April 30th, 2007


Bad Service from GE Money

For the past two weeks I've been getting missed calls on my mobile with no messages left. I change my message so that I start it with "If you are calling on a business matter LEAVE A MESSAGE" Have no idea who this could be.

I'm at work on Friday and the woman who takes the business line calls (which is a private number) gets a call for me. Person will only say his name, refuses to say where he's from and won't leave a number for me to call back on. Now I work in a call centre, we're extreemly busy (which she did explain) does he seriously expect me to STOP WORKING to answer a call?

I finally manage to answer the phone when they call me. Its GE Money. Calling to tell me I'm overdue on my personal loan. Now before going on with this story, I completly screwed up, I paid the wrong ammount one week which put me behind. All my fault. HOWEVER, because they didn't leave messages instead of it being five days late (and no late fee) its now SIXTEEN days late and they want to charge me a late fee! if they'd LEFT A MESSAGE when they originally called me I would have paid the next day and avoided the late fee completly.

I asked why there were no messages left on my phone and why they refused to leave a message at my work. His excuse was that GE, as a company don't say where they're from as people will think that they've defaulted on loans. Now, this is a fair enough point but once again HOW THE HELL am I supposed to know to contact them?

I'm paying the bill on Thursday and he's told me I have to pay the late fee then as well, but I'm going to be objecting to this very strongly with the branch. I haven't defaulted on this loan in over two years and as part of my T&C I'm supposed to get courtsey calls to tell me if I'm overdue, which as there was no contact, either through talking to me or leaving messages, did not happen.

I've also had them remove all numbers bar my mobile, as since they can't use them in a professional manner they don't use them at all anymore. Thankfully they have the option to leave notes on there, so if this happens again I WILL have a message left on my phone.
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So a couple of months ago, there was a pretty bad snow storm, and little to eat in the house, so I decided to order some Papa John's. I've been using the online delivery, and since it was so nasty out I decided to tip 25% straight up (I was using a credit card). I know, it's still kinda crappy of me to have pizza delivered in such bad weather, but I was hungry and they had the service.. but anyways.

The delivery guy gets here around the same time he usually would, and when I come to the door to sign for it he tells me that he was behind 2 other cars and they were all going 30mph, so he deserves a good tip. I'm an anxious person, and I don't know how I let people do this to me, but I run off and get him some more money. He ended up with a 50% tip. I called them to complain a week or so later, and was told by a manager I would be called back, but never was.

It's hard to get that upset about it, as Papa John's is the only pizza I eat, and I can see where he was coming from. But seriously, when is it ever appropriate to ask for a tip?

5th & 3rd bank

Oy. After a slight misjudgement on my part (totally accepting responsibility), I noticed that Blizzard's $14.99/mo automatic draft from my bank account was going to overdraft me by about $2.00. I gathered up the cash I had ($3 in change & $2 singles) and went to the bank before 2pm today to deposit it so I didn't get a fee, since the Blizzard thing was still just pending and hadn't overdrafted me yet.

Strike 1: I went inside and got to the teller, a snotty 18-20 y/o who was having a conversation about a co-worker (I'm assuming), who they thought was gay. One choice line I overheard from their conversation was "I don't care if he's gay, he's still freakin gorgeous!" Kay... I don't give a fuck about your gorgeous gay co-workers so TRY to keep your personal conversations to yourself while there are customers standing RIGHT in front of you. I wasn't just waiting in line to be called to the counter either. I was AT the counter and could hear every word of their conversation.

Strike 2: I asked if since I made this deposit before 2pm, would I still have an overdraft charge since the Blizzard thing was still just "pending." She got a snotty little attitude and rolled her eyes at me, and said I would have a fee and the bank wouldn't fix it unless it was their error. Yeah, I accept responsibility for the fee and all because I know it was my fault, but I didn't need the fucking attitude over asking a simple question. I sarcastically thanked her for her help and went home.

I called once I was home and asked for the manager but she was "busy" with a client, so I got her e-mail address and am going to send her one after this entry. I mean seriously, you work at a bank. You're supposed to be slightly more professional than that. Also as of right now the "available balance" on my account shows positive $2.42, whereas before the deposit it showed a negative available balance. So on top of the attitude, she was also wrong.
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Chem Proffesor

So I've posted here before about a TA who sucks at her job, and that is still 'pending' if you will (I talked to the proffesor who insists that I continue working with the TA who still won't show up for our scheduled meetings, and finals are NEXT WEEK, so I'm trying to get an appointment with the appropriate dean). Now I have a brief proffesor suck.

I got sick around spring break and missed 3 weeks afterwards (2 weeks to pneumonia and one "week" (about 4 days, which included both times this class met that week) to pink eye)). I let all of my proffesors know by email over spring break that I was sick and my doctor recommended not going back to class right away. The week classes started up again I phoned them all ('scept for the TA who never answers) to make sure they got my email. They all responded back saying to bring a doctor's note and to keep in touch. I already had one doctor's note, and when I went in a second time got a second note as the doc said I shouldn't go back yet.

So I email my profs again and let them know that I still won't be returning. By this time all but my chem proffesor and the TA sent me things to work on while out, so as not to fall behind. My chem prof. stopped emailing me at this time so I called her to make sure she got my email stating I still wouldn't be back to class for awhile. Had to leave a message, didn't get a call back or an email.

The third week I was out, due to pink eye, it was self and friend diagnosed (we work with kids and we can recognize it) so I was prepared to take hits for that one since I didn't have a doctor's note. (Amazingly none of my proffesors questioned this though). Still hadn't heard from the chem prof, and all the others continued to send me work while out of class. I was even getting my 10 page extra credit psych paper completed during this time.

Finally I'm ready to go back to classes, and I stop by the chem prof's office just before class that Monday. She's not there. I ask around, turns out she's had her baby. Hey cool. We have no sub for class though so I should go home....uh okay. I ask which is more appropriate (since I haven't had a pregnant teacher since 2nd grade): to ask the sub for make up work, etc. or to keep trying to contact my chem prof. I was told that she was still showing up randomly during the week (how with a newborn I'm not sure...) and that I should keep emailing her and schedule a time to come in AND keep going to classes with the sub.

So, I take the advice and go to the library to email my chem prof. I don't hear from her by the end of the week, and the sub didn't show up for class that week (several of us did though and waited 40 minutes after class 'began' before leaving). So during an appointment with my academic advisor I brought up the fact that I'd been sick, hadn't kept up with the work (partly due to not being in class, partly due to not reading the book, and partly due to the prof not sending me things to work on) and couldn't get in touch with the prof. She reccommended I withdrawl from the class which means I need a signiture from that prof, the lab prof, and a dean.

Well that's minorly sucky in itself because I already can't get in touch with the prof, but I try anyway. And amazingly, as soon as I mention withdrawling from the class she starts responding saying she hasn't gotten any emails from me all this semester and how it's completely inappropriate to withdrawl from the class due to laziness....and proceeds to lecture me on university policy.

Uhm wtf? I understand you just had a baby, and maybe you're not sleeping (so maybe you shouldn't come to campus randomly during the week) but you don't need to be cranky with me. So I tell her (AGAIN) that I'd been sick since spring break, already tried to contact her, that she replied, etc etc. She replies AGAIN that it's inappropriate to withdrawl due to laziness, that she hasn't heard from me, etc etc. So I forward her the emails (all from my uni email) where I emailed her and she responded, and this was her reply:
(Edited for length as she went on and on about university policy and laziness)
In the future, you need to make your professors aware of
these problems sooner.

K congrats on the baby. Sign my damn papers, and stop lecturing me. kthxbie
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More of a question, really.

So two nights ago was prom... and we had a very large party go to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner. The service was grea, really. The server was pleasant and knew just when to come to ask us if we wanted the next course or more to drink. We had some difficulty with the bill (because some f***ing bastard didn't pay his or her share and wouldn't own up to it... dickhead), but we eventually got it paid. We left the money, ate our dessert, and went back outside to wait for the limo to pull up.

Limo pulls up and suddenly one of my friends is screaming WAIT!! I turn to see our server standing outside the restaurant, looking confused. My friend explains that the server has said we forgot to pay gratuity (automatically added due to our party). Well, I'm about 95% sure we paid it, seeing as we counted the money five times and even had a little extra since we had several waiters/waitresses and thought they were awesome.

Now, the suck was that first of all, I was pretty damn sure we had left enough money.

I'm not sure if we ended up paying more (I decided to be bitchy and not pay any more since I had to help cover the unclaimed dinner), but are you FORCED to pay automatic gratuity? I live in America, and I was always taught that a tip was something you gave when you thought service was excellent. It was, it's just... if we didn't want to leave tip, why would you ask?

I'm sorry if this doesn't sound like a bad_service. I thought it was pretty crappy that they chased us out when we gave enough, and I honestly wondered about the automatic gratuity.

The Bitch at Smokey Bones

I will try to make this as brief as possible.

yesterday, me & 3 of my friends went to a bbq restaurant called Smokey Bones. To make a VERY long story short - the last time we went there a few months ago, my best friend almost got into it with an employee there because the girl used to date her boyfriend and they hate each other. blah blah blah.. the whole time we were there the last time we went, there was this server (we'll call her Betty) who was friends with the ex girlfriend, and the WHOLE time we were there, she stared at us (and I mean STARED) and talked shit about us to the ex.

well guess who our server was this time? Betty.

I really don't give a shit if you're friends with a girl who has major problems with my best friend. YOU are at work. WE are paying customers. treat us with respect. I can honestly say that we were very kind to her, said all our please & thank you's, and didn't hold a grudge against her.

Now on to the details of the service. or should I say, lack of service. she NEVER once asked us "is there anything else I can get you".. she had to ask my friend how she wanted her steak three times.. we would say thank you & she wouldn't return a "yep" or a "you're welcome".. nothing. I could go on & on, but flat out - she was rude, she had a huge bitch mode attitude the whole time, and she spoke to us with great sarcasm. a family of four plops down into the table infront of us, and all of a sudden Betty is as sweet as can be.. tons of "can I get you anything? ohh you're very welcome, sir!" etc. etc.

the food was mediocre, and her service was terrible. she was so rude & cold to us. and like I said - despite your little friend not liking us, suck it up and let go of a grudge.

so.. because she was such a douche bag, we left her a big ol' tip of 4 cents. and my friend drew a very sarcastic smiley face on her reciept & left it on the table. I don't want to hear the whole "poor waitresses, they make $2 an hour & have to live off tips wah wah wah" sob story. this girl was a BITCH and didn't even deserve for us to pay full price for the bland food. ah, life goes on...

Minor annoyance

Dear Corner Store Cashier,

I believe the correct phrase is "Can I see your ID please", not "You need to be 18 to buy lottery."

Next time ask, don't just assume.


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