? Not so much.

I am writing a letter to Hilton Corporation due to my mediocre experience there.  Now I may seem like a spoiled brat but I decided to pay the 400 plus per night just to stay at this infamous hotel and was so disappointed at the service and accomodations.  What a let down!  Does anyone have anything to add or advise on spicing this up?  Thanks.

To Whom It May Concern:
I have just completed my stay as a guest of The Waldorf Astoria on Park Ave, New York. Being a seasoned traveler of  both business and pleasure, I must say that I was greatly disappointed in the guest services or lack thereof.
Initially, when I checked in, the room I reserved was not available that night. That issue was handled nicely by offering a mini suite in its place. However, the catch was, I would have to move that following morning. If the King size non smoking room was unavailable, I should have been accommodated without having to unpack and repack my things.   I told the desk I would be fine staying in the smoking mini suite my entire stay but that was unacceptable apparently.
When I arrived at my room, I was very unimpressed with the accommodations. The towels were of Howard Johnson quality as were the complimentary toiletries. The remote for the television had missing buttons and the hair dryer did not work.
In addition, there was very rarely a doorman on duty to hail taxis and more times than not, I found myself walking to 49th Street and hailing my own.
After my stay, I had a late flight so I left my luggage in the room, went down to check out and asked my luggage be held. I was ordered back up to the room to wait for the bellman to pick it up. I have had countless hotels simply pick up my luggage after giving me a receipt for the number of bags and hold it and yet the Waldorf Astoria can’t handle that? Don't tell me that it was a liability issue because the hotel had no problem going into my room and moving all my belongings to another room not two days before.
Upon returning to the hotel later that afternoon to pick up my luggage, I handed the slip to the bell captain and was direct downstairs to pick it up myself. When I requested it be brought up I was informed “we don’t do that”. No assistance was offered as I struggled with my three bags out to the curb.   When I inquired about printing a boarding pass I was directed to the business center and was told there was a charge! The gentleman then directed me back to the concierge who could do it complimentary. Why I wasn’t directed there initially is beyond my comprehension?  Why do you charge for boarding passes to be printed anywhere in the facility as this is a standard service every other hotel I have stayed in that accomodates the business traveler.
Perhaps the Waldorf management feels it doesn’t have to bother with exceptional guest service due to its history and name. I personally choose the hotel over countless others for that very reason. However, I had expected a luxury hotel and that is certainly not what I found. 
I am a frequent guest in Manhattan but will find better accommodations on future visits. Better than the Waldorf seems to be an atrocious statement. Pity that it won't be too hard to find.
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Tribute trouble

(Before I get blasted for having Internet, we GET IT FOR FREE. My husband works for the ISP. I've had to justify this waaaaay too many times before when I complain about debt collectors which is why this little disclaimer has been inserted here.)

Ok. My husband has a Tribute MasterCard. We're really far behind on the payments on it because we are living paycheck to paycheck. Life sucks, but we're making the best out of a REALLY BAD situation. My husband has told them not to call us before 4:30 PM pacific time since that's when he gets home from work. He has ALSO told them that they really need to quit calling and start doing all of this crap in writing.

Now, I got off the phone with ANOTHER Tribute person a few minutes ago. It is 3:00 PM pacific time. She even ADMITTED she knew it wasn't the proper time to call. I wouldn't have a problem with this if it was an occasional occurrence. But they start calling my apartment at 8:30 AM EVERY FREAKING DAY. We get anywhere from two to five calls BEFORE 4:30 PM PST. We have told them time and time again to make a note of this in their system. They are constantly waking up my kids in the morning AND during their nap time. If we don't answer, they keep calling back until we do. I ignored them and got six calls in less than fifteen minutes. I finally blew up when I DID pick up the phone and told them to quit calling.

Today I handed them a final ultimatum: Quit calling before 4:30 PM PST (and since we get calls as late as 8 PM PST I KNOW this isn't THAT difficult to comprehend) or I will notify the Attorney's General office and list them as a nuisance caller. The woman's response? "I'm not allowed to do that if I am attempting to collect on a past due bill." I hung up on her. Yes, I know, that was very rude. But what I intended to say was worse.

I've worked in collections before. My husband does collection calls for the ISP when it isn't really busy in the service department. We both know and understand the debt collection laws. If you are told to stop calling between certain times, or asked to call back at another time, you are legally required to make that notation - if it is a reasonable time...saying call back at 2 AM isn't reasonable but saying "quit calling until AFTER 4:30 PM" is reasonable. I've been polite. I've been rude. My husband has been both polite and rude. I've had it. They call back again, I'm hunting down their number and address and turning them over to the AG's office.
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(no subject)

Hey MenuFoods lady,

When you say, "What symptoms did your cat have?" and I say, "Well, he had excessive thirst - " don't cut me off with, "So you don't provide him with enough water?"

How dare you imply that I'm a bad pet owner and it's my fault when YOUR company is the one who sent out poison cat food and made him sick in the first place. I fill and clean all three of my cat's water bowls twice a day. You just kill animals.

Ugh. I'm so angry. She was bitchy like that throughout the entire conversation. I know they've got to be having the worst time ever with all this but they sent it out knowing it was poisonous (9 out of 25 cats died in their tests) and I've got absolutely no sympathy for them.

Also, WTF?? $700+ in vet bills and I have to have the original catfood can to get compensation? Sorry, I don't save my trash for three months. I think maybe the fact that kitty lost almost 9lbs in about two weeks should be proof enough that you poisoned him.

Edit: BTW, kitty didn't die so don't worry. :) We have an amazing vet.

Edit 2: I am not a fucking bad owner because I was sold POISON CAT FOOD. I'm sorry, maybe it was a bad choice to buy low-quality pet food, but that doesn't mean I should have it POISONED as a punishment. I have three cats and all are fed a vet-reccomended dry food brand. My vet said it was okay that kitty have 2-3 cans of wet food a month for a special treat. I'm not a fucking bad owner because I bought a treat for my cat, and frankly I find it really, really insulting and hurtful that anyone would blame this on the petowners. Yeah, I wanted to poison my cat and then spend $700+ getting him treated! People are always so quick to blame the consumers in this community. Try going through this with your pet and then call me a bad pet owner. Assholes.

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Dear UPS,

I haven't been home for a week, so I didn't get a chance to see that you were trying to deliver me a package. Luckily, I got home today, on the 2nd delivery day, so I should have been able to call you to get the delivery address changed to my office before it got returned to sender.

Oh, except you left it sitting on the front stoop of my apartment building. next to the little sticky note with "signature required" checked off on it.

Thanks. It's not like in the middle of a busy street in Brooklyn there are any people walking by throughout the day who might pick up a random package lying on a stoop. Not like there could be anything important inside, like money, or a priceless heirloom or, you know, my front row BNL tickets.

WTF, UPS. W. T. F.