April 29th, 2007

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This is a pretty broad post. It's referring to at least five stores I've been in within the past week.

Employees - I understand that customers suck sometimes. There are whole communities dedicated to it online for you to bitch about your customers. But doing so LOUDLY in front of other customers? Just stop. It really turns me off to shop there when you're two feet away from me talking about how much customers suck, and how you hate all of your customers. And, "God it's like, Wednesday morning... don't these people have JOBSSSS"

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Less-than-worthy service: Two Stories

The first story took place yesterday. Last night, my friend and I decided to order Chinese. While I was sitting next to him, he made the phone call, telling them what we wanted and that we wanted seperate orders since we were using two forms of payment. I was going to pay in cash.

Some point in the phone call he asks, "I see something here about a free soda..." The lady explains that since our orders were seperate, we couldn't get the free soda. Okay, not a big deal. We wait for the food. It comes, and we approach the delivery guy. He had paid for his food already and it's time for me to pay for mine. I ask for $13 change as I begin to hand him $20.

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This is a smaller story, but some time ago, we went to a Waffle House. We were telling my dad's new wife from the Philippines how good the food is. We hadn't been to this particular location before.

My dad, me, and his wife walk inside. It was crowded, but there were a couple of empty tables. There was a stool open at the front counter, and there was a booth open. It was obvious that customers had just left the booth because it was dirty with a tip sitting on the table. We wait.

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